Californication - Season 3 - New Trailer

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New Trailer from Californication Season 3. With David Duchovny as Hank Moody and Natascha McElhone as Karen. More see at />David

Carletta Goodrich Mann
This series did not air in VA so like like where do I get the series like Best or some other place oh I loved the writers storyboards so real for your geography Your freedom of Covernants are so liberal sportsman like conduct and civilized
Clayton Wanders
Best season! I dozed you have a gorgeous vagina!
Clayton Wanders
Best Season!
@ervakova Season 3 was pure fun! The best season will always be the first one.
Season 1 and 2 are highly recommended but my God how BAD season 3 is, I want those hours of my life back. Stay away people. Whatever happened to that show after season 2, new writers, new producers or something ?
MY FAVE SHOW! Cant wait until the new season comes out :)
james michael Alberto
i wanna be like Hank Moody !
Dave A
best show eva... so glad I found out bout it..... David suffers form sex addiction (doesn't everyone?) so the show is almost autobiographical. Can't wait to see sea 3 and will wonder if they will still have those killer songs at the end of episodes!!
beast facking show ewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything I know about women I learned from Hank Moody!
Rob Smith
To our family, our black president, and my magnificent dong. Ha ha..... The writing is great!!!!
Jocelyn Ngo
thnx for posting this...i can't wait for season 3
Thanks Kat for this great video :)
Cheeky Lass
I'm binge watching this show now. Seven years later. I like it and sometimes I am like wtf this is way too fake. No boundaries at all, everyone is fucking everyone and no one is ever jealous LOL