Air Gear Opening 1 [Full]

Air Gear opening 1 the full version. The song is called Chain by the band called Back On. Edit 1: Dang 40k views! Edit 2: Holy Crap 50k views?! Edit 3: Damn! 60K+ Views! That awesome! Edit 5: ROFLCOPTER Got the 200k milestone BITCHEZ. ITS PRINCE MONEY BITCH!

Daniel R
Who still heard listen 2019!!! Crew :)
This is like a Japanese Linkin park.
Yaoi Life
Who else is jamming in 2018
nasean taylor
i wish the anime would come back
I'm still waiting for real life Air Treks!!!
I remember seeing ads for this; the cool motorized skate races, the awesome tricks, then I watched the actual show and learned what ladies nipples look like... I was like ten at the time to clarify.
One of the best anime opening songs in my opinion.
Robbie Sarkioglu
childhood where have you gone...
Time to break da chain. No pain don't be afraid But kawaranai Same ol' days same ol' ways. Mawari tsudzukeru tokei uh... kawaki kitta koukei. Repeat sareta mainichi Zutto nukedasenai kono houteishiki KAGO no naka de ayatsurareta PAPETTO Kakikesu n da Noise... Can you hear my voice Hakidashite nagesuteta Rikutsu bakari no hokori Kanashimi ni hibiku kaze jiyuu e to sasou Saa ikou ze! Kusari hazushite! Tsubasa hiroge! Aoi sekai e... Teritsukeru hizashi de ichinichi hajimari Itsumo doori SUNIIKAA ni HIMO tooshi Onaji michinori onajimi no story. I wanna step in da michi no ryouiki Hell I know you can't stop me Hikari wo mitsuketa toki no you ni The winds at my back So it's time to fly Jibun shinji tobitate yo right now! Haiiro ni tsutsumareta taiyou wo yobisamasu Haiboku wo korogashite asu e to tsunagu Saa ikou ze! Kusari hazushite! Tsubasa hiroge! Aoi sekai e... You ready to wake up You gotta fly with us Yami ga me wo samasu mou hikari sasu... Saa ikou ze! Kusari hazushite! Tsubasa hiroge! Aoi sekai e...
This song is so inspiring. It reminds me to fly high everyday and never doubt myself. There won't ever be another anime or song that will make me feel this way......... Ever. This makes me feel like its my responsibility to take all the frogs out the bottom of the well and help them fly so they can grow wings and spread the message
Shawn James
I remember watching this anime when it was on Comcast on demand... my first anime
Kenneth Clark
That dang crow always blocks the good parts :P
I feel old listening to this song
Train Hardnett
Btw Air Gear manga is back
Playing this song in 2016
Juvelia L.
What a glorious butt
Jo Ahn See
Haha. I seriously miss this anime. I've always wished for the existence of air treks. I remember how my friends removed the middle wheel of their skates and designed it entirely and rode like some damn storm riders.
Christian Erazo
The show and song are completely badass.
AAahhh shit, i forgot i wanted to soar.... Gonna go sit on my roof for a few hours and re-evaluate my life brb
Omfg I completely forgot about this anime. I used to LOVE this show, must've watched it 5 or 6 years ago, the minute I heard this opening I remembered lol
It's been like 3 years since I've seen this anime
ramses santos
lmao this anime is awesome... i want air gear2 or remake this again
If you want to fly, it's as simple as believing that you can soar as high as your wings can take you.
Elias Solis
the music remind me linking park's music
smh they should honestly just continue this anime.
There will never be another manga/show to replace this for me. I miss Back-On when they were doing songs like this. Truly. Now they're working on things like the OP for One Piece and...well. You guys can see. Just not the same as it was before. I'm going to be listening to this song for an even longer time it seems.
It's a shame what happened to this anime. Cancelled before it finished.
Jet Set Radio lookin ass love this anime
Kitsune Kun
this anime is still awesome!
I wished air gear release the 2nd season for anime ='( I hate that they just end like tat.
