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////////////////////////////// READ DESCRIPTION ///////////////////////////// The will of D has not be explained yet, we can predict some things with the information we already have but nothing has been confirmed , so i gathered alot of things that are directly or indirectly related to the Will of D and put them on this video like a compilation, so it's up to you to decide what is the will of :D ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Music: Two steps from hell - Archangel , Audiomachine - Guardians at the gate , Audiomachine - Road to glory , Mark petrie - Kara kul One Piece is copyright Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, Fuji TV Avex, Madman Entertaiment, Animax and Toei Animation. No copyright infringement is intended or implied I did not create this Anime. Trademark does not belong to me. _________________________ THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE ANIME OR MUSIC ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ANIME AND MUSIC COMPANY I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!! Fuji Tv © Copyright. All rights reserved. /> "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

In the distant future: Luffy: Hey, Kid. Do you know what the Government calls me these days? „Luffy the Monkey”. Eutanassy Kid: What? Is that your real name? Luffy: No, it’s not! My name is Monkey D. Luffy! Kid: What does that D. means anyway? Luffy: No idea. Robin mention something about it when she found Rio-something but I didn’t listen.
One Piece, is one of the most beautiful things that happened in my life .. nice work !!
Wan Don
Dora D. Explorer
Sourav Mukherjee
at 1st i don't want to watch one piece bcuz of it's art...but after bleach stop releasing i don't have any animes to watch so i start watching one piece..and after 2 years i mean now i can't live withoout's a masterpiece the best anime of the world for me..i love it!!!!!!!!
Jafan Fauzi
those 172 dislikes are gorosei dogs!!
Hrishikesh Bharti
in one piece from my point of view the most interesting line was  I AM NOT GONA DIE PARTNER
Kage - One Piece
One of the beste One Piece AMV's on youtube. Greets from germany :)
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buggy the clown=buggy D clown
Prithvi P
One Piece is the best anime/manga so far. Oda is truly the "God of Manga". I've been reading and watching one piece for 7 years and it never gets boring. I just pray everyday that Oda san never gets sick
I dont think I could handle the epicness One Piece has to offer. Oda sensei has made a masterpiece. Amazing AMV.
Hello Life
I love one piece, because it is so much mysterious for us, in later teens, and funny and bright for younger ones
Go D. Usopp
I think the D is for dreams and also the D and One Piece have something together. The Will Of "Dreams". Those that stick to their dreams no matter what even if it will cost them their lives. Or if they gonna destroy half of the world to attain their dream. One Piece could be everything. As long as the strong will of the person's dream (The D) is there. Even tho Whitebeard didn't have the D his biggest dream was not alot of money, fame or treasure but a family. He did get his family in the end. And before he died he had a speech about it to everyone that was there to face his death and we also saw the scenes of his dream. And he did yelled "One Piece does exist" before he died. Because his dream of getting a family did came true. Roger wanted to turn the world upside down. He did turn the world upside down telling everyone in the world that anyone can go get One Piece if they want to. His D, his One Piece, his dream, was to turn the world upside down. Which is also why people are saying that every one that has the D is dangerous. Cause they could end up destroying the world and don't care about it just to attain their dream (Blackbeard is one of them). Luffy wanna be King of the Pirates. Luffy is a kind person, but he will fight and beat up ANYONE that stands in his way to attain his dream. And look what Luffy have done since he started his adventure. The government, the Yonkous, the WORLD is fighting him. Luffy is dangerous and the government knows that because of his D. He didn't wanna hear what One Piece was even though the chance was right there in front of him. Cause he didn't wanna have a boring adventure. He would rather die than knowing what One Piece was. Because everyone set sail to find out for them self which made Roger's will to never die. Which is also why he said to Rayleigh "I'm not gonna die". One Piece "The Legendary Treasure" is people's dreams that comes true. That's my theory.
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When u realize Dragon's voice actor is Third Hokage
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I wish I could erase all the one piece I know to start all over from episode 1 as a newbie lol ... Such an epic! anime.still Great amv
My opinions on future Yonko's (Emperors) - Black Beard (Already happened) - Shanks (Remains undefeated and still the oldest Yonkou) - Luffy (Defeats Big Mom and Kaido- Bounty raises to 900 million+) - Buggy (Lies about killing Kaido, bounty reaches 600 million+)
There's something with OP that is just breathtaking, like...I don't know. It's huge, important, full of epicness, friendship, like you have never seen before... fight for the ones you love, the ones who need help, for the right thing. And dammit, the music in your video is just proofing and emphasising this!
