[ Try listening for 3 minutes ] and Fall into deep sleep Immediately with relaxing delta wave music

Slip on your headphones, close your eyes and turn off the lights. Within minutes you’ll feel like your brain is being massaged and relaxed. Soothing Delta frequencies, associated with deep restorative sleep, ease your brain out of the rapid rhythms of Beta, down through the relaxing states of Alpha and Theta, into the welcoming depths of Delta. As your brain cells resonate with Delta binaural beats, you start to slowly swirl and drift. Pestering concerns are washed away, allowing you to fall into deep sleep states that bring the refreshing slumber your body and mind need for optimum performance. meditationrelaxclub Nhạc sóng não chính gốc Hùng Eker Smoothing Relaxation

Gabby Hyman
Does this work after you get your headphone cord wrapped around your neck?
Jimi Is Not Here
Ha! Jokes on you, I watched it for 3 minutes and didn't fall asl...
louranza the child
I wanna say I see beautiful nature when I close my eyes but instead I see Kylie Jenner asking "is that a chicken?"
Clint Ofray
Keep on scrolling. These comments can't tell you how to live your life.
I’ve gotta be up for work in 3 hours but here I am cracking up at the comments 😭😂
The Scorpio
The title needs to be: How to pee in 10 secs. I really need to pee
subscribe to me for memes, it would make my day!
Yo i played this shiz at the club, i left with a bunch of wallets and new phones :)
Scott B
Didn't sleep well, wet the bed while listening to this..
*STOOP* why are you scrolling through the comments? huh u’re supposed to sleep and not to read comments! leave the comment section...now!
Gucci Water
It's Christmas and I can't sleep
The Last Phoenix
14 mins in and I don’t feel tired at all, just need to pee....
Ancy Poulose
Lol it worked! Not the music,I just started reading the facts and immediately dozed off!
Who's watching this on March, 8th 2019 (;
Ethan Jones
Ha I survived an hour. I’m going to sleep now.
Firegodxx 2
This will make sleep you in 2 mins :insomnia: Alright bet
Aggie Shaver
hello random beautiful and amazing person scrolling through comments! Have a wonderful day!!
Pissed myself In my sleep,thanks.
Neil Sorge
I ate scrambled egg this morning , just saying..
prachi Dandane
Whose watching this in 2019
Moosic uwu
I used this last night and I woke up at 9 AM instead of 6 or 7 AM. Plus, I only woke up during the night 1 time instead of 2 or 3 times. This works great :3
Maddy Movie Maker
How many times we going to say go to sleep and stop looking thru the comments
They should play this in prisons.
Cubing Fox
OMG it worked it has been 4 minuets and i am asleep!!!
Iwasawa Phantomhive
I only made it past 3 minutes because I was too busy laughing at how many people said they wet the bed from this! 😂😂😂
**Pixie** 7
Ok they want you to sleep yet want you to also read?? Am I missing something??😂🤔 oh yes!! Sleep!! Better not be any evil subliminal messages in this 🤪
Ryder Currie
Roses are red violets are blue I’m suppose to be sleeping but I’m YouTube
Agent_ 47
Who else watching that video instead of sleeping ?⛰️🏖️😴
Anybody watching this in 1964?
Phil P
I'm just glad that actor Ray Liotta was able to stop smoking using Chantix!
Azeria Knights
Try listening, pfft challenge accepted
Kosename: Joseph Stalin
Play this at the club for maximum turnup skrr
Garrett Vostoris
who's here because they are trying to get out of class in 2019
Paul Gamer18
It's hard to type while sleeping
Alyssa Chandler
*watches for 10 seconds when i have homework to do* Nope i am about to fall asleep
Listen for 3 mins and fall asleep in a 2hour vid. Suppose they dont say which 3 min u need to listen 2
Food Rules
Jokes on you it’s been three minutes and I’m not asle......
Tricky Nicky
I must be sleep commenting since I'm over 3 minutes in.
strawberryyogurt sublimnals
Who's here cause they always mess up there sleeping sceduale on weekends?
Leenah X
I passed 1:16:25 and I just can't sleep cuz I was laughing at the people who were walking by
Leanne Peoples
Its quite beautiful. Im on 10 minutes. But its nice. Good work. Thanks very much.
