Sabaton - Talvisota (Lyric Video) [Reaction/Review]

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As a Russian , i feel like winter war was one of the most shameful parts of our history. Stalin was so paranoid that he didnt even try to talk to Finland to make a deal so no war will ever happen between our countries. Shame! Respect to Finns! Shame on Stalin for sending our boys to kill or be killed!
Fredrik Andersson
Finland saved our a**es here in Sweden by stopping the Soviets in 1939. We can’t thank the Finnish Army enough. Oh, excellent song as usual!
T r e k k e r
Most Soviet kills. Not Nazi kills. And also most kills ever in one single campaign. Ever.
Thank you for showing some love to us Finns! Torilla tavataan, perkele!
Hint: Häyhä only killed Soviets, not Nazis
Sabaton have made three songs about Finland's wars..... White Death and Soldier of three armies aswell!
Eagle Smart
Greetings from Finland :) !
Suomi Perkele!
Important part of finnish history
It's not a phase mom
Winter war was such an amazing feat. Soviets massively outnumbered the Finns with their military strength, but the Finns held their ground.
Jimmy Salmi Vallo
Thanks :) i am finnish :)
Mikko Laine
Just to make it precise: This year is Finland turning 100 years!
Jani Lindgren
I never forget those veterans. Greetings from Finland🤘
Sabaton also made a song called "Soldier of three armies". It's about Lauri Törni, who was a Finnish soldier in ww2, he achieved the rank of Captain in the Finnish army during the war, and after Finland signed a peace treaty he joined the German army and achieved the rank of captain there too, and after the war he moved to the U.S., joined the u.s. army and achieved the rank of Captain in their army as well. In short, he really hated communists.
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Rodrigo Figueroa
React to Sabaton- The White Death- Live in Woodstock
Sir Cosumar
Hi guys! I discovered your channel today and just spent the last FIVE hours watching you experience many of my favorite songs (by bands like Wintersun, Blind Guardian, At The Gates and, yes, Sabaton). Love your genuine reactions and reviews! Seeing how you gradually became such big Wintersun fans over time was especially super cool. Keep it up! I'll definitely subscribe and be looking forward to future videos now. If I may humbly throw a couple suggestions into the ring: Blind Guardian - Valhalla (, since you loved Mirror Mirror Candlemass - Bewitched (, a much more epic take on doom metal than Hallatar Dissection - Night's Blood (, a band which inspired the wintry atmosphere of Wintersun
Thank you for this. Torilla tavataan!
I love your react videos! Takes me back to discovering my favorite artists and the excitement I felt first hearing those opening rifts :)
that channels is best rection channels ever. react sentenced-killing me killing you
Devistator_ 1
Sabaton final solution?
Joel Hessling
i use ghost division as my wake up alarm
Finland best country!
Yes! Thank you!
Orden Ogan - Come with me to the other side
you pronounced "talvisota" better first time than the guy in the song bro :p
You'r prononciation was absolut (I prefer finlandia vodka) perfect so no worries about that! :D
damn you really enjoy your music :D and i never realized the singer of sabaton said "talvisota" in the song btw greetings from finland
Andrew Ludwig
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD you guys really need to react to Sabaton 1648 off the Carolus Rex album!
Cornelius Antonius
Did you know Floor Jansen snatched the drummer of Sabaton Hannes van Dhal and together they had a beautiful Baby
Johnny Cade
I feel Sabatons Early work,was some of their best,and most powerful
Adam Sandström
price of a mile. the final solution, midway or wolfpack one of these :)
Hyvä Suomi!!! From your western neighbour
Fnurgel Hughmungus
My grandfather fought in that war as well as in the continuation war! And my grandmother was a nurse (lotta) from Karelia, (Yes I'm an old dude...) and every time I hear this song my heart just swells with pride!! Thank you for doing this song!
Could you please react to Metal Crue from Sabaton :)
PinkFluffyPandicorn Blub
2 finish bands you haven't done before... one is probably Sonata Arctica and the other one I would guess is Stratovarius? ... Anyway, nothing bad comes from finland. I'm excited :)
#HEYGUYS Enslaved - Storm Son or Enslaved - The River's Mouth! Norwegian progressive black viking pagan metal. 😄
Thanks for making this! And so glad to see ya enjoy Nightwish as well! love from Finland!
Did you do The Last Battle yet?
bob john
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You should really do some reaction(s ) to Raubtier; their best songs are (my opinion): Achtung Panzer, Dragunov, Panzermarch and Himmelfahrtskommando. They are swedish aswell, if i recall correctly. ☺
The Deadite Slayer
Can you guy please react to Nature Of The Beast by Ice Nine Kills, and also Communion of the cursed by Ice Nine Kills!! 🤘🤘
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Mario Keil
Hm, I must admit that I like the music from Sabaton. Nevertheless, being a German, I have mixed feelings as Sabaton is only singing about war. On the other hand it is important to keep history alive and to learn from past mistakes, especially in the current crazy world. So let's aim for a better future, it can only turn into a better one. Lover your channel, keep on rockin'. All the best from Frankfurt.