Im sure at 2:30 Whitebeard was talking about SPOILER! Sabo the new Mera Mera fruit user!
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This amv could easily be the answer to the question : Why would someone watch One Piece? Great work
Stupid question, but could someone tell me who is yelling go straw hat at 6:25 ? That voice got stuck in my head, but I can't picture the character saying it. I'm pretty sure it's not Ivankov saying it even though he is on screen when it's said.
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this is the most awesome onepiece vid ive ever watch !
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"I'm not gonna die, partner."
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Gosh I wanna know what the Will of D means. Also the void century and why the government is so afraid of it.
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I finally found the background music here it is Archangel (Instrumental) Guardians At The Gate Road to Glory Enough Said That's All and Youre Welcome... :)
140 dislikes? HOW?! This was absolutely amazing. Really well done, and the ending? I got goosebumps, the little extra bass with Luffy landing, epic. 11/10 dude!
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Luffy in the future : I ain't gonna die Zoro
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I got something to say and MY OWN summary in 'Family of D.' it is said that these families are POWERFUL,ENORMOUS,MIGHTY and PROSPEROUS and destined to change the world. What i think is the 'Family of D.' which is the people in Great/Ancient Kingdom one of the 20 Kingdoms which is existed before the Void Century.The Great/ancient Kingdom knew that they will lose war and their information will be destroyed,that's why they wrote their writtings in an undestroyable stone called Poneglyphs to pass the messages to the future generations . The Twenty Kingdoms which is (One Piece- World government) became enemies with the Ancient/Great Kingdom (maybe because of its power and its destiny, these 20 kingdoms got envy so they destroyed Ancient Kingdom and its people and got hold of the Ancient weapons ). That's why the 20 kingdoms formed the (One Piece) World government and Celestial Dragons which is they considered themselves as the gods and after destroying the Great/Ancient Kingdom they called it the the VOID CENTURY. What they don't know is that THERE ARE SURVIVORS in the Void Century which they hid their "D" initial to survive and pass the Will to the new generations. (One piece) World government had been quite for about 8 centuries,doesn't know that the few Family of D still lives . So after 800yrs the island called Ohara were all people are archeologist existed,they learned about the Void century ,they also knew they were going to get killed so they threw/buried all information and some Poneglyphs from the Void Century to the seas/somewhere , but the (One piece) World Government discovered the island called Ohara full of archeologist people,(One piece) World government came to Ohara and confront their leader and an old man came in front of them and explained everything and is about to exclaimed the meaning of "D", however the government killed him before he could speak the "D",(One Piece-World Government doesn't want to hear anything about the Void Century) then everyone in island got slaughtered and burned the island,but there's an archeologist survived its girl kid(Let's stop right there,we know her already). The few Family of D that lives after 800yrs are: -Monkey D. -Trafalgar D. -Portgas D. -Gol D. -Jaguar D. -Marshall D. If you watch One piece more than 400+ episodes, you already know them and their personality. My opinions in "D" are: Deity,Destiny,Danger,Disaster,Descendants. Thank you!
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God bless Eiichiro D Oda 
Still one of the best OP amv's out there!!
-----> Trafalgar D Watel Law <-----
Well, this AMV is AWESOME !!!
Now you have to add Law into the mix.. You should make another video including Law in it. Make it as amazing as this, 
Electro Zuff
I can't wait to see the final arc ! As we all know, Blackbeard is far to strong since he possesses the power of the Yami Yami no Mi (darkness) and the Gura Gura no Mi (sound of shaking). Oda himself statet 'I imagine a final chapter that will make Marinefold arc look like nothing!'. I can imagine that Luffy will gather some really strong allies in the upcomming arcs and at least another 2 powerful crewmates. Like we saw in Marineford and (Spoiler) in Dressrosa, Luffy possesses the most fearsome power of all. He moves most of the people he encounters to feel sympathy for him and follow him into battle. The fact that One Piece will go on for at least another 10 years gives Oda alot of opportunitys to add more and more background information on One Piece, Will of the D, Void Century etc.. I can imagine that a battle between Shanks and Blackbeard in which Shanks will lose his life will trigger the final war  because Luffy already feels deep hatred towards Blackbeard who captured his brother and sent him to Impel Down. That 'final war' might even take place on the 'final' island of the Grand Line - Raftel. Just a small theory of mine.
