Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix]

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix] out now everywhere: /> Follow me: /> /> /> #LilNasX #OldTownRoad #BillyRayCyrus

Lil Nas X
WE HIT 100,000,000 AYEEEE!!! 🐎⚡️🤠
bilboard : removes song Billy Ray : *HOLD MY SHOT GUN*
patrick supreme
Fans: *demands more music* Lil Nas X: *hesitantly sweats*
10k subs with under 10 vids challenge
This song protecc This song attacc But most importantly There are new videos of this tracc , Yeehaw
Lucho Martín
Red Dead Redemption 2 + Old Town Road = *MASSIVE DESTRUCTION*
Music: Old town road Horse: Red dead redemption Hotel? Trivago
I blasted this song in the police car Now I’m the sheriff
2009: a horse with no name 2019: old town road
Fizzy Melon
Lil Nas X: *Exists* Woody from Toy Story: *Am I a joke to you?*
Miley: I'm the most successful Cyrus in this household. Billy Ray: Hold my horse!
Played this to my porsche.. Now it's mustang
Joshua Manalastas
This song slaps harder than my dads belt yeehaw
The Sloth
Nelly and Tim McGraw: Over and Over Lil Nas X and BRC: Hold My Beer
Rodney JB
I played this song on my American Airline flight to Haiti Now it's a B-52 bomber and I'm doing bomb strikes in Syria.
John Walker
Number 1☝️ song across the country awwww😆😆 "buddy"🤨 and don't you forget it people..10 thumbs up👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍lil nas x
That Beat dropped harder than CNNs ratings!
Yung SkrrrATL
Billy Ray Cyrus is officially the honorary guest to the BBQ
xdavthreee e
He attacc He protecc But most importantly , he got the horses in the bacc
My neighbors called the police because I played this too loud. The police arrested my neighbor.
I showed this song to my AK-47 *its now a revolver*
Kendall Plays
He attacc He protcc And most of all, he got the horses in the bacc
Billboard: This isn't country enough. Billy Ray Cyrus: Turn off the Maserati.
Miley Cyrus: Im the best Cyrus. Billy Ray Cyrus: Hold my Revolver
noel organo
I blasted this song to a horse Now the horse is billy ray cyrus
sahle sahle
160,000,000♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤠.best Music in the World
Ella that QÛEEN
I love this song sooooooo much I know it from the back of my hand. 💕💕💕 much love -Ella Fields!💕🤞🏼🌻
David Estrada
“Please Stand for the National Anthem”
I just discovered this song But now is meme of tik tok (it's not funny)
Pullup x Dev
Me: Country music is for lames Me 5 days later: OMFG 🐎🐎
who else listens to this while playing red dead 2
Zazzokie Yt
People: THIS SONG SUX Billy: Hold me Root Bear People: OMG Comment if you agree lol
Justin Ray
Showed this to a girl that was twerking now she's square dancing
Played this at the bar. Now it’s a saloon.
Lyrics: Old Town Road You already know the lyrics!
And now, a bad joke: "Bro i'm going to a store" "what store is it?" "0:24"
Paul Lunseth
100% favorite song of 2019
W A V E.
The beat dropped harder than James Charles subscribers
Christian Vago
This song deserves 5 mil likes drop a like
87 pigs from hell 87
HE protecc He attacc But most importantly He made 9 versions of this tracc
Shadow The Dankhog
Our DJ played this at prom ITS NOW A HOEDOWN
Lianea Tyler
You know why you put my phone on safe mode
Sloth Sin
Not a single soul: Billy Ray: *Country whistling*
Sharon Porter
I got the food in the back lol 😂
Ledian Gamer
i showed my mom this shes dreaming about getting a house
Because i use Erron Black in MK11 Elder gods said play the song to be more O.P Well i guess their right
first time i hear this song, im dancing ORANGE JUSTICE :V
Nischal Joshi
Me: I hate country music Old town road: exists Me:🤠
Miley: I'm the most successful in the Cyrus family! Billy Ray: Hold your horses there
Raphael Coolz
Showed this to my dog He started neighing
Nicholas Stevenson
@Lil Nas X Top 100 Kappin badly to take, best song of 2019 they really MAAAAD.
