6/8 rhythms for congas-Free tutorial by Michael de Miranda

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In this lesson you can find different 6/8 rhythms for congas. Rhythms like: afrekete, abakua Matanzas and Habana style and rumba columbia. I explain how to play these rhythms in a very slow tempo. Enjoy the tutorial! />

Joel Wolk
Mr. Miranda is a phantastik teacher. Why?  Because he doesn't look or speak with Macho.  But when he opens his mouth and speaks the authority in his delivery and presentation is filled with a knowledge that is executed to perfection.  Confused?  Another way to say is the way he breaks down each sectional movement, with such humility it overtakes the fiercest critics who might say his English pronunciation is stilted and breaks the student's concentration.  I say bravo Michael de Miranda.  Your English pronunciation is just beautiful, charming, and adds to the generosity of your mission (if I may say) to educate the world of drummers who want to learn.  I applaud your courage to share with a singular perfection the knowledge in a way we can learn.  Yehūda (just retired teacher from the San Francisco Unified School District).  With love and light.
Tambo Landia
Those congas are 🔥 man. Smiths??
Very, Very Good. Thank you, Maestro
une seule vie plusieurs chance
Thank you so much Michael
Matt V
Ana Mitchell
There's something about 6/8 rhythm, it's so driving. I love them!
Thank you for the videos. I know you said, that you are not specialized in african rhythms, but since angolan semba and brazilian samba are fairly close together, could you do one of those, or invite someon that can? It's so hard to understand the feel of the music if you dont understand the "tribal" part of it. Thanks :)
Julio Tirado
I have a big question ,I tray to see how I locate my 3 drums ,I can see the quinto its in center buet the conga and tumbadora I don't know if is left or right do to the way sometimes computer reflect ,
Mike Marcionetti
Thank you so much for this excellent lesson!  So helpful and clear.  Wonderful teacher!
Marcos Lopez
i love your job, really good. greetings from Argentina. a little thing: the previous count should be 1-2-3, not 1-2-3-4... this music is in 3/4 or 6/8
Thanks man Did you try to reverse your video to make it easier for the right handed (sorry for the left team) ? The mirror effect is really helpfull when you try to learn a new rythm Because when i do the exact opposite move i feel like a bad dancer who is stepping on girl feet. Anyway great job
Marijke Jong A Pin
gdm michael leer heel veel van je thx. nu wil ik graag weten hoe je lambada speelt op de conga. gr
Dr. Arun Kumar Nagar
Wow ! you have made it ridiculously simple! Thanks for this great lesson.
Chris Garner
Can you please do some soca and calypso lessons?
Isaac OLEG
That is an excellent job and thanks !! written or decomposed in 6 8 for the reading facility ? it should be 12 8 is not it ?
amazing instructor! thank you for sharing this amazing talent. encourages me to take more musical classes!
Jerome Calvo
Excellent lessons - the combination of breaking down the pattern + visual notation is awesome.
Thank you for all the videos you break it down and make it easy to learn. I've learned some patterns that you have posted and use them when i play Thanks again
thanks michael!
John Comé
Love these rhythms and your teaching method! Thank you very much! 
Michael de Miranda
Your welcome and have fun with the rhythms!!
Michael de Miranda
Great video. Many thanks for sharing
Michael de Miranda
Thank you very much!!
I love you man your so humble it's insane.
Central California Bipedal Trails
Muy bien hecho, Michael.. muy claras todas las lecciones estoy impresionanado.. Way to go..showing the four main shapes of 6/8 rhythms!!!I appreciate that and will be incorporating my second conga (third drum tone) even more with you r lesson!! VAYA!!!
Michael de Miranda
Thanks a lot man!!
Michael de Miranda
Graag gedaan! Veel plezier met de ritmes!!
Rubens Coffee
Heel prettig uitgelegd, fantastic!
Michael de Miranda
Thank you!
Michael de Miranda
Your welcome!!
Michael de Miranda
Your welcome!!
ChéChé R.
¡Muchas Gracias, Maestro!
Junior Pena
Thank you so much for your lessons. I have learn much. You explain clear and well. My only question for you is, at what point do we improvise? God bless.
Michael de Miranda
Thank you very muuuuch!!
Michael, you are one of the best teachers. muuuchas gracias
Michael de Miranda
Perhaps you can send me a link of the Patato Valdez pattern that you want to be explained. Because Patato has so many variations and he can play the tumbao so freely. I don't know what patterns you like!
kartina dawood
Hi Michael. These 4 rythms here are quite new to me. Can I know what kind of music can I play with these? For examples, maybe you can give the name of some common, familiar American/Latin music from Gloria Estafan, Sergio Mendes, Tito Puenta, or other latin/cuban musicians. Thank you
Michael de Miranda
You have a sharp eye! When I look very closely, I can see it too. The audio is a little bit behind. I hope it is not big problem for everybody.... Thanks for your comment!
Great Job- Thank you! (Is the sound recording a bit behind though?) Maybe it is my connection.... Thank you for your videos.
Michael de Miranda
Thank you! I hope the conga students are enjoying the video's!
L.A. Rumbero
As always, thank you very much for the incredible video. They are clear and a great resource to conga students across the world!
I am curious, what congas are these? SOS?
Great class as allways! Thank you.
Michael de Miranda
Your welcome!
Michael de Miranda
For this abakua Habana style you need a little independency, but once you've got this, it is great to play!!
Michael de Miranda
Afrekete is not used a lot, but it is still a beautiful rhythm! Thanks!
Joseph Flores
Wow rare rhythm Afrekete, thank you so much for making this great tutorial!
Really like that Abakua Habana - all these 6/8 rhythms are great, thanks again for an amazing lesson!
Matheus Goonie
very good michael thank you!
Michael de Miranda
Your welcome!!
Congratulations Michael¡¡¡, this is another great tutorial video,thanks for to share it...VAYA MAESTRO¡¡¡¡¡¡
very nice patterns! thanks for sharing