Because You're Gorgeous (Jungle Beat Season 2)

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Warthog is proud of his lion-like head of hair. He struts proudly around until one lock of hair springs out of place. This simply will not do but the stubborn hair refuses to fall back in place. Warthog does all he can to regain his pristine looks but the more he tries the worse it gets.

Jungle Beat Kids Warthog Comedy Africa

Hanani MS
omg lol. first time i watched this video make me lot of funny. love it!
Nati H
I have hair sort of like that, except it's curly and brown with light brown low-lights (all natural). In the morning, my hair is a mess, after I brush it I always get compliments wherever I go. Like if you want hair like me because many people tell me that it's expensive to get hair like mine and I feel bad for the people that pay so much or wish for it.
casper arts
what is the name of the song?
Prince man
Very Nice bro more video
Maria Silversken
I love your animations. They are well made from the character design to the final fx. The story is always creative, surprising, filled with humor and offers something positive for all generations. Unique jems!
Arijit Makal
Lenka Merjava
cool pek wudrd she hav fIr on hr tlayl and pek kod go
អ្នកដឹង បានដឹង
Subhabrata Ghosh
they'll grow back stronger and denser
[CS / MT]
can woarhogs even grow manes and tails like that?
The BO Killer
jungle beats hills at me
Wagner Alcantara
Muito bom, meu neto gosta muito e eu costumo colocar para ele.
Nyavo Rakotoarimalala
love thé way his hair moves
Rafiki: "And that lion cubs, is how de warthog became ugly. And how he became beautiful again."
joshua larkins
Poor warthog
kabir k
The great india
Ready Daddy
Younes Malik
Julie Ann Sanchez
Laerciodejesus Dejesus
Se deu muito mal 😨😨😨😨😨
Anggie Silva
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i like that
Shazia Khan
Salute.. Everything... Wohooo..
Ueliton Oliveira
Richard Lugod
Lingaw much..
song Malik
ilove. you
Ueliton Oliveira
My channel F
New kus chaheye
Bacon Boo
All hail the Lion Pig!
Muna Ahmed
som patil
It's very and funny cartoon plzzz add more ...pLzzz
Lin Sanidad
[Kenny Johnathan]
Because youre cringeous
Anggie Silva
hola me llamo Juan Carlos te adjunto la factura de los mismos que los datos que me ha dicho que me lo puedes enviarme el ese desde dirección de correo y porno xxxxxxxxxxx haaa,
Anggie Silva
buenas nubes
Mandeep Kashyap
Bast video
zoya zoya
Very funny
Mags A
Whoever makes these animations would learn a lot if you would watch real animals on the wildlife cameras. This one is shockingly bad. I speak as someone who actually lives in Africa.
Bhuwan Jangade
Very nice
Siddhesh Mahadik
I fell in love with this music 😍
Akashdeep Akashdeep
nice animal bites ☺☺☺☺☺☺
حمود سالم بن سعيد سالم بن عبدالرحمان الحربي
Arshee Ansari
suresh reddy
Dat Remix
Maddox Chism
parwez kureshi
part 2
Suresh Edupuganti
Marife Paranguay
Nutjaree Fa'
Lenka Merjava
pik is cool
Arman Khan
r. k
S0b1 tudo
song's name?
mukesh yadav
mukesh yadav
ANDRES Montero
de pelos
Nungano Manyombe
a like song
jitendra goswami
aall cartun
Mandira Chakraborty
mona gul
Verry nice
Davis Nyandindi
Which software you can use to create this cartoon ? Please tell me
Sameera Chodhare
very very very nice 😃😃😃😃😃
Imran Shaikh
Bhupendra singh
I love this expression for hair. because bee's attack when he stop the mini pond use as a mirror... then immediately run fast.