tiger lillies-crack of doom

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pues como vi que ya no estaba en youtube lo subi =) si hay problema o algo lo bajo

Camilo Fernandez
And so your life's been a success And you have pleasure in excess Don't worry it will all end soon The crack of doom is coming soon And so your future's looking bright And you've reached the giddy heights Don't worry it will soon end It is all shallow and pretend The crack of doom Is coming soon The crack of doom Is coming soon Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha And so your life Your life has failed You've made the progress of a snail Don't worry you'll get your revenge For we're all equal in the end The small and mighty all the same This life a shallow, facile game Where every empire turns to dust And every ego will be crushed The crack of doom Is coming soon The crack of doom Is coming soon Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha And every dream, hope and desire Is just a flicker in the fire And that fire it will consume The crack of doom Is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom is coming soon The crack of doom doom Is coming soon
Collecting My Thoughts
Somewhere there's a Terry Giiliam movie being made waiting to use these guys for the soundtrack.
I love this so much. No matter how cynical I feel when I start watching, I'm always laughing at the absurdity by the end.
Vladimir Matveev
мимика вокалиста жутко доставляет
Если ты попал сюда то найди перевод это песни! Вот это перевод! Круто! Как и сама песня теперь!
This, folks, is true art.
Adrian come back please and bring that drum kit.
Hanako Dickinson
This is what I want to end my funeral with!
Joss Cues
That's cheered me up no end. :0)
kriktandtheworm Marcheschi
authentic and unique, bold non conformists
Opiekun Dps
Why they do not put this vesrion on a studio album? Studio version is much worse,in this we have power!!! Was recording in the studio meant that you need to do song worse in order to concerts could be better than the studio album?
Taz Sandrin
Ummm different.. In a good way
so site
well now I feel alive...nothing like being on the precipice...
Long time no see 240p..
Juliet Chavarro
Qué buena !
Klaus nomi?
Ralph Manning
just heard them for the first time , different and catchy, like it
Mer Cas
Genious, Love it!
Nora Bella
It always makes me smile....
Ал Бибак Марсианец
the crack of doom is commin soon for every motherfucker
the end makes me laugh!
Albert The Hun
this genre is for people with unique taste, but it's good music because of it's uniqueness!
persephone dim
<3 <3 <3
abrieron el psiquiatrico
THE crack of doom is here!!!
Arya Mahdavi
Video Quality Is Shit
Luba Dmirt
восторг и нечего больше добавить!самая суть!!!!вниайте.
зэ крак оф дум из коминг сун
Costa del Artlepool
Just the gentle reassurance I needed.
zebble ganubi
the faces he makes all the way through the first verse really crack me up
zebble ganubi
hah! hah! hah! hah! >:(
MisterFeto YLosAbortosDelCadillacNegro
what type of bass it is?? its like a doble bass but thin??? whats its name??!
hose bai
The lyrics to this song are spot on.
slavik stecyuk
The crack of doom Is coming soon....Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Russia died
Best music!
Jasmin Sterzenbach
Alex Rodriguez
Easily the most honest video on youtube.
Alex Bond
So glad I was recommended this.
Jordy Quivén
Elmo >:D
JC Mushrooms
Awesome bass!
Just listened to this with my window open, and I could swear the gulls responded to him.
That is right boys and girls... It maters not... for we are all doomed...
Clown Ex Machina
Great stuff and simple: 3 guys, clever make up and clothing plus magnificent skills, performance and imagination.
Deborah Valentine
Faffing Around With Chemicals
xristina landi
Τάιγκερ Λίλις...
oh, those face expressions
Epic video. Epic characters. But FUCK OF, Guys - The Crack of Doom is cancelled! I like that song, but indeed, I have not approved it! Thus, in that's way, FUCK OFF, bastards! ))) Show will go on!!!
