Bol Bachchan Song Ft. Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn

After coming together in several films the father son jodi is back again!! Watch this exclusive video song from upcoming bollywood film ""Bol Bachchan"" starring Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay devgn in lead roles. This song is sung by Bollywood living legend Amitabh Bachchcan with Abhishek Bachchan & Ajay Devgan. Enjoy and suno suno kya BOLE BACHCHAN. 'Bol Bachchan' is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Rohit Shetty and featuring Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin Thottumkal and Prachi Desai in lead roles. It is inspired by the 1979 comic flick, Gol Maal. 'Bol Bachchan' releases on 6th July, 2012 in theaters near you. Buy Bol Bachchan songs on iTunes : />Enjoy and stay connected with us!! SUBSCRIBE T-Series channel for unlimited entertainment /> Circle us on G+ /> Like us on Facebook /> Follow us

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naveen yadav
naveen yadav
Mr. bachachan saab kyu aisi filme karte hu. shayad abhishek ko promote karne ke liye.but uska kuch nai ho sakta.Please sooch samajh kar filme sign kiya karo
naveen yadav
who is this rohit....oh i remember the one who made shitty Golmal in which all so-called actors(except Ajay) making silly third grade jokes He even cannot suggest a original name of his film.
Vallari Sharma
lyrics is good..... yes good
سہرمہد هگہر آلعہرأق
هلة ولله حلوة موووووووووووت
renetta persaud
Luuuuuv it!!!! Movie's gonna rock
himesh ki maa ka bhosda song
Usama Mahesar
Himesh Totaly Rocks, i mean these people just want some beats, huh classic music naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai bhaiyon, aB Sun sun BOLe kya BACHCHAN.
Usama Mahesar
Rocking song Amitabh Rocks....
Usama Mahesar
Usama Mahesar
Hahaahahahaha lol, Go and google it. Its Himesh Reshammiya Compositions. Thanks
Usama Mahesar
Sweet song great....
Usama Mahesar
fantastic song......
Usama Mahesar
guys and girls checkout full songs in my chennal with awesome quality, and thumbs up :)
Usama Mahesar
First of all this song is situational song, and second thing is the song always chosen by Director of the movie, so stop blaming on this music director. And this song is amazing im enjoying this and if u Enjoyed this then give thumbs up.
Usama Mahesar
fuck off all haters of this song.
I am so confused by this song....
LOVE IT !... Amitabh is still amazing .. <3
Suraj B
Wasted 2:36 mins of my life on this pathetic song....thumps up if you agree...
vishal shah
Itna gatiya song mene jindagi me nahi suna!!!!! Gatiya gatiya gatiya.....
Devendra Pareek
The Melodious voice of Amitabh is just Great The Lyrics are Great but People won't get the Depth of them...
Sumit Kumar
what makes you think i could be high? Just coz i like a song and u don't? Grow up man, that was my point of view.
Sumit Kumar
The answer is 0:28
Sumit Kumar
For all those people who dont get it,read the description, this is inspired from the old indian classic "gol maal" starring amol palekar. And the song resembles the title track of that movie "golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai". This song was supposed to be funny and it is.. you dont need a beaty song always to please your ears.
Soumyadip Das
Bol Bol Bol Bol Bachchan ... Sun Sun Bole Kya Bachchan ... Rocked :D The song sung by Amit Ji really nice and the Music is Awesome Himesh Reshammiya rocked again with his masterpiece distinct music class ... all in the act of creating fantabulous mood ... :) I'm amazed to see the dramatism of haters ... disliking and all ... very childish act ... this is just a fantastic song :)
Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn in chorus.
himesh rintu
super track love u himesh
great son............why so many dislikes?
amitabh's voice is really nice..but the song sucksss
sonakshi and sonam are both hot , atleast they dont go stripping and fucking like a hoe like vidya balan is. its true that others like abhishek and tushar kapoor dont deserve to be in the industry
Vikas Sharma
saale sochte h bacchan family ko leke mvie hit it will be bore bacchan
Vikas Sharma
fuddu song abhishek apne dad ko doobwayega..:)
Nasir Siddique
yar ye itna keh raha hai to bol e le...iss song per BILAWAJA paisa ZAYYA kia gya hai...This is FUNNY song...
Saahil Chadha
One word AWESOME:)
Benafsha Abdaly
bakvas! i hate amitabh
ajay thakur
Just one word for this one Blockbuster.
ajay thakur
Love the voice of Ajay Devgn...not a bad at all.
ajay thakur
Son Of The Year Bol Bachchan.
they have tried to copy from the original tune (golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai)...rohit shetty's films usually have atleast 1 or 2 good songs, but the title track are always good..but this one is way bad. Only himesh can create such bad ones.
sanket taley
jinhone dislike kiya shayad wo #@##@@ hai!!!!!!!! ajay devgn is rockks
Sneha Shetty
Trailer awesome Dialogues awesome Cast super awesome But the song just turned everything totally off !
idiot boy
pakauu song, boring!!
