Whitin Temptation. The Silent force (Full Album)

Hi. For fans of this great band, I leave here their full album "The Silent Force". Enjoy it as I do every time I hear them. Playlist: 01. Intro The Silent Force 00:00 02. See Who I Am 01:58 03. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) 06:47 04. Stand My Ground 11:25 05. Pale 16:51 06. Forsaken 20:19 07. Angels 25:12 08. Memories 29:14 09. Aquarius 33:02 10. It's The Fear 37:46 11. Somewhere 41:52 12. A Dangerous Mind 46:05 13. The Swan Song 50:22 You can also support me by buying a channel shirt:

silent force temptation Soundtrack Gothic Metal (Musical Genre) whitim Silent Force (Musical Group)

Rui Sousa
the best WT album
Vyhulena Veverka
I don´t want to look like an ass, but does anyone notice the title of this YT stream? :D
Angry Redneck Gaming
Her eyes are absolutely soul piercing.
Black Mantram
their latest good album
Dario Rodriguez
gran albun de wt ..poco heavy ..pero buenisimo en fin ..lo de sharon es maravillosa su vos genia
Iago Barbosa
The best
Elizabeth Salazar
The best album!!
Leoberto Oliveira Souza Souza
Linda musica ,voz linda.
koekjes lachen
love that album from within temptation
Marty Perez
love this band.
Fred Fred
muito da hora
Mike Jack
in my top 5 favorite albums!
Fernando Antonio Morales Cruz
sharon hermosa voz
Sandra Ortiz
fantastic excite
Paul Hughes
Top Band
the best album ever :3
Silknot kuy
Андрей Литвинов
Quelle symbiose entre opéra et heavy, c'est réussi, quel pied, je kif grave
Andrea Splitkova
thanx! loving it!
luciano freire
i like .
Marc v/d Meulen
Still amazing even after all these years.
Fernando Antonio Morales Cruz
mis álbum preferidos es the dance enter Mother earth
I love "The Silent Force"!
sergio mendez
13:05 name song ?
Manos Kalogiannis
yess the best
pasquale parente
love this band
Robert Boyle
I like the recent live video where Sharon puts on the giant angel wings.
Robert Boyle
You left out one of the "h's" in "Within." Sorry, spelling police.
Manfred Altmann
I do like Within Temptation, I do like their songs (also from this album), but in my mind, Sharon's singing is - in parts - too whiny-voiced on this album...
Álvaro Uziel
A introdução é arrebatadora. Álbum perene.
Are they trying to be scary? It's not working lol.
I love it..