Californication | 'Long for Companionship' Official Clip | Season 5 Episode 3

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Things start to heat up when Hank is asked to show Kali (Meagan Good) a night on the town. Starring David Duchovny. Subscribe to the Showtime channel for more clips: /> Don’t have SHOWTIME? Order now: Get SHOWTIME merchandise now: /> Get more Californication: Website: />Follow: />Like: />Shop: /> When fast-living novelist Hank Moody left the literary haunts of New York for the pleasure seeking splendors of LA, he thought he'd have fame, fortune and the love of a good woman. Now his personal life is in shambles, his career is on the brink of self-destruction and he still just can't stop yielding to every temptation. Golden Globe® winner David Duchovny stars in the Showtime Original series that takes you on a wild, witty, and sexy ride in the California fast lane.

Let Go
Dam she so smoking hot
Keshaw Gajadin
Amazing use of push and pull.
I want to be that guy!
Puty Platz
I gotta watch this show
She would make a leso get wet and a man hard as a rock. She fine!
Ezekiel Sumbi
What's the name of the song
0:14 - 0:18 is so hot ! damn I wish her :)
David DeVilla
My classmates were like Jersey Shore is on this week and I was like Californication is on this week and they were whats that? and I said if you don't know now u know
@YOUROCK80S I agree ;) But with second part ! :D
@17thchamber not to mention that the bf WAS beaten up by Hank's new client. who only did so because Hank mentioned it to him. and we all saw the effect this had on Hank. and then of course we see that Hank is letting the bf know what'll happen if it continues.
@17thchamber we all expected Hank to F him up, but clearly Hank is trying to cease his patterns of the past. as much as he hates Becca's bf, he doesn't wanna upset Becca; bashing her bf would do irreparable damage to their relationship. this is why he refrained. and so the drama continues.
@callumt98 not to mention it is a dramedy... it's meant to be humorous.
@17thchamber i beg to differ, the 2nd episode was nicely dramatic.
haha Hank doing what he does best!
Mattias Brennecke
this is "Self Preservation "
just movie)