Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (GBA) [Longplay]

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Never noticed, but it exists...Obviously :D I've done a little Walkthrough, to make you see how it works. To me personally this is Farts against the Original on PS2, Wich is one of my All-Time-Favorites. But everybody Taste is differente. "This Video is not for my Profit, all Rights to Midway & Nintendo"

Lara Croft
Video starts at 1:54
For a gba port, it doesn't look that bad
DooM DooMerson
just ordered it! looks fun. plus anything MK I love...(cept MK advance)
Manuel Loco
I played this when I was a kid :D
i recommend you use frost, she has some really fun moves and an easy to pull of fatality
Street Fighter managed to do it way better than Mortal Kombat though.
Jaymes Tate
Kung Lao lmao
Looks horrible but I'd give it a try.
Gabriela Varela
Put the words in English please
Gabriela Varela
The language setting for the game .
Wingman Productions
Downloaded this game because mka was a total wreck.
Dark yoshi
Pleaze somebody tell me how unlock all characters, actually I have kitana, sub-zero and kano, but how to unlock all ???
Sun Guko
I can't beat normal mode can somebody give me some tips?