Meat Loaf — Anything For Love (Live)

Info▾ Guilty Pleasure Tour is a concert tour by American rock musician Meat Loaf in support of his 2011 album Hell in a Handbasket. The tour only visited Australia and New Zealand; more dates were expected to be announced for mainland Europe and North America, but did not eventuate. The show in Sydney was filmed for DVD release. Meat Loaf has said that the name of the tour came from a poll, which named him the number one "guilty pleasure". During the concerts, Meat Loaf announced to his fans that these concerts were to be the "last he ever performed in Australia and New Zealand" and added a thank you to the fans for "38 years of support" for the duration of his career. Follow Me▾ />[email protected]

She has the best voice of any of the female singers of this song that I've heard.
Hyunchul Cho
Pattie is the No.1 female vocal for this great song.
Kelvin Hayler
Patti has a really powerful voice love this song
At this point they should just let the band sing everything. It's... it's like Meatloaf is just a distraction now. Why isn't Patti the headliner? Inexplicable.
Kieran Alger
his voice may be going but he still rocks it!
Olga Maklakova
Anything For Love !
Alex Tirendi
Respekt for still rocking that song after all this years... gave me the chills....
Kelvin Hayler
It was good to see meat loaf in London today he rocks
Judy Carr
Love thatt song
MrBigDave DM
Ich mag den Fleischklops *hihi