"When older's get cozy youngers don't nozy." LOOOOL
aashu patty
According to funny demand of song,this is fantastic..ab ise romantic,sad nhi bna sakte the na,.jara socho,this iz fantastic according to demand
holy crap people go and make a name for urselfs first and then u can troll and criticise who is good and who is bad actor and actresses........
Ravi Bosamya
@1:30 Ajay devgn: Yeah, yeah, you talking not right, then body pain from toe truck to headlight. HAHA awesome song!
Ravi Bosamya
To All The Critical Thinkers: If you don't have the ability to compose better song than this one, then shut the f**k up and listen to some other song.
Chirantan Aditya
fell fromthe blue sky and din mai tare nazr aaye
Aman Arora
abe kya hai ye ghatiya sa bekaar sa song ??? kaise pasand aa rha hai sabko ???
Meyer Wolfsheim
This movie was hilarious.
Why would a russian listen to this!?
True Face of Bollywood !
Harry Edser
dont quit the day job, whos minding the counter at the local corner shop
Abhishek Joshi
3rd classs...amitab is getting cheap
Sandeep Mehra
different....good different!
Annie Khemraj
LOL, most of them hate it! ;)
krrish meena
superv song ever.........................
sahil mehndiratta
Gagan Brar
dont underestimate this song. This is not FUDU song but MAHA FUDU song
Gagan Brar
those who are criticizing the dislikers should know that people dont have personal grudges against BACHCHAN SAAB or anyone else.They are disliking it bcoz they feel that the song is not upto the mark. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS WELCOMED EVEN BY BACHCHAN SAAB.
sunny co
killer song!!!!
Amit Rao
Superb ....going to rock
their* lol
yeah i think u r the only one and the 535 others :P
At this age mr. Bachan full of energy..awesome..a big salute to him..
Jeremy Cheema
awesome song, good actors,,nice set,,but bakwass song,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Deepak Baluni
sueprb muisk by music king himesh this album gona rock the bollywood.
Rajat Patel
The reason Amitabh bachan is in this son is becasue the Movie's name is Bol Bachan! hence it makes since to have the man himself in the title song. plus its true its policitcs and that is to make sure that the film does well.
Rajat Patel
Definatley a good song just masti! A needed family entertainer after ready which was awesome!!! Going to be a really good movie!
legend adii
narrow minded..
legend adii
too much 'item songing' has caused this.... sigh......
Naseer Khan
this loook so funny... ajaY WIL ROCK IT.... FORget the abishik n this film
legend adii
song is great, people these days............
i disagree wit u . and wud like punch u in the face .
send me links to some gud bhajans. u seem to kno ur shit swamiji.
Helga Pataki
no its good
Wanadee Raul
This film is a gift form Ajay Devgan to Abhishek Bachchan!!!This film might have just given Abhi a lifeline in bollywood for the time being.
Movies these days like rowdy rathore and this one reminds me of shitty 80's movies . 80's were darkst era in bollywood until later 89 with maine pyar kiya ,Quyamat se Quyamat tak. 90's was golden period . We are again back to downfall of bollywood with these nonsense movies
Burhan Ayub
i guess it is time for the senior bacchan to step aside and let his son do some work alone... kab tak baap ke saaye main rahega??
saroop singh
great dancing and addictive lyrics
Muhammad Tayyab
bachan plzzzzzzzz don't destroy your ever green career...
From which angle does this song even remotely resemble golmal hai bhai sabh golmal hai????
Ashim Gautam
Good to see legend all over again missed him since the opening of IPL
Rajan Rana
niiiiiiiice bachan
Anirban Saha
That sing was singed by Big B...... Beautiful voice
Dipak Narayan
Big B....are always mindblowing
Ashvi Desai
love it
Ansh Sahny
i thought the song was going to be a hip-hop song. WHAT IS THIS
Yo maan
Abhishek bachchan is clearly world's number one papa boy,,, cant clean his own shit without help of his offense to Big B,,, but his son is pathetic loser... only thing keeping Junior afloat is , his dad's DNA......
Prakash V Iyer
Cant understand why ppl cant enjoy songs according to the need of the films mood. Everyone wants beats and rap in every song.
the Great Gambler
Bakwas song. Abhishek chutiye ki ek aur film......
Zeeshan Khan
dude are you high?
shame... after all the hype this is what they give us???
Sandeep Bhirud
see the full song,everybody will like
mat kar ab bore bachchan :D
I enjoyed this video because Amitabh and Abhishek were making a fool of themselves hahaha
ashish pawar
Bore bachan... chhuuu song...
Ayesha Javed
wtf... ur just a hater.. the father son is loved on screen..n b/c of that demand they came back..nt because he was helping him get a name...abisheick is already n famous n loved...n sonakashi sena is awesome..sonum kapoor is gorgous.. b/s of ppl like u they go lose weight and still u dont accept them...they r more prettier then u can ever imagine ur self to be.. go get a life.. n let ppl enjoy movies.. u dont like it.. no one asked ur opinion