Lucas Roland
Better drop another banger before all the hype runs out. Don’t be a one hit wonder
like to get a dolphin
Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever This:
He atacc He protecc But most importantly He got the horses in the bacc
ice_nerds 2
another old time road video Horse; Ah shit here we go again
I listened to this wearing Nike shoes... I now have hooves.
Ludaone 1
My school literaly played this at my assembly Yesterday, and literaly everybody was singing 😂
*I played this at a police station* *Its now a sheriffs department*
Jew Eater
He protect He wear black But most importantly He got the horses in the back
2009- who is Billie Ray Cyrus ? - Miley’s father 2019- who’s Miley Cyrus - Billy Ray’s Daughter
June Derby
My friend: u know what you can leave Me:ok ima leave ima ride my horse ima gonna take my horse to the old town road and ride till I can’t no more
Roblox Support
I actually don't know why this is a meme, It's such a great song :)
Future Messi
I played this in my car... Now its tractor 🚜
Owen D
Played this song to my weed Now it’s a tumble weed
lol lol23 fx
Miley: I'm the most successful in the Cyrus family! Billy Ray: Hold your horses there xd ;D *like*
Who is listening and reading the comments?😂🙏🏻🤗
I respect Billy Ray Cyrus for this one! 👏🏽
Ross Kompanik
Tate Norman
I'm gonna make a parody of this just wait
im ever
ll_Extremely stressed_ll
I blasted this in my headphones!!!!! I'd go deaf for this song!!! Lmao!!!
yung goosey
Use me as a "We need a Lil Nas X country album" button
Iset Fire
*-Listens to old town road* *-Puts down juul* *-Buys Marlboros*
ariana negrete
If you unliked this song that means you are an ACTUAL monster! xD and u got no good taste for music cause this is poppin!! xD :D
Lakeshea Brown
Cowboy hat from Gucci
Crazy Dragon4000
My class, and other 5th grade classes, went YoungAmeriTown, my friend was manager of the radio station, and he said Old Town Road was requested eight times. Now I know why
Katie Harris
Played this in my Porsche, now it’s a horse
Sandra Rousseau
My favorite song in my world of music 🐎🐎🐎🎧 Yes I love you song Old town road remix wow 😮 it’s so cool 😎
J Dub
2019 I knew one day country would mix with rap. I could rap some country songs. Good work!
BILLBOARD: short and not country enough Bill ray Cyrus: howdiee billboard
Kyla Mackay
This is how meny people Love old tawn road Aye Leave a Like
Hits harder than my father’s belt
ariana negrete
Today we had a BasketBall game and I was dancing the whole time and all the students started to dance and sing xD
Boz Fishing
Play this at 1.25x speed
Roy Baty2021
I've seen all the videos, it brings tears to my eyes it's so great. Looking forward to more form Lil Nas X
The Only Pro
Who Came From Captain America Old Town Road By AwdAcy?
Me: Country is for white people *Lil Nas X drops Old town road with Bill Ray Also Me: CANT NOBODY TELL ME NOTHINNN!!!!
Casey Bromley
Absolutely love this song in my opinion it 1 of the best xx 🐎🐎🐴🐴
X Force
I let my pet squirrel listened to this Now its Sandy
Beast Studios
Gonna listen in 2020 like to remind me
Showed this to my glock 17 Now it's a revolver
Chaotic Phantom
Friend: pass the aux Friend: country or rap? Me: yes
Mardevon and Maria Alexander
Commenter:I HATE U bill ray: give me my shotgun please
guns of boom king king of guns
Hold my horses it's got more then 100 million views
I'm up at 10:48pm listening to this
Argiris Vlachos
1\from the real song 99/from memes
The Billboards : "Hey man the horses aren't fully in the back yet." Nas : "Hey yo Billy hop on this real quick."
Angel Miranda
Im gonna take my friends to the club Have fun till we cant no more
Games Games
Billboard: removes song Billy Ray Cyrus appears thats a lot of damage
SpaceAsteroid Gaming
This is literal country rap If you don't agree YOU CANT TELL ME NOTHING
Herr Von Claussen
Millie Cyrus Fendi sports bras (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) - Lil Nas X is the grown up man in this track.