(10 years later) “yaaawn, what’d I miss? I took a quick nap”
Okay I have to admit. I was laying in bed with my knees up and 40 seconds in they started falling sidewards slowly😂 I was thinking I was doing it purposely to be able to joke about but then I couldn’t stop it😂😂😂
mario shimada
An amazing goodnight from Philippines
Tommy Laine
0-4hz, It's in the range we can't hear😂
I Am Panda
I lasted a whole hour. THUG LYFE
Jane Eyre
Wow waves with a guitar playing, I wonder if all Delta waves have guitars.
Wonderful music and beautiful pictures 😍
Thumbs up if we all fart on occasion.
Hailey The Nerd
Kate Bozarth
This is my favorite... I love the sound of the water and especially the guitars. I just wish it was longer!!
Derp Derp
0-4hz. The lowest my headphones respond to is 20.
Emmett Crowder
I'm not sleep. But deez balls..well..they feel a lil tingly
June Viarruel
This only makes you want to pee and oddly enough thirsty. 🙄
pamula wallace
Like likey. Nice music... Relaxing. Ps thank you.
baban Hiwa
I actually had a nightmare listening to this. Its cursed
Cod Man
It works the night after when you don't listen
Hekate Jane
Been listening for about 10 minutes. My dog started snoring about 8 minutes ago.
ad andrade
Pq o vídeo tem 2 horas se vc dormi em 3 minutos?
2p case
Montrell Montrell
Someone pray I change my life to god this subliminal made have tears...
Joe Schilling
In three Minutes sleep? Reading takes longer
Been listening to this for every night for about a month it really helps with my insomnia, anxiety and my memories have been getting a little better because I was finally able to get off my anxiety medication.
Álvaro Noernberg
Em todo video, sempre tem um retardado perguntando se estão vendo o vídeo naquele ano...
None of this bollocks works. Wish something did!
Hakerboy 12345tenth
I didn’t sleep *an hour later* *sleeps*
Emerald Red
When it just started I fell asleep
Paranormal 404
Whld ems
who else just started break and is trying to get a good night sleep after stressing over school ?
June Viarruel
If you have depends please put them on 🛌 before listening... 📢 😂😂😂😂
Sy Xs
I watched for one minute and now I need a piss
iii luvlife iii
Stop scrolling through the comments and go to sleep :)
The Edge Walker
Imagine playing this at a club
Sun Bad
@1:55, is that the same bird from Ice Cubes song Ghetto Bird?
thɪnkɪngofher ́-
I got bored of reading the screen and fell asleep
Cat The best
Stops reading the comments go to sleep
*Listen for 3 minutes and fall asleep instantly!* *Insomnia:* *Hold my beer...*
fee fee
Such beautiful scenery
You know you should be sleeping rn...
Nazare Souza
São muitos recursos gracas a Deus que nos chegam.....as pessoas ajudando a outras pessoas......gratidão
Almost asleep *gets a text* god damn it
Is anyone just watching this to got through the funny jokes about sleeping
Hey you! Yes, you there scrolling threw the comments got to sleep! You need it! Now relax your brain and realease all stress:)....good night
and...yep, there it goes - I pissed my pants.
Tasha Natural
I did fall asleep within 3 minuets, and woke up feeling great
Fast Pace
Listen for three minutes and fall into a deep trance while we reprogram your mind to follow our great leader
Being Gemini
How many are here in 2k19?
Jaire Ramirez
Joke: how to talk to a BEAUTIFUL girl . Did it hurt when you came out the vending machine . Cuz you a snacc
Jai Taylor
I do feel relaxed, been about 2 minutes..
Anna Klenocki
Incredible footage! Bravo ⚘⚘⚘
Vin the taco
Is this for sleep or to pee
Ancy Poulose
30 seconds in and my eyes feel like they're being pressured on from sides!
Ana Cláudia
Maravilha, Jesus, som da natureza foi o senhor que criaste tudo perfeito, gratidão
Funtime with Ballora
This is my worst nightmare... FACTS!
Barry Lyndon
Sounds like a noisy aquarium.😂
nitin khera
I am in deep sleep at this minute. Perhaps writing this comment while I am asleep.
Nathan Roberts
I paused the video to read the comments for an hour..........
Danna Morse
Wow! I actually feel my brain being tickled. Weird and I love this!
Brooke Brown
Thank You For Your Infinite Wisdom!!! LOVE & Blessings All🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Claude Dupras
Good night 7 minutes into this and I'm about to fall asleep. Thanks for the music and sound and the video it's relaxing.enjoy it peace is like this.
SuperVillian SVWorld
I read the comments before I turned the volume up. I'm not gonna be the first person to die by internet vid lol.