Is it bad that I found and watch this anime at the age of 8 😂
Sharif Azmi
Ahh those were the day man, when Anime song are at top level
Dream Warrior
Sho Pao
this anime is fucking awesome, I hope they make brand new episodes
I just cant believe that this anime changed me dramatically. I mean...Naruto, One piece, Fairy Tail, etc. are anime's that i thought that cant be rivaled then Katekyo hitman reborn and Air gear came into my life my two favorite anime's ( I LOVE AIR GEAR MORE obviously).
Chris Vivas
The nostalgia man anime gives it to me like nothing else
this opening brings up so much memories
nnhjbh bhbh
Time to break da chain. no pain don\'t be afraid but 変わらない same ol\'days same ol\'ways. 回り続ける時計 uh...乾ききった光景. Repeatされた毎日 ずっと抜け出せないこの方程式 カゴの中で操られたパペット かき消すんだNoise... Can you hear my voice はきだして 投げ捨てた 理屈ばかりの誇り 悲しみに 響く風 自由へとさそう さぁ行こうぜ! 鎖はずして! 翼広げ! 青い世界へ… 照りつける日ざしで1日始まり いつもどおりスニーカーにヒモ通し 同じ道のり おなじみのstory. I wanna step in da 未知の領域 Hell I know you can\'t stop me 光りを見つけた時の様に The winds at my back so it\'s time to fly 自分信じ飛び立てよ right now! 灰色に包まれた 太陽を呼び覚ます 敗北を転がして 明日へと繋ぐ さぁ行こうぜ! 鎖はずして! 翼広げ! 青い世界へ… You ready to wake up you gotta fly with us 闇が目を覚ます もう光り差す… さぁ行こうぜ! 鎖はずして! 翼広げ! 青い世界へ…
back on the Linkin Park of japan
:D Milf & cookies :D
Time to break da chain No pain, don't be afraid But it won't change Same ol' days, same ol' ways The clock keeps ticking, uh... a dried up scene Repeated with every passing day I can never escape this equation A puppet manipulated within a cage Erase the noise... Can you hear my voice? Spit out and throw away Pride built merely on reasons The wind resounding in sorrow cries out for freedom Let loose! Break the chains! Spread your wings! Head for the blue world Every day starts with sunlight beaming down The laces on my joggers tidy like always The same distance, a familiar old story I wanna step into da unknown territory Hell, I know you can't stop me Like when I found the light The wind's at my back So it's time to fly Believe you can fly right now! The sun wakes surrounded by grey Knocking defeat aside, it binds itself to  tomorrow Let loose! Break the chains! Spread your wings! Head for the blue world You ready to wake up You gotta fly with us Darkness awakens, the light already  streaming in Let loose! Break the chains! Spread your wings! Head for the blue world...
Eliza Coñales
2017 baby! Whos with me?
I wish they had continued air gear it was one of the best anime when I was a kid.
Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan
When people say it takes them back to their childhood, it makes me feel old and I'm not even thirty yet. I think this series has a lot in common with Jet Set Radio.
2017 still on of the best OST
Soy Boss Games
Playing this song in 2018 :D
Cookie Cutter
Didn't watch the show, but I loved the first half of the manga. I loved the "underground racing" feel it had. But then they turned it into generic battle shounen with Big Bad Guy and the dialogue became more and more bullshit. The anime's soundtrack reminds me of that original vibe I got from the manga.
Wan Chun Chien
i love Air Gear and this song
Analyn Rockbell
I got incredibly depressed for a week now. I listened to this song and *BOOM* instant encouragement!
Joe Armstrong
sky king without regalia,, that's the real freedom
Deyes Dbones
well when i first watched this anime my ankle dislocated dont ask how it happened 
Best Opening Ever *D*
oshin gin
old anime n these years wer glorious. gosh I feel so old all of a sudden.😅
Micheal Sawyer
Tbh, I want them to adapt the manga into an anime. It was sooooo good it just needs more. I'm surprised propel still remember it and that people are still talking about it. I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! But the anime ending was shit, it needs to be picked back up and either redone or just plain continued.
