davy jones and calypso

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hes loved

Moral of the story: Never attempt to make a serious relationship with a bad girl/wild one. They'll break your heart every time. Take what they can, and give you just enough to crave more before dumping you for something/someone else.
Wake Me Up Inside
I've said it a thousand times already, but I'll say it again. Davy Jones is one of the most underrated villains of all time.
Who else wants a Davy Jones origin movie?
Scarlett Lockwood
Better love story than Twilight
Cpt. Jack Sparrow
If you think of it. Davy Jones himself is the physical manifestation of the women he both loves and hates. The octopus is the enemy of the crab. Octopuses kill and eat Crustaceans  Calypso as sacred symbol is the *crab*. So his hatered and heartbreak of Tia molded him into the very creature that hates her. But he's still part crab because somewhere, inside he still has love for Tia Dalma/Calypso, hence the claw/leg. Does Disney plan it? Or make it up as they go along. Certain blew me mind!
Aaron Albert
Calypso reminds of Rihanna so much lol
This is the only love scene in a disney movie where you don't feel awkward.
Konstantinos Vasilakakos
Dat shit hurts :(
Kristina Kiki Mihajlovic
so there is a man behind the monster
Pako Rasta
"My heart will always belong to you" 😢😥
Davy waited 10 years to meet her for one day and then she missed out on him cause its "in her nature" Score 1-0 for davy jones on that Savy
I love her accent. It sends chills down my spine.
Blue Diamond
Many things you were davy jones, but never cruel.
so they betrayed each other but still kept their lockets they gave to each other i dont understand who betrayed who and why does she still love him and he still love her
Amanda Stevens
Still, it's a better love story than... oh never mind you already know the answer.
BlackPanther X
*my heart will always belong to you* one of the most powerful scenes ever !!!
Joseph vohland
I wish i had those two lockets that played music because they play such beautiful music
Gamer Rose Dragon
Women like Calyso don't deserve men like Jones. He wants to give her his heart and soul. He literally will do anything for her, even killed other pirates and gather their souls for her! Yet, she rejected him because "it's in her nature." No, the world needs more compassionate men like Jones. The world will live freely without Calypso's influence.
Jenni & Sammy
This is my favorite scene! "My heart will always belong to you" makes me say: "Awee" Every time.
Kristian Fischer
They’re both at fault to be honest. Davy attempted to make a goddess his, knowing full well the risks. She played with a man’s heart knowing full well she couldn’t be with him. That is the definition of love. Knowing the risks and the potential pains, and yet deciding that they’re worth it...
wade wilson
bill nighy to davy jones is like jhonny depp to jack sparow
Bill Nighy is one of the most badass old men of cinema. Love how he used a different voice as human.
Notice when re reaches through the bars to touch her face at 2:12 it looks like he's forgotten how to move the individual fingers on his left hand. That's a nice little detail they added.
Terina Mahoni
I love how Davy Jones softly says "My heart will always belong to you"
Jasper Boekema
the only movie love-story that made me cry
Kent Horton
2:00 So that's what he looked like before his transformation
who Iam
The heck?! Davy Jones was hot af when he wasn't that ... fishy
Alice Crawford
I ship them both excuse the pun lmao
Ray Magliacano
What I don't get is yea she wasn't There Dick Move Calypso but She's a Sea Goddess couldn't she just Meet him in The Ocean? lol
timmy D
such a dark back story for a disney movie
Annabelle Jameson
This scene brings out the tears, such a beautiful story! *Cue the applause*
Love can turn a good man evil
Gaming Drew
It’s just sad that Davy never asked for this..all he ever wanted was her love, But now he’s stuck with the form he was cursed with, a slave to Calypso forever. (Ik it’s just a movie but Davy’s backstory is just depressing)
Brooke S.
Calypso and davvy need there own movie together so we can understand everything like in the movies so much of there relationship was put into just 10'ins
Blanc Lowee700 and Kirie Motoba
A broken relationship of a goddess and a monster..
Alisa Kroes
With the Fearsome reputation the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones had, i was bumped off by the end of Dead men's chest and the whole of At World's End to see a guy like that being used as a puppet by Beckett. They should have wrote that script differently, the status Davy Jones was given at the start of Dead Men's Chest was way to powerful for him to end up like that. The 4th movie didn't connect to the Trilogy at all aswell. The Infamous Blackbeard . the most feared pirate of the seven see's.. where the hell was he when the pirates united together and fight for freedom?
Well well well, we see the source of Jones's longing. She's well, *exotic.*
uh wot
My heart will always belong to you *drifts sadly beyond the wall and into the night*
Christopher O'Sullivan
I think from this scene I learn that Calypso is making Davy Jones the devil he is
Derrick Liu
Davy Jones is here to kill her, but he simply doesn't have the heart to do it.
Lioness Mummy
This is the first time I've seen Bill Nighy acting romantic. Seeing him in human/pirate form was kinda nice.
Maddison O'flaherty
There so good together😊
Patrick Steward
Davy Jones was a villain, but he also had some anti-hero tendencies. Cutler Beckett was the ultimate villain in the second and third films of Pirates of the Caribbean.
myeon melon
"I DO NOT LOVE YOU" oh baby babe davy sweetie we all know you do ;)
Davy Jones was so underrated. He's probably one of the most bad ass yet so heart-ached villians.
Wseem Gg
She was not there after ten year when they could be together and its her nature and now she makes a new promise "I'll give u my heart" . And his heart still belongs to her.....
Emil Mathisen
Man is it only me who Thinks this story is sad af😭
So does this mean they are together after Jones dies or what?  I didn't get that part.
Erlend Fersel
01:22 Davy Jones : "Say what now?"
Samarilio Fr
One of the most beautiful scene in all the saga !
Super Pengal
Davy Jones had a good point
Ruth Croft
"My heart will always belong to you" THIS FECKING LINE GETS ME EVERY TIME
Could they make a successful movie just based on them?
Yacht Boy
What a beautiful yet tragic side story. One really gets to know these characters in this all too brief scene.
Sean Tape
Naomi has the accent down...for one generation removed...
*[THEORY]* I think I found out if Davy Jones might return in the 6th movie, 2:20 states that she will be free, she got released from her human bonds at beginning of the war at the 3rd movie as in other words she was free. 2:24 She also says that she would give him her heart, which means when Davy died, her heart/soul would be delivered to him to be resurrected again but sacrificing Calypso. The trident was broken in the 5th movie, which means all curses end, Davy Jones died in the 3rd movie so Calypso had time to sacrifice herself to Davy. So there's a high chance that Davy Jones will return in the 6th movie as a normal human.
Noah Johnson
I ship it (pun intended)
kevin texter
Davy only now understands, she isn't a girl. She is the sea, he realized he fell in love with the sea. So when he died he knew he would be with her forever.
orlando kaufusi
The Dutchman must always have a captain. Cut out the heart.
Don't date supernatural beings.
Sabrina Nascimento
Davy Jones is / was not bad or a villain . He had his heart broken and he locked it away, so it is understandable How he reacted. I had my heart broken still I love the man .
What I like most about this scene is that it sheds light on some of Calypso and Davy Jones' backgrounds, that Jones wasn't always a slimey monster and Tia Dalma was actually a goddess, waiting to shed her true skin to blind eyes. Oh and the shot where Davy Jones' human form really emphasizes the true nature of Jones. And can someone explain to me why he was turned into squidbeard?
i bet inside davy he loves tia dalma
Still a better love story than most crap I have seen.
Christopher O'Sullivan
I think from this scene I learn that Calypso is making Davy Jones the devil he is
I've always been in love with Davy
kristopher barker
maybe he went to the wrong place to see her
Christopher O'Sullivan
It was funny when DJ said "You were expecting me"
Sunny shah
these hoes ain't loyal
AA 725
Wtf even happened to Calypso? She was freed and yet all she did was burst into crabs and then make a maelstrom, after that she just disappeared
She literally can't help who she is. She's the sea. It's unpredictable like herself. What did he expect yet he loved her still
Hannah Brewer
01:56 What is this version of the Davy Jones theme? Is it a reprise?
Aaron Nantz
I feel bad for Jones i don't think he,s all that bad really just made some bad deals and ended up dying cause of it in the end.
Sunny shah
It is true, most wars in history happen because of Women most wars in mythology also happen because of women because a woman can control a man without the man even knowing it women can make men do crazy shit
Aristide Twain
I like to call this scene: Battle of the Weird Accents.
Abhishek Sharma
Calypso :- What of your fate, Davy Jones? Davy :- My heart will always belong to you. Davy - Love Calypso - 0
ico Todorov
She is the sea, she was always with him
James Fang
I like how after he said his heart will always belong to her she had a look of joy and happiness like school girl.
Jezzi Hardy
I don’t know what it is but her eyes make me think of Gollum I have no clue why
Game Business
i loveeee when calypso says: And you did hide away what should always have been mine. omg that soundtrack after that so lovely
Phantom Penance
#WasteHisTime 1:11
Harper May
"My heart will always belong to you."😍😍
I sailed, and I overlooked the sea. When I came ashore, where were you be? To the limit, my heart told me. 'She did not love me-' 'She did nothing but bind me to this wretched sea.'
Almedia Lee Exum
I love this scene
Brandon Yamamoto
How the hell did they meet
Samantha Friginal
I heard the line "My heart will always belong to you" many times from different actors from different movies. But none can compare to how it made the audience feel when davy jones said it because it is so desperately true
Oscar Johnson
Many things you were Davy Jones....but never cruel Cut to him slaughtering prisoners, choking his own crew, ordering his giant squid pet to destroy and eat full ships of pirates and he himself blowing up what is basically entire fleets of men with no offer of peace or surrendering.
The Grand Tribute Admiral
I can relate to his situation, Waiting so long to finally meet somebody you once loved then them not showing up for that 1 afternoon....It is torture...
A Starla
I have to say in this series only their love story is interesting. Tragic love.
Ariel Haeems
one moment he says "i do not love you" then he says "my heart will always belong to you" ???
Ten years I devoted to the duty you charged to me... Ten years I looked after those who died at sea... And finally when we could be together again... You. Weren’t. There.
R-Force Reactor
No matter if you are a fishman pirate, superman, or even Hulk if you see your woman you suddenly turn to just a men Aahh women sometimes i love them... Most ? I love them more...
Zeke The Cheshire
I like how he doesn't hate her he just couldn't bring it in him to hate her
Reminds of me Thanos and Lady Death. He loves Sea/Death so much, He loves the manifestation itself. That's deep.
Andi Ilham
anybody know's what happened with Calypso after being freed from her human form? she being a thousand of crabs and make a maelstorm. And what happened after that?
Ethan Diffey
ten years i devoted to the duty you charged to me ten years I looked after those who died at sea you weren't there why weren't you there
Ahmet Evren
Most 'heart touching' love scene ever!
yana romanova
just don't love, people.
55 57
Look upon thy white master, as he lust for the black heathen goddess.