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One piece is going to end soon, Luffy will get his hands on the 3rd poneglyph by the time wano arc ends. Just one more and it will be Raftel... All my years of waiting... 😂😂
That was pretty freaking epic! So much in one piece that we still don't know! Maybe in another 15 years, will one piece end, and i will be 36 wow!!!
Dan A
this amv is just so amazing, truly a masterpiece 
Oda is basing one piece on real world so maybe "one piece" treasure is something what happend 1000-3000 years ago.
Holy shit! Goosebumps!... This is why One Piece is the greatest anime of all time, such a masterpiece
Sean Pinette
What if Luffy is the reincarnation of Roger? 0_0
Gamer Boss
Roger lives in Luffy, again! Reylaigh,Partner.
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this is beyond awesome... great job...
i took me 2 months too watch one piece up to its most current episode... i say 2 MONTHS WAS NOT WASTED!!!
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I swear,,, the world this day is like the World Governement in one piece 😩
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Oh my God this is incredible.
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this amv is dedicated to the most dangerous man in the world - buggy D clown
One Piece for Life
Like if you understood the last part ;)
D = D Evil Descendants Evil (God's Natural Enemy) Will of Descendants Evil
This asmv managed show the absolute epicness of the story of one piece with spectacular music and editing. Well done, brother!!!!!
Eric D.
I love this AMV. One Piece is by far my favorite Anime due to its insane story, sub plots and characters.
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Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Dragon Monkey D. Garp Gol D. Roger Gol/Portgas D. Ace Portgas D. Rouge Trafalgar D. Water Lami Trafalgar D. Water Law Jaguar D. Saul Marshall D. Teach
Unknown Person
Dora D. Explorer Gary D. Snail
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One Piece is sooooo cool and it has so much secrets!😍
*Dora D. Explorer* The new member of the D. family😂
If u can get through the first 30 episodes of One Piece, u won't be able to atop anymore
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Such a good AMV I can't wait to get into One Piece properly I'm at episode 156 at the moment. On the edge of my seat! 
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It's the BEST AMV of all times. Amazing job..!
damn nice video, dude
This AMV is my motivation for watching One Piece
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A legend that thrives our heart, burns our fear, nullifies our sorrow and multiplies our strength i.e indeed ONE PIECE
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awesome ... u could also have added ... robin saying .. why do u guys that goes by the name 'd' fight ? and from future tra-guy remembering what his friend told him.. a family that goes by the name 'd' name that pierces through the sky
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Monkī Dī Rufi
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Those dislikes are part of the world govn. organization confirmed.
Deen X
damn.. this send chills down my spine. Nicely done!
Konstantinos Doulis
One piece is a story with such good detail, Oda has managed to make a world so interesting and realistic, it just blows my mind. Each character has his/her own significance in the world and the story and everything that happens in this series from the first episode till the last somehow connects with everything without leaving any gaps. This is truly a very difficult thing to achieve in a story and it just proves how much Oda loves making it and how much effort he puts into it. Respect.
Hunter Of Legendary Memes
Gol d. Roger lives in luffy, he said that in the end " i will not die partner" so gold roger's soul came in luffy's body and of course luffy has also a soul , the souls mixed each other and it became one of the best soul ever with haki of Roger and als his strongest power, luffy used the will power of Gold Roger , rayleigh knew gold roger was in luffy's body, so gold roger continues his adventure in luffy's body to return back to find his treasure one piece. People , gol d. Roger died many years ago, so his mission was to find a soul and a body who's dream is becoming pirate king,He found luffy after many years of searching. But Roger may remember where the treasure was, but maybe he doesn't want to tell it to luffy, because if he does then luffy quits becoming pirate king. One Piece really exist!!!!
George Z
The great War of Wano is coming... The prophecy is right
Light .Yagami
My FAV AMV of all animes in all youtube...I watched it like 20 times or more.....BELIEVE ITTTTT
Mo Ritz
pure goosebumps
jason friad
d stands for devil sworn enemy of god
The ones saying that Roger is still alive and waiting in Raftel or that he ate a devil fruit that made ressurrect him need to rewatch Dr. Hiruluk last words. He said that a man doesnt die when he is shot or has a disease, but when he is forgotten. Roger will never die because his will, will be passed and never forgotten. And the author of this MV showed us Luffy because he inherited Roger's will and he will accomplish what he couldnt.
