Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (GBA) [Longplay]

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Never noticed, but it exists...Obviously :D I've done a little Walkthrough, to make you fucked up it is. I mean how can you take one of the best (Yeah, i said BEST) Beat 'em Up Games in Video Game History and force it into a fucking Game Boy Cartridge !!!!? Helloooooo ! Game Boy is for Mario, Metroid or Zelda Things, not for Mortal-fucking-Kombat ! "This Video is not for my Profit, all Rights to Midway & Nintendo"

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Game Boy Advance Longplay Walkthrough TheShepherd82 Scorpion Fatality Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

Lara Redfield
Video starts at 1:54
Manuel Loco
I played this when I was a kid :D
DooM DooMerson
just ordered it! looks fun. plus anything MK I love...(cept MK advance)
i recommend you use frost, she has some really fun moves and an easy to pull of fatality
Clone Booper
For a gba port, it doesn't look that bad
Street Fighter managed to do it way better than Mortal Kombat though.
Looks horrible but I'd give it a try.
Rahmelle Spence
Downloaded this game because mka was a total wreck.
Dark yoshi
Pleaze somebody tell me how unlock all characters, actually I have kitana, sub-zero and kano, but how to unlock all ???
Sun Guko
I can't beat normal mode can somebody give me some tips?