TOP GEAR Africa Special - My Favourite Part

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I am not owner of the rights to this video. This Video belongs to BBC UK. I uploaded it only for entertian purpouses. Song: TOTO- Africa Top Gear S19 E06

This was one of the best moments of TopGear. Chris Evans and none other TopGear presenter can match this...
Snoochie Boochies Dos
I like how the last thing you hear is the scraping of the Volvo...
Urbann Legend
To be honest, this gave me a goosbumps. Two awesome things in one clip: Top Gear and Africa by Toto!
Matt Schmissrauter
Hardest I ever have possibly laughed was the moment in this special when clarkson shatters his rear windshield.
There's nothing that could beat this episode, especially this part, long live Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow!
Aleksandras Žilys
See? That's the reason Top Gear was and is my favorite show *eyes get teary*
Matteo Rinaldi
I miss Top Gear... :'(
Dayton Thomas
Every time I hear this song I think of this.
Jan Ellermeier
holy moly. Thats what i call Top Gear. Not that season 23 thing.
Jakub Grzybek
The Top Gear's film and editing crew are the most unappreciated people in film industry...
Video is 5 years old and is just what I was looking for.
God i miss this, so much memories, most beautiful part ever
I have to of watched each of the specials at LEAST 5 times over
best top gear moment ever!
areyousure youwantodelete
Those wooden bikes at 10 seconds kids could understand how to make them
I got goosebumps
Manu 7930
:-) one of my favourites parts of topgear
markus mittwoch
Toto very good.
Logic Police
0:28 to 0:31 is an incredible shot!
Cortez Corti
Top Gear z nowymi prowadzącymu porażka..... chcą być śmieszni jak poprzednia ekipa... nie uda się! bojkot.... na siłę robione nie oglądam !
Its my favorite part too omfg.
Vinesh Patil
Buy this scene editor a beer man
Назар Готь
Самое ламповое что я когда-либо видел!
Jakob Arvidsson
A pure legendary part
migara gamage
Jeremy Clarkson's background commentary is so comfortable <3
Best moment in the world
Chris Kogos
agi archilles
where do I download this song?
Of course it's obligatory to play Africa by Toto when you're in Africa.
Back at it Again pals
I could watch this episode over and over
This was how I discovered this song
The Brown Cat
i miss Top Gear
Burak Demirag
My favorite part two ! :)
this is very beautiful
Average Alien
I don't remember this part
This is toto africa
Okabe Rintarou
I spy a Toto fan 😏👍
Bartek K.
This was so much better than latest TGT Mozambique "special"...
Red Card
So appropriate
Mecha Max
TwT LOVE IT! and one of my favorite moments in the special too.
Tanzania is really beautiful
sake god
my two
mike brown
It’s sad this show is not what is used to be :(