The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer

Disney's The Lion King opens in theatres July 19, 2019. From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock.

Celine Lenges
Im not ready to see Mufasa die in such good quality....
*Long live the king.*
The onion ninjas won't get me this time I'm sure.
Danae Mihelaraky
Boi theres going to be a lot of crying in the theaters
Avengers: we will have many tragic deaths in the last avengers movie, probably this years saddest movie Lion king: hold my beer
Vol t
There gonna be more adults than children in the cinemas
im a mistake ok
Well Disney good luck trying to animate the part where all animals stack on top of each other.
Returning Shadow
Disney should have brought back Jeremy Irons as Scar. He has a GREAT voice for the villain. He was perfect in the original.
My Android
Only 90's kids know how it feels. Goosbumps all over
SmashBrosX 1802
I wanna hear and sing Hakuna Matata in the live action movie
My father took me to see this as a kid. Now I get to take my son to see it. The circle of life 😏
Like if this looks better than the new Aladdin!
Joseph Seed
I'm not watching until Timone says Hakuna Ma Tatas
I’m already crying 😭
lotus beauty
Ow such a cute baby king☺😍😱
凸Ŧʊċӄ Ӌѳц凸MC5
Now Our Kids Will Watch Mufasa Die, Just In 4K This Time :'(
harshil katira
Nerds be like... This National Geographic documentary has speaking animals....
RileyWolfYoutube Gacha Studio
This movie will be everything when it comes out I'm going to cry.
Christian Mikhael
James Earl Jones is a legend. Stoked to hear him return as Mufasa
Luisa Mariana Zapata
I cry just watching the trailer. Im going to flood the cinema, Im sure of it :') <3
BOrna Jt
ON July 19th theaters will be full of children in their 20's, 30's and 40's.
Ni Ni
That song tho... amazingly beautiful
My first movie in the theatre, its gonna be my son's too.
JRA Tu Amigo
Everything The Light Touches Is Our Kingdom. But A Kings Time As Ruler. Rises And Falls Like The Sun. One Day The Sun Will Set On My Time Here. And Will Rise With You As The New King. Remember. 🦁
Artemis Rowling
i hope it will better than beauty and the beast (where is my nose chipp)
The theatre is gonna be filled with kids in their 30s and 40s.....
Who thinks this is the only remake worth watching?
Dragoon TV
Now i wonder how Scar might look like and especially the Hyenas, Ed particularly.
The only question I have is why 43 thousand dislikes?! This is the best Disney movie ever made <3
rent a shill
oh great. now everybody will see me crying again
Exalted Madness
I am NOT ready to see Mufasa die in this realistic of quality 😭😭
Chris Schaefer
Lion King Live Action *dies in 3d*
Al Iv
I'm 25 but I'm ready to cry like in childhood
Sarrah Akberali
Just the trailer gave me goosebumps... i cant wait for the movie to come out
aww the lil lion club is beyond adorable
Aj bucket 26
If this doesn't have a baby lion sneeze in the movie I want a refund
Shahaneh Limonadi
4 out of 10, to much stereoscopic 3D for this movie's screening - ign
HS Lee
This clip does not include the scene on Simba roaring!
Rafiki: Disney, you finally know deh wae.
Leave it to Disney to plagerize themselves.....
At the end of the movie: Mowgli: Hey Simba, I’m putting together a team...
Rahul Raju
OMg simba Lol😫💕 Kitty... ; - ;
i didnt like the jungle book movie, it had no disney magic.. i hope lion king will be different..
Gaby Gamer Love
Meu cachorro se chama simba 🐶❤
David F. V. Silva
Saw The Lion King in cinema with my mother, and now I will get to see this in cinema with my daughter.
Vincent diavil Dagatan
0:40...ughhh...i love that song even though I don't know what it means😍😍😍
Paul Christian
You,shouldn't ,have ,used,SAFRON,ON,SIMBA!!!
I-BringDevastation - X
0:31 at 0:25speed on left theres a hyena n far right i think so too
Andrew Auld
I was so thrilled to hear that Disney was doing the live action version of "The Lion King."
Michelle Diep
Lion king. Back to traumatize a whole new generation.
Aamir Khan
I can see theaters filled with '90s generation
Mufasa come back to life , and i cant wait to see how scar looks like in real life!
Kpop Music
The monkey used to scare me as a kid, before watching I already knew it was going to scare me And it did
I need a chihuahua to held up while watching this.
BlaBla World
Move aside little kids. Adults have been waiting for this for 25 years
Is one roll of tissue enough for this?
I really hope im not the only one crying in the cinema infront of strangers, it will get pretty awkward.
jack brian
Proceed to cry to show respect to Circle of Life.
Quite curious how red Pumba and Timon with his red hair will look like.
You already know the theater will have more adults than kids watching this... 😂
funny clips for whaysapp
Im gonna sell tissue at the theater 😉
Solomon Johnson
Once that lion king theme song came on ,it took me back to the classic 🤣‼️
Midnight Ninja
This can't be considered live action if all of the animals are CGI, this is just a update to the original animated classic
Out of all the original voice actors getting James Earl Jones back was the most important
josh crutchfield
Lions are Territorial.
Gustavo lopez
Sin lugar a duda se tiene que llevar un oscar
No Jonathan Taylor Thomas 😭😭😭
Karina Mazzotti
IKR am going to cry 😭
2019 is going to be known as The Year Of Disney.
Kevin Han
they better keep the original soundtrack
We can all agree that we have to bring a full batch of tissues before watching the movie.
Jon Guitarist
When I first saw this I thought to myself man there is no way that they are going to be able to pull this off but there you go. My mind has been blown.
Lio Mario
The Lion King is my favorite movie when I was a child , BUT 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 I've never been to a movie premiere before. SO , 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 I think this movie must be the first one I'll go to .
The Catmother
I can already see theatres full of crying 30 year olds lol
Lena Mussa
I want them to recreate The Circle Of Life because it sound like they took the song out of the original movie
tariq ramadan
The first few days of the premier should be nothing but adults who actually watched the first movies as kids.... So nobody below the age of 28
Cody Ellsmore
DAMN hans zimmer really upped his game on the score i love it
Elle Cullen
Simba as a baby looks like my cat when I found her under a bin
mohammed mohiuddin
The best part of this movie is that you don't have to worry about the spoilers 😂 😂 😂
Son Vicera
I'm excited to see and hear Simba, Timon, & Pumbaa sing Hakuna Matata!!! The vibe will probably be like The Jungle Book 2016 movie. Looking forward for this movie
MCV Creationz
I'm waiting for Timon and Pumpa... #HakunaMatada #TheLionKing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Everyone don’t die until you see this.
viam chatt
So.. I guess everyone is here even more after that hideous Aladdin trailer
tom mcgee
Watching my man die again in ultra HD will be a struggle
Miguel Moreno
I can be a child again!!
stg this prolly gonna be aimed at kids and it turns out like half of the audience is adult reliving their childhood, and honestly it'll be great
Anybody else just SMILED when the Aaa tebanya music sounded? :D Also I’m glad the director of this is the same one of Jungle Book film :) not disappointing, I hope...
Flynn Raider
0:40 *так я пел Ааааааааааватьсеводнявавативатитьвава* XDD
Infinity war: we just had the saddest deaths of the year Lion king: hold my beer
Livestream Livestream
Aww wow looks amazing can't wait to see this film !
Vanessa Gonsalves
Super excited for this one!❤️
Fun fact: most of the original film may have been hand drawn but...not the wildebeests in the stampede. The stampede wildebeests were CGI rendered even in the original film from 1994. It took a whopping 3 YEARS to completely animate that sequence! This is because the CGI physics program that scene demanded, in the early 1990s, was so new and ambitious it had to be written from scratch! It's not well-known but Disney has used CGI in every animated film since The Black Cauldron in 1985. Often, what are now considered iconic scenes and/or characters were CGI. Aladdin's carpet, Hercules' hydra, and Mulan's Hun army charging down the mountain were all CGI. Most notably, the entire ballroom in Beauty and the Beast was CGI! It was a feat for the time since the hand-drawing animator had to draw Belle & Beast dancing from the proper angles in the CGI space so the viewers' perspective wouldn't look weird.
lea cali
❤ oh my god the lion king, Pocahontas my favorite Disney childhood movie should be next
Disney cashing in on all the grown up 90's kids
Damon Clark
less of a Live-Action Lionking, and more of a CGI lion king lol
Are they gonna make the lions talk??? Also...this looks like it is going to be reallly good!
Renee George
Beyonce as Nala! That is going be Epic!! She is the new Lion Queen
Chloe Webster
A more realistic Mufasa death oh hell no no no
The Truth
42,000 hyenas disliked this trailer