Jasper Q.B
Watched this over and over, but I still get goosebumps everytime! So fucking good anime and AMV! Thanks a lot!
If Sabo is alive, then he will carry on Ace's will.
Rolba Gee
From watching one piece, i believe d member have these common traits: 1. They all have a high authority figure e.g. captain, leader, yonko etc. 2. Willing to risk there lives for the people they hold dear. 3. They want to be adventurous, to be have unlimited freedom. 4. Smiles in the face of death. 5. Most importantly, they're destined for greatness.
Matt Jones
This may be the coolest video I’ve seen thank you
That Law scene tho
Aye Dre
From 6:07- to the end it gets REAALLY EPIC
Aditya Singh
By far the best ASMV I have every seen... And for all those that have seen OP will realise the wieght of the words spoken in he video
Calabi-Yau Manifold
Whitebeard is literally describing the apocalyptic war Luffy will exert against the World Government one day as Oda said the Marineford battle will look like childs play.
Sean Omari
One piece: The mysterious figure and how it all began part 3 Luffy launches his future observational haki and foresaw what Akainu was trying to do by sending all three admiral on him. But Luffy says Zoro did you saw that, to his reply yes and tells all three admirals no to make a move as they know all three of Luffys top fighters are yonko level and it’s best they listen. Scene switches to one of the marine elites telling the fleet admiral that he’s being summoned by the Gorosei. Akainu leaves the three admiral’s in charge. Garp is seen walking together with Commander in Chief Kong to the summon as they all heard over to the throne room on their way to the frozen store room. On their way, they saw seven chambers with items they have never seen before sweat is seen on their faces. Whilst Akainu, Garp and Kong were busy walking observing their surroundings. The gorosei all prostrated and bow down to a mysterious figure, Imu. He says I believe this is the first time you have seen me. It’s not that Garp, Kong and Akainu prostrated on their own, the sheer magnitude of King Haki that came out of this mysterious figure made them to bow down in fear. Sengoku entered the scene and is shocked to see powerful people bowing down to a mysterious figure. Before he could say a word, he found himself in the same position on the ground, unable to lift his head, just like the others because no one had ever seen his face before. Then Imu begins to talk about a story that happen 980 years ago. It all began.....? What is Imu trying to reveal that will shock the most powerful marines ever to have lived? Meanwhile it seems our top marines have questions based on the mysterious seven artifects they all want to ask but will they? Find out in the next chapter. Part 4 coming soon...
Ch Humayun
Why I love blackbeard more than Luffy?
Nilotpal Chandra
Latest news!! Gol D Roger's sister is Luffy's mother!!
Eikan Cross
Buggy D. Clown
O _ O Thank You! This is a Master Piece, and I ENVY YOU!
Quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. I can die peacefully now
Rapnic Basan
,,it should be ,,One Peace,,,,,.. a pirate who will bring peace ,, thats what they seek,, Peace to evryone,,😁
5 years later this AMV still gives me hell of a goosebumps!!
Alisina Uchiha
This just gave me goosebumps Damm this is hype music and story
David Coyle
Okay, fan theory time. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong As far as I know, Oda has neither confirmed or denied Gol D. Roger having a DF power. We haven't seen him fight at all. What if, WHAT IF, the reason why Luffy is so feared by the World Government doesn't just lie with his father, but by the fact he has the SAME ABILITY as Roger.  Think about it, the only people to survive a fight with Roger are Shiki and the marine top brass. No one would be around to leak this information concerning Luffy. He would carry not just the Inherited Will, but the power of the Pirate King himself. Imagine the state of panic that would result if this were ever discovered by the world. He would truly, to quote the show, "Turn the world on its head."
This explains everything that one piece is the best anime series that's still on air and its not even close to end
Its an excellent amv great Job :)
That end was so amazing a epic, good job!! I love it <33
Josh The Mc-Knight
Love what you did at the ending with Rogers face appearing right in time with Luffy's. "I'm not going to die partner," there was more to those words there then we know.
FGO shadow
what I read : gold roger what I hear : GOOOOOOOLD ROGER
Beni Habibi
"will of D." is a miss translation. in the original manga, it was called the Men of D.
What if the poneglyphs are the same as those of ancient Egyptian wall Painting. So far this is the best story anime that I ever seen ,