Crazy Man Swims in ICY Water after Kids Beg For Money at a Street Musical Performance + Portraits

LOL, the Title is funny, huh? Anyways guys, we had a few funny things for this week except for the photo session at the end, it just adds cuteness to the video. :) So you may have guess it from the title & thumbnail, but just in case, here's the run down. The kids had an idea to start a music band and ask for Money Dad goes for an icy swim, kind of! Well, it was continued from the Epic Unboxing Idea for Freeze Blade video on the Skylander Boy and Girl Channel: /> And last, we get portraits taken of the kids :) Enjoy the fun we had this week and we hope you had fun watching. :) Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Funnel Vision: /> Royalty Free Music & Sounds by Jinglepunks: