What About Bob? (Original Trailer)

Subscribe! This is how the movie was supposed to be but the producers changed their minds at the last minute and made it a comedy.

hhahhahahh I heard the Saw theme song begin and I laughed out loud aha
Jenny Byrne
OMHG! Wow! i love this..... BOB! If they re-made this today... Chris Rock could play Bob.
LOL thanks!
Isaac Cantu
This was a waste of time! This movie is more of a comedy than a serious one like this video plays it out to be. Seriously, not cool.
this is NOt the original trailer!!
Mars McPracht
You don't say.... Soundtrack: Charlie Clouser - Hello Zepp - Saw O.S.T.
Igor Milenkov
/user/theRadBrad radbrad told me for this movie :D visit pls gameplayer :D
Never seen this film was recommended 2 me 2day, seen this trailer & it looks great!!!
what about bob movie trailer + saw theme = sweeeeeeet trailer lol
Angela Wolf
And maby some pills. Some pills actually cause madness.
Great Job! VERY well done!! This is one of my favorite movies!! :)
lol very well done. Watched this movie again last night.
With sooooo much freakin' comedy in the movie, there's NO POSSIBLE WAY the movie could be changed to a drama at THE LAST MINUTE. However, this Re-cut was done very well, the way one can completely change the mood of the movie. Sometimes trailers make a movie look ACTION PACKED, then you watch it and it's boring.
Azrael Light
this movie never gets old!! :D classic!!
wow. thats pretty good you made that movie look like this. bravo!
Jean Loup
This can't possibly be the original trailer, this video makes it look almost like a horror movie.
Jack Barnett
Why am I cracking up during this trailer?
matt rights
@kaffeinated1 lol
Kathy Deatherage
@tektoniktek :P I wouldn't have said something like that if someone didn't get it. Don't be stupid.
matt rights
@kaffeinated1 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo really?
although it was always meant to be a comedy it easily could have been. Just give him a knife.
Angelica Dimick
What's up with the Saw theme?
Kathy Deatherage
Clearly the irony of the trailer is lost on most :P It's SUPPOSED to make a comedy look like a horror. That's why it's effing HILLARIOUS.
Tony two toes
wow dood this was great nice work haha
@TheGoni94 Yea! Thats what i said! This is a comedy, this is not the trailer...
making a horror movie trailer out of a comedy is definately an interesting idea - done in an fabulous way! great work!!
Hahahaha. Some other clips you could've put in, like when Dr. Marvin screams He's Never Gone!
Damn I had always hear this was like a comedy! Looks pretty intense and now that I think about it Bill Murray would make a really good psychotic villain. I'll definitely be getting this off Netflix next week!
yeah its comedy not scary at all. amazingly hilarious movie though Bill Murray his brilliant in it
Andy Vegan
I haven't seen this movie yet, and had it not been for the comments saying that this is a Comedy, not a Horror film, I would of thought this was a horror film. I give this video 1 star for POOR work!
ryan casey
no wonder this movie wasnt that big i would fire the people that made this trailer
Could you fucking idiots stop making this look so some stupid horror flick its a Comedy you fools!
This is one of the funniest comedies, but you made it look like some cheap horror movie with that idiotic music. Shame on you! Zero stars.
Whoa now...you made this movie look crazy. It's light-hearted and HILARIOUS!
Ted Valentine
reverse instead of comedy in horror its now horror in a mellodrama or ironic comedy
veri nice! where's the music from??
No, this is called a "trailer recut."
Oh, no shit, Einstein!
that's REALLY cool. but it just looks like a very well done recut fan-made trailer to me...
lmaooo...Is this really the orgianl trailer...funny though.
Matthew Bevan
it maqkes it soundlike a horror movie
Jason Varner
that was alot better than the original, haha
Seriously, guys, don't you understand this as parody??? A great work!
Greg Gustin
movie was great = one of few I can re-watch over and over (and have) BUT if I saw the trailer first - I would never have watched it once trailer = total bunk
Mark William
fyi: That was the SAW soundtrack.  [] []                                                       U
Marcos Bezerra
love yuo. Bill muray..yan Brazil..sao paulo.💓
John-Egil Kristensen
Kiki Weiss
I love this movie more than any other!! I'm 22 years old and I've been watching this since I can remember. I watched it even as a little child! This is actually my first time seeing the trailer and I'd acted as if I haven't even seen the movie yet lol! I really like the trailer
Covert Cam
Terrible Sizzle Reel 
Very mutant. I like it.