Hi, two things. First, Iced Earth just release a new video for Black flag. Second, they are going to do a USA and Canada tour next year in the case you want to go :)
John Brook
you should really check out Orden Ogan - F.E.V.E.R. Best Power Metal band in my opinion
Maximilian Stang
Constantin Loss
can you react to the band Equilibrium?
Psycho KiLLa
React to White Death by Sabaton. Its really good :)
If you like finish metal, please listen to Sotajumala-Kuolinjulistus
Aleksi Heija
React to Sabaton Purple Heart :)
not nazi kills goddammit, i am in tears.
Locosiap 41
Listen to njett mollotoff with English lyrics it’s a Finnish military song
Where's the second video today? D: i can't get enough
React to Sabaton-All Guns Blazing (Judas Priest cover) :)!
I love u guys! Juha from Finland.
Gibbetoo Gibgib
nazi kill's? i have to say he shot soviets.
Iisa S
Finland was actually allies with Natzi-Germany (not proud of that one). So in the winter war we killed Soviets.
David Tinoman
You wore Volbeat shirts but you haven't made any video about them :/ how about A Warriors call reaction? (Y)
Did you mean that simo häyhä killed soviets because he didn't kill naziz...But good video
Did Sabaton become your favourite band?
Hey just fair warning guys be careful about videos that have copy rights. I have seen a couple other react accounts that I follow get copyright violations for videos they did reactions too. Great video guys 🤘
Occupy Mars
Is there a particular reason you're so hyped about Finland's independence day? Not complaining or anything, just wonderin'
Björn Brorsson
Machine Supremacy!!! Please :D
Valz Ron
O leão do norte !!!! Id said ill keep doing it...
Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be
React to Sabaton - Wehrmacht. It's about the German military during WW2. :)
react to the life time of war but the Swedish version ;)
Kari Rinne
You should do Sabaton's Soldier of 3 armies. It's about Lauri Törni, a finnish soldier who fought in Finnish army and in Waffen-SS against soviets in WW2 and after that he fought in US army in Vietnam. He was promoted as Captain in all three armies.
The reaper
React to sabaton: ruina imperii
ᴛᴏɴɴɪᴋᴀʟᴀᴘᴀsᴋᴀ 2003
Im finnish and im proud of it
Paweł Jesse
React to Sabaton The Final Solution please
ᛞᛖᚾᚾᛁᛋ ᛏᚱᛟᚹᚨᛏᛟ
For supper high energy watch Mors Subita-the sermon
Toxic Corpse
Listen to Running Wild (Power Metal with battle and history themes): Ballad of william kidd, lions of the sea, battle of waterloo or any other because it´s all good :)
Communist kills not Nazi kills Finland and Germany were allies
Sabaton - Metal Crue (France 2016)
Your Sabaton reacts are the best ones you do.............and im not biased! not.........really...........ok i am!
Marko Multanen
Suomi Finland Perkele!!
First, react to band SuidAkrA - Dowth 2059 and Dimorphic Second, listen to album End of the Weakness (35min) by Archeon and do a reviev
Haha, yeah! Hard NOT to sing along :D Looking very much forward to which Finnish bands you have chosen for tomorrow. I'll be there, no matter which. Not forgetting: Nitrogods! The German ass kicking hard rockers ;) Throwback request: Judas Priest (soon out with a new album!)..!
please react to Sabaton - To Hell And Back, its kind of a tear jerking video dealing with PTSD of soldiers coming home from the war.
Sorry for the correction but with white death the sniper he had the most Russian kills not Nazi
Sabaton - White Death!
you guys are the best ...hello from slovenia =brezno -krst=
105 days of honor
Trym the Gamer
well sabaton is swedish :P just to let u guys know
Equilibrium - Rise again!!
Alexander Spotts
Hey guys big fan! Could you do a review for the band Phinehas - Hell Below! Sick song!
Please do a song by another Finnish band Eternal Tears of Sorrow like Swan Saivo or Kuura + Dance of December. And thank you for this from Finland :)
Hosam Jankhot
Could you please do Wardruna - Helvegen. Its a dark folk song from vikings the TV show
Richard James Lengthon
Most nazi kills? You saying he killed nazis or he was one? Finland never joined the axis, just helped to attack the USSR to regain the lost lands of the winter war.
react to Carolus Rex
Finland actually needed to make a deal with Nazis, to get more weapons, transportation, food and medicine, and so we were fighting "on their side" against common enemy at first. Then we needed to eject them out from Finland also. It's a fact, that we were saved by very cold winter, some help from Nazis, and that Russia had other fights going on in south. Still, 100,000 Finnish and 1,000,000 Russian soldiers died, and if there were not have been our grandfathers, we would speak Russia now...and so would Swedish, perhaps even Norwegians. Stalin was at least as bad as Hitler...killing even his own people by executing and starving them to death.
El Tel
Bad wolves - learn to live Bad wolves -toast the ghost
Eljas Kettunen
Suomi 100 years
Please listen to Vektor, you will not regret it. Sci-fi progressive thrash metal!
do the gojira + devin townsend + meshuggah collab song ''of blood and salt''
React Ievan Polkka
Juuso Sutinen
Try listen Mokoma - kuollut, kuolleempi, kuollein