Patria Adrian
air gear is the best anime evah im tearing eyes cus the memories air gear is my first anime i watched and enjoyed :( i will keep the memory deep in my heart
Mist eyes
So many good animes i know have gotten canceled on the second season. Air Gear is one of my favorites animes/ manga of all times. Will this song and anime be in my heart forever and give me a reminder that people are born to fly. :)
• Kєl ー Fυrυкąwą •
_memories.. Ahhh childhood_
So frustrating how everytime I listen to music, I ALWAYS END UP HERE! This show was so good that it's still painful for me to let go and its been years xD :((((((
Grim Venture
Shits like the Dragonball Z of rollerblading l0l
sad this anime just last with OVA kogarasumaru vs sleping forest.. and manga suddenly end with lot of plot hole.. damn this is my 1st anime and best manga after one piece on my opinion..
Jack Star
Just finished this anime. Sad there won't be another season. Good they have 3 OVA'S for it. It's a bother that you have to read the manga first though. Still, good anime with a kickass soundtrack. Highly recommend this to anyone debating watching it.
2018 still here
SoloSphere Entertainment
The Japanese Linkin Park. One of the best anime I have ever seen!!
Am gonna watch this anime again it's sick
This was the anime that got me into anime lol
Now if it did have a remake coming it'd be great if they used the animation style from the Break On The Sky OVAs. Air Gear would be top notch if so but hey I can dream right?
Blazey Raps
this was one of the best anime i ever watched !! also try watching sword art online accelworld d gray man ...etc
Shahrul Danial
damn i remember blasting the stereo every time the op started
Dark Cookie
2017 anyone?
Seoyoon -
my fav op. eargasm :3 the best of the best!
The UnderDog
listening to this in 2019...brings back memories from 2007, damn~
It's Ya Boi
Halfway into 2018 and still rocking this song
If we we had the technology to make the air gears or whatever they call it then that would be awesome
Ruroni Beast
I first watched Air Gear in the beginning of my middle school years, it inspired me a lot. This anime honestly gave me the strength to go out and get what I want, just like Ikki
2019 and I'm still rocking out to this song
this anime deserves a remake
Matt .W
You don't know how many times I replayed an episode just to listen to the op.Its just THAT DAMN AWESOME!!
0:51 DAMN, Love it when the singing comes in !!!! 
Rashawn Massie
Air Gear needs that FMAB , HxH treatment 😭 Kogarasumaru Kill em dead !!!!
6'5 Alpha Plane
ikki!!!!! such good memories ahhh good time c:
wish they made other seasons, i would've paid to see it ;_;
F Pandaaa
remind me when i'm watch it.. to many goosebump.. ahh childhood ! #KogarasumaruTeam
this song makes me feel like i can fly
Still waiting for season 2!
Zanktus San
Air Gear is the reason why I love inlineskating since being a kid! Wish it would get a proper anime remake.
Playing this in 2018, no regrets :D
II Gemini II
love this song fr its always in my head this and d gray man
Arthur Pendragon
Obviously... NO! This is definitely the best anime opening ever. I listen to this and it sends me sky high! Thank you Back-on and thank you Air Gear for this experience!
Naola Ress
This anime is at a higher level than all those knb, free, yowa pedal anime sport😳
Charlie Shy
Back On - Break the chain
Chain -BACK ON(same ones who did STRIKEBACK for fairy tail :-)
2017-2018 gang where are you?
Who remembers watching this on Comcast's: The Cutting Edge back in 2007-2008?
Listening from the future 2019! Please bring it back T.T
that awkward moment when you try to pause the video and you click an annotation.
dear fuking god i watched this anime when it was out at least 9 years I feel fuking old ...
Alejandra Tello
they remind me of linkin park
o CynderWolf o
I fricken love the manga! The artwork is really good and I feel so high in the sky and free as a bird when I read it ❤