Harvesting Edible Seaweed (And Introducing the Kelly Kettle and Extreme Greens Seaweed Book )

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W.A. van Buren
I really like that you took time to show all the different animals
Magic Craft
I love this man. Too pure. Too good. He must be protected at all costs
stewart bruce
I watched the entire video with a smile on my face. Its so energizing and beautiful to see both of you in that wonderful setting. Who needs a therapist, ill just watch your work in nature. Simply lovely and thank you!!!! Bruce the swimmer New Rochelle N.Y.
Thank you for your educational video..huge respect
So beautiful and lovely to watch. New subbie from San Antonio, TX
Sabrina Harrison
Treasure the both of you.
Thom Graham
The two of you seem like the sweetest people! I love all of your videos and the places you go and the things you do!
You two are the loveliest couple on YouTube. I had to sub. Great video! love from Australia
I am so jealous with everything you two have in life.
Sunkee Angel
Something about this video relaxes me! I LOVED THIS 😩😩 SOO RELAXING
Jason Patterson
In my part of the US we rub two ravens together to start a fire! It's interesting how people around the world do things differently; thanks for sharing!!!
Rebecca Yee
Thanks for making this! The close ups and names were really informative.
It's interesting to see people who aren't asian eat seaweads . :) I am Korean and we also eat various seaweeds.
J Jean
What a wonderful couple and a video <3
Ricca Winchester
I really enjoyed your vid learn new things 💗💗
Alexandru Ilica
Great video , thank you sir /madam !
Hervy Knerr
I love your Kelly Kettle more than the others. Its more interesting
Food Diary
Amazing video. I loved it. Thank you.
Had no idea there were so many varieties of seaweed. We're landlocked here, wish we had beautiful shores and fishing areas near by. TY for taking us along and good luck with the cooking of nature's bounty. Gretchen
Adorable couple! I watched almost all of your videos and I'm glad I found your channel just recently. More Irish cooking please. very much interested about it. cheers!
Latika Sone
Wow 😍 such a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing🤗
Rusty Case
Thanks for taking video of your nice time at the shore, way out west! I enjoyed it very much. rc
Ben Matthews
You didn't say "rub two seagulls together!" What a lovely way to spend a day. (Beth)
so satisfying, thanks for sharing
Nurul Aeni
Such quality life you guys have. I aspire to do the same. What is more satisfying than having your own garden, grow your own food and breathe fresh air everyday, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Not to mention you got to harvest seaweed for free!
Flowers and Veggies
i like watching your videos, a lovely couple living the good life...... 😊😊😊
Great vid thanks for posting
toots Grant
Or rubbed two seagulls together or something 😂😂
Daniel Torres
Amazing, I wish that way my backyard
blue copper
Very pleasant couple. Would love to hang out with you guys! "Cup of tea, then".
Nathaniel Noton-Freeman
"rub two seagulls together or something" heheh
Francine Dulong
This was so lovely and helpful! I'm from Nova Scotia, now living in the UK and I must head up to see Ireland sometime!
Xiang Zheng
a dream life of mine
Now I want to try that pepper dulse. ...and dozens of other seaweeds. You can only buy so few where I live, sadly.
lee philipson
Storm kettles I knew them by I used when fishing
Zane Slocombe
'....rub two seagulls together or something!' Great vid, short but a decent amount of good info and clear shots making it easy to identify what was foraged while the story and narration really got your warm characters across. I always appreciate people who go to such effort to share their knowledge.
india & Ellasophia
How absolutely lovely 💚💚thank you for sharing
Daniel Torres
Soooo cooool, What a life, this is the life I wish I could live,
very educational, cheers from denmark :)!
enjoy watching your video it makes me so relaxed and peaceful!
GlicelGlicelMorales Morales
First time seing your video and it was ingeresting.. Thank for sharing... <3
"Or rub two seagulls together.." :'D
Claude Bussieres
Terrific! I always knew there was a useful purpose for seaweed.
Spaide man
always relaxing watching your videos.
June Pur Key
man this was awesome
Alex Petz
your videos are always so pleasant.
The Ayal Family
Oh my God, beautiful video you've made. My kids really loved all that starfish! Thank you for showing all
Nhat Quang
i just love it when you call that tiny crab as 'edible crab'
Happy Laugh
i love her hands..full of calluses..voice full of kindness and so gentle..❤❤❤
the two of you look cute together doing your activities. I remember my childhood vacations in the sea side of my hometown where my little sister, friends, dogs and I used to walk on the sea side coral reefs when its low tide to gather some sea shells and discover a lot of interesting things in the sea. sure brings back great memories. thanks for this video. I also got an idea of making and sipping some tea while on the beach. I must try that when I get the chance to visit my hometown.
Liza Lopez
Im a nature lover thank u for sharing this wonderful video..i want to try all this adventure it looks calm,relaxing and stress free..Godbless you two☺️
j sum
i love the kettle.. you can cook on the top while heating your water....
Daniel Torres
I am a seaweed addict, Would love love love to try all those different types of seaweed
BobMels Gardens
Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes Bob.
Yong K peterson
yes that long, big one she... just got, that is good one. ... my grandparents was born in the s.korea knows about the seaweeds.
