Rihanna & 2Pac - We Ride (2017 Music Video) [HD]

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DJ Skandalous
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Echale Mojo Remix
I've listened to this mix for years, one of the best!
Rachel Rubio
tupac, every time I see your face , I feel like justice was taken from people , from struggling people , people that came from nothing , and the need for someone who understands to stand up for them ,that was u , it makes me sad and angry that someone that ain't god took your life , cause I believe deep in my heart you were here to make changes , you would have made changes u would have been someone so big , I believe that . god bless
Mickey Mea
imagine Pac & Rihanna as a couple 😱😱
April Cochrane
Just when I thought I heard all of Pac rhymes and then there's this plus Ree-Ree is doing her thang. 20+ years later and Pac still relevant !!
Laceylace Productions
this is so sexy :) amazing video! ! going straight to my likes. you will see this on my fb in the morning
Rassoul Amal Sharrieff Wilson
"Don't wanta lose you to the Sucka, Cause if he touches you I got some DRAMA FOR THAT BUSTA"
Imagine if Pac was alive, the number of hits songs he would have had. Gone but not forgotten :(
DJ Skandalous
Whose ready for that pac movie?
Queen Worlali
I love you Tupac Shakur
Garrison Customz
Pac We Miss You!🙏🏿
cutie avi/yi yi
2018!!! R.i.p Tupac
Gary Williams
PAC gone, but never forgotten. The best ever, and never changed up for money or anything else.
LadyG 63
2pac goes hard since day1 #muchlove
Sandra Bly
Much Love 2Pac, I have all your music . R.I.P
Sylvia Brown
I have I am an older lady and I love Tupac anything he was a genius he didn't even know how much she was really worth He was worth way more then he thought that's why he's not here but he lived a good life and he still living in Kickin It no greater American like he lied whatever he did he did it well he still kicking it with us forever the greatest Lyrica in the world I get carried away just listening to the word of every all his meals has the menu I'm done Houston weather
YellowYeti 187
Pac give riri some spiritual guidance please!
Ellie Martins
all i can see 2pac never die man you are the best the world 2017 o1 19
Love Lewis
Happy Birthday Pac. Rip. One Love. 😘😘😘
Amanda Miller
Realist music artist still to date. No one will EVER be on Pac's level EVER. Nothing but RESPECT to a man that didn't give a f***, told it how it is & didn't care about the repercussions. If only everyone in this world could be like that. I do hope his mother is getting the money for all this music still being put out. I know it will never take the pain away of her losing her baby. But, no one else deserves that money besides his family.
Angie B
Why am all I'm thinking Ashanti when I hear this ?
A Born Leader
love this 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Hmong Radio 123 Entertainment
I like this remix, good shit!
YellowYeti 187
Pay attention at 1:31 in tha video she has her arms showing horns of him
Shannon Gibson
I'm feeling this low key
Michael Landrith
thanks for the 2Pac footage. it was watching just for that!
Cody Seita
Tupac is buddah
I ant mad at ya you know that song a sample of a Dabarge song
Monica Hall
2pac for life i wish he was still alive
Stephanie Kesinger
Love this
Phoenix Kingi-Barrett
This remix with Tupac rocks! They would have made a wonderful Dynamic Duo if he was still alive. R.I.P Tupac Shakira. xXx
Mrs Thompson
Tupac Shakur
I know this is off topic but what really happened to the 2pac center and is his statue still there? I seen a video where the center is abandoned anybody know why?
Ashley Lopez
I luv dis song ❤❤ luv u Pac fa ever! 2018 but been a fan wayyy back 80's bby
Persia's Glo
Omg I love this . Can I use this for non profit video? :) please let me know thanks! I love your beats!!!
Melissa Murray
thank you I needed this mix back in my life
Cheniya Jones
This really good
Amari Saussy
I already heard this song but still awesome
Avei Lafaele
this mix is 🔥 🔥 💯
szabolcs horváth
2pac he's life :)
Codie Rose
i love this song i have as ringtone
Imka Pope
we ride!
Ebony Jackson
Omg Iove 2pac since day one always my favorite rapper since digital underground
Dina Dunlap
I miss Tupac with all my heart and he died on my birthday that broke my heart rest in peace
love your videos Man this is an interesting remix still one of the best one out there good work man
Baby Girl
Roderick Aldridge
people fail that tupac was a learned brother,his mother encouraged tupac,to read the news paper,from cover to cover,old school,wisdom,
Ese Lokote
you should upload my song "Straighten It Out" to your channel.
Tamiko Williams
So so miss him
Matthew Foley
Sarah MayWest
I like it
don't hate appreciate be happy with your own life.
Great song remix Nice sounds for my car. 💜👍👏
Scizo Phrenic
yeah i was locked up when pac got killed. it was a bad time for all of us who lived through that shit.
Gigi Payne
Love it
Jakyria Richardson
i love these👑💛good work🙏
Charles Taylor
I miss you Pac you were the best Rapper alive
Ms Iam Everythang
Now that his mother has passed away who gets all the money that's bring made off his name, his face and his voice??
solána dior
Can you make a kehlani and 2pac mix?
Wendy Makescoldweather
this is one of my favorites. Rihannas classy...
Valorie smith
Love it
Diamond Cook
This is pure genius ❤️🤞🏽
klay boss
this mix better with selena
Beautiful Light
wow...unbelievable. .keep em coming...love Tupac!
Irene Correa
I've rediscovered 2pac!!!! I'm in love
Vitor Martines
o poder ta internet né .. isso é incrível , 2pac vai existir pra sempre em suas canções , parece tão recente suas letras em 2018 .. =/
Dare I say this is better than the originals?
G Mon
I first heard this back in 2006. Glad I found it.
Mr Cool
Tupac not dead
Yvonne Ross
I like 2pac without all that jewelry he looks humble right there
Nena pretty face
2 pac is back with his new songs
Awatea Pugh
i miss 2Pac hes the best and forever the best
Brandy Johnson
Me and my baby daddy blocka I love and miss him it's been a year since I last seen him his smile or heard his voice.💔💔💔😢😢😢
Niyeen Williams
RIP left eye
Henry Oviedo
wish you are here POC!!
LISA Moreno
those eyes are so sexy
Lawson Draper
U crippin?
Asha Currie
I luv this..😘
Awatea Pugh
missing u 2pac
William Price
Very fresh, and used one of my favorite jams to ride too, 2 pac took me to places some of you couldn't even dream as a young man, keep banging homie peace too the world and nuttin but love for pac#$
Royal Purple
I heard the song before but this video you killed it cuz on my kidz big shout out to the genius that made this video! 💯
RIP Pac your music 🎶 live on.
Bettys RAW
Delilah Mcvey
2pac still Alive
Deanna Lee
I misssssss 2 pac
Anna Legerski
I love you my Sweet King 👑 Aaron Doyle ❤️💯
Kutay Uysaler
Anyone hearing Fifth Harmony - We Know in the background omg
The mad hatter The mad hatter
Love the vision...True creativity. Really Did PAC Justice.Great Job!!.
Barbara Jones-Williams
My Forever ❤2Pac4life ❤❤❤❤❤
I love this one
alexandru furtuna
Harold Brown
Juanio Zionthirteen
Best rapper ever
Juanio Zionthirteen
You remember what said ..😎
Juanio Zionthirteen
Juanio Zionthirteen