I PegaZo I
pues si
automatycznie zaczołem się hiptozynowac przy tym utworze
Lloyd Kaufman
Toxie loves TLCOD
Severe Distortion
Brings tears of awesomeness to my eyes
guillermo luis Oviedo
mierda! que geniales estos TIGER, supongo que en mis peores pesadillas hay mucho de esto un ataque directo al subconciente, como pude vivir en todo este tiempo ignorando que existian? en mi galeria de payasos se incorpora una nueva figura, al lado del de it y los dos payasitos de cabeza de porcelana, ARTE INFERNAL que reside en nos, humor genial, estetica de impacto, genios totales!!!
ja k gay
Master Blader
its so catchy
Lord Vader
Si satán existiera y tomara la forma de un payaso... definitivamente cantaria algo asi... nos joderia la mente, nos bajaria los animos y luego nos destrozaria, UNA PUTA OBRA DE ARTE!!!
He reminds me of the joker..
BallJointed Wing
@tanathos17 They're way too old for pedo Poe.
muscariae pumar
i have pleasure in excess. . . ha ha ha ha ha (8)
Katherine Russ Yoga
@Arconeus I've heard that clowns often represent an archetype of the devil, so you may not be too far off. :)
O.O the lead singer is gonna show up in a nightmare tonight...... holy shit thats creepy.....
I can not believe I am going to see them live on saturday in Tel Aviv !!!!
Crack of doom is coming soon indeed...
Severe Distortion
I feel doooomed
tiololo 69
..this will haunt me forever....I WANT MORE!!!
pro la music
Christian C
@black3665 (Seguido...) Y tu vida ha fallado Has hecho el progresso de un caracol No te preocupes que tendras venganza A final todos somos iguales Los importantes y los no importantes Todos iguales Esta vida superficial es un juego Todos los egos aplastados Y todos los imperios cambiados a polvo La grieta muerte viene pronto La grieta muerte viene pronto Y todos los suenos, esperanzas y deseos Son solomente parpadeos en el infierno Y el infierno consume La grieta muerte viene...
Christian C
@black3665 perdoname pero algunas palabras son muy antiguas que no son faciles a traducir Pues has tenido mucho exito Y has tenido gusto y exceso No te preocupes Todo va a terminar pronto Todo es superficial y pretender Pues has subido las alturas felices Y tu futuro parece bien No te preocupes Todo va a terminar pronto La grieta muerte viene pronto La grieta muerte viene pronto La grieta muerte viene pronto Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja...
Delire Morbide
@jesuo8 me la podrias mandar a mi tambien por favor??? n_n
Delire Morbide
@jesuo8 me la podrias mandar a mi tambien por favor n_n
Anh Nguyen
a shivrr down my spien, ur energy
Дмитрий Протас
Bill Sims
put.a ma.dre esta con madre!!!! is comming soon
Oh thank you thank you thank you for uploading this. What an amazing live performance.
@undertakerzchickk97 that's falsetto, not soprano. if anything his falsetto reaches into the alto region, but that's all..
so te lo quitan, lo vuelvo a poner
mista wongburger
@Goma2 thank yew
@mistawongburger "Bad blood and blasphemy" :)
mista wongburger
@Jcolinsol exactly my thoughts @[email protected]
mista wongburger
@Goma2 what cd is this on?
The Tiger lillies are way better live than in the cd
angela kaiser
This is a illecebrous widdendream.
emmanuel perez
son bueno pero no mames me dan un chingo de miedo
omg so macabre yet amazing.. :)
any one hear clint eastwood by the gorillaz.... tiger lilies are amazing
mur meed
if you dont appreciete the musical quality of this you shouldnt be in youtube, or in where ever you are
if edgar alan poe were a chick at their concerts she would definetely flash her boobs
@MrBlueSkyyy Verdad que algunas de sus versiones en vivo están mejores???? pasa lo mismo con la de bully boys!
The word Doomed sound so wrong when screamed in a falsetto voice... :) Tiger Lillies are the greatest!