Yang Kong Lor
I laughed hard at "rubbed 2 seagulls together", this made my day! I love your sense of humor :) Thank you
It is the simplest things in life the ones that hold the most treasure. Cheers!
M. Karbaschi
Lovely people And thats super super food
“Or rub two seagulls together or something” haha I love this channel and I love you two! Such fun and hardworking people. I hope one day to visit Ireland—such beauty! I’d love to work on your farm if I ever had the chance! Cheers and much love from Hawaii
Pamela Courtney
This was a fun time and so interesting. I didn't know there's such a large variety of seaweed. I like that kettle. Going to check it out. Thanks so much for this video. Blessings.
K Yuen
I hope you always continue making and narrating these videos. They brighten my day and soothe me. And your care of your animals inspires me to also care for my dog better as well.
Neja Moth
I like your videos you are great ,I don't tell you how enjoy to see your this video thanks both of you.
Oh my gosh, you two are so cuuute. I just adored watching this video!
Ulla Sari
be carefull guys, it look slipper
j lee
I agree with some below you two are most romantic and have fun whatever you are doing keep up the good work and informative vids :-)
martin blouin
can't wait to see what you'll cook with that! the oarweed kelp looks like the seaweed use to cook sushi rice
Elvie serbi
That seaweed is very tasty we called it bangi
Questman S R Bharati
Thank you madam! People like you dedicate services to humanity!
Michael O Callaghan
Two seagulls is a grate meathead
Loved the tea ending <3 beautiful video to watch
Zxian Lin
I love seaweed soup😱👀😋
Sarita Pal
nice video bro
Robin Ergis
Your lovely patch of Ireland reminds me of how Dorset was 50 years ago when I would go fishing and see some of the lovely little creatures that have mostly disappeared from our shores I wish I could consider it safe to to eat the seaweed here, but there are now too many oil spewing boats that have economic priority. This really brings home to me how pollution is destroying our world Thank you for sharing the pleasure of seeing little creatures that have as much as right to existence as us
Erica Gayle Tacocong
Wow. I like to eat sea weed😘😘
The Ralphies
Please share with us some "seaweed recipes".... I love seaweed!! Love ALL of your videos and Subscribed right away!! Lots of Love from Canada 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦
zarah doan
I thought all seaweeds are edible; some tough varieties can be for broth.
juju Oliveira
Eu amei seu vídeo 😍
TrollForge / TrollFarm
I love my Kelly kettle, specially when its minus 40 and the wind is blowing hard, nothing makes a quiker cup of tea then! I have the largest stainless steel one... I've had it about 4 years now...
"rub two seagulls together". ..lolololololololol
Anything but Jeff
A full of resources to find edible sea weeds. Thumbs up :)
I love seaweed, can't wait to see what you make with your bounty.
Satish K. Chandra
abe tere kisi ne kata nhi bhosdi k😎😎
K u jawedann
Thanks for your kind
I'm fond of red dulse, myself. Do you guys have bull kelp (giant kelp) on your coast? On the Westcoast of Canada, the Natives used the fronds and the big tubular base sections for all sorts of things. Apparently the tube parts are really nice sliced like cucumber disks. I look forward to your recipe experiments!
Pamela Lehto
Great work Guys two thumbs up.
Madeline Gutierrez
It's rubbing the seagulls I think... that must have stopped me from making a kettle of tea on the beach...
RJ Joseph
thank you for amazing video..i've learned so mch about new knowledges of sea nature..sorry for my bad english😊
sandman olivia
I love this video 📹
Nobby Norberto
@ 4:48 Chocolate Starfish. Some people eat them believe it or not. Bounders.
Summer Wood
That looks fun
Scotty G
Rub two seagull's together lol ;) you two make awesome very informative video's. Looking forward to watching the rest of your video's. Good luck both and God bless
Joe Serrano
And yet another IRIE Upload! Wow, so many varieties of seaweed and edible as well, and the marine life was such a pleasure to view,....yes, I remember in high school our teacher told us that the northernmost, southernmost ocean waters or the deepest waters, because of how cold they are, are the most richest on the globe! Loved seeing the tiny crab, the fish, the starfish and seeing ya both drink your hot cup of Kelly Kettle brewed tea, nettles, those are stinging nettles, people have told me they're very nutritious. Uprated, sure glad I found your COOL Youtube Channel! :)
Angie L
This vid is strangely comforting and relaxing..,.
Elyse Joseph
Fascinating! I don't live by the sea shore, but Quebec is a province on the East coast, just on the other side of the pound ;-) Can't wait to see how you cook those and nothing beats nettles tea! Cheers you two!
Patrick Meehan
An outstanding video with plenty of information about variants of seaweed. Nettle tea is great for lowering blood pressure to mention just one of it's many benefits. Thanks for sharing
Admiralty Islandjewel
I love eating seaweed.In the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea esp
Mini Tran
Loveeeeeee to eat seaweed but expensive in Canada here like
Richard Jones
Greetings from California! Beautiful coast and sea life. Thanks for the lovely scenes.
Ticky Tacky
Yep. After we're mostly gone... that's what we're going to be doing. Too many humans burning too many dinosaurs. It's a shame.
Margery Ojije
Eating seaweed right now