Girl joins rapper in the subway for an impromptu jam session (INFIDELIX ft. EllandM)

You can find me (Ellandm, singer) here: />Contact: [email protected] Instagram: @ellandm Wanna hear the background story? Check this video: /> Improvisation in the subway of Berlin. I was in Berlin for a week and I was getting out the subway station when I heard the guy rapping. I turned around and walked towards him. After listening to him killing it in a couple of songs I couldn't help myself from wanting to sing with him. This is the result. It was a great experiece. The beat is a group called Phantogram, song "When I'm small". I did freestyle on the base while he rapped his song "Anthem of the Lost". All this was shot 100% with a GoPro Hero 4! #GoPro

If this guy make a cd, he's rich. But he seems to be already, in a different way, in a better way.
Joo nas
99% better than all the shit produced today, keep it coming!
You need to find this guy and record this properly.
I Know this Guy, he is in Berlin @Warschauer Str. almost every day. Good MC.
Frankske Verstraeten
In my opinion what "makes" this video is the guy's passion. This is what a musician is - no matter what style. To a true musician, music is all that exists. Being a musician isn't about being able to play an instrument - even at genius level - or having a great voice, or being marketable. It's about being obsessed with music every single second of the day - even when asleep. It's about wanting to create music, no matter if on a stage in front of a million people or sitting on the floor in a subway. This guy is a true musician.
Toys for Boys
I'm totally feeling them! Too bad that great music is in the sewers and the shitty ones are surrounding us! Respect from Amsterdam!
INFIDELIX doesnt need mic. His energy is over9000
I love peple who are so into something! it makes things so special
Mad Tad
Damn that beat is niiiice!!!
Evan Warden
great god I got chills this guy is amazing I heard every word he said I felt it to I had to watch this over
Look at the poor, sweet lady right at the end, looking inside of her little cup with coins, trying to figure out how much she can spare to give to these two people. It just breaks my heart.
Lyrics Uh Connor thought that his dreams were not possible When he woke up he was only thinking logical He started thinking that he could be this rad guy That super duper fly guy on this super duper hash high His life is tick-tocking on the Facebook He needs to get fucked please show him how your place looks Needs to get crunk so show him how to make hooks Think about yourself and say fuck off to the fake crooks When Conner dies and you turn him into ashes Roll them in a joint so the world can kiss his ass and As long as he leaves a mark he's not tripping He took a front seat in this long pointless mission When he's alone with his thoughts He starts thinking about a rope If you ask him why he rhymes it's the way he tries to cope With the fact that he's alone but at the same time he's so dope He says that he's just fine But inside he's lost hope Show me love You've got your hand on a button now Sure enough You've got your hand on a button now Ah (Where do I go, where to I run When life is hard find me a gun I don’t have the answers I only feel the pain I’m starting to feel dead inside me Find me again) x2 See Conner, he was an out the box thinker He stick to the Marry Jane and wasn’t too much of a drinker And helps to ease the pain when the thoughts tend to linger Why, was he born in the world That only gave the finger Fuck the doctor he's not taking those pills Fuck the normal and their social skills Fuck the way people made him think about himself About the world, about his life About his dreams that's on his shelf He doesn't really wanna take that He just wants to make it But he really wants to stop now And leave the world that he's created But fuck that he knows he’s got the balls But he's trapped inside the box that is bolted to the walls With the duty you must call And motivate it all, that have the feelings That they're lost, cursed, the ones that think they'll fall Show me love You've got your hand on a button now Sure enough You've got your hand on a button now (Where do I go, where to I run When life is hard find me a gun I don’t have the answers I only feel the pain I’m starting to feel dead inside me Find me again) x2 Show me love You’ve got your hand on a button now Sure enough You’ve got your hand on a button now (Where do i go, where to i run When life is hard find me a gun I don’t have the answers I only feel the pain I’m starting to feel dead inside me Find me again) x2 Sure enough You’ve got your hand on a button now I’d rather die, I’d rather die Then to be with you (Where do i go, where to i run When life is hard find me a gun I don’t have the answers I only feel the pain I’m starting to feel dead inside me Find me again) x2
William Chang
Wow, did you really file a copyright claim against him? Stay classy...
Corn Bread
Someone get this guy in a studio. His passion is unparalleled by most artists I've seen in a long time
miko Thunderblades
that moment you realize improve is better than most written rap
They both killed it! This is so good. Someone get them out the subway and into a studio.
the man is a real passionate, the world need people like him!
ArnoId Schwarzenegger
I need a official track from this...
Melinda Nordman
I can watch it over and over again. It's the best clip on YouTube, getting addicted to it.
Deezy Vapes
I actually got goosebumps and teared up.. wow. This is what real music is.
Ndea Monk
real hip hop
David Igleniec
Gotta be 50 times iv played this, not enuf.
None Ofyourbusiness
She has an amazing voice. Wish we had more people like this in the mainstream instead of all the manufactured talentless twats
Jeff Kersting
Balazs Tancsa
Guess, the lady who comes in at the end, is trying to scratch out some coins from what she had collected that day. To share it with the guy. Life is beautiful.
Mission Dan
shit! i would buy albums from these two, love it so raw!
Leo Freihofer
What is this guy doing in a subway station? He should be in a recording studio.
Tony Bhurji
I have to admit I normally can't stand rap music, but these 2 are phenomenal together, I would even go so far as to say if that track got released tomorrow I would put it on my phone, bravo well done!
Fire! 🔥 Would love to hook you up with a GoPro of your own to keep dropping these sweet collabs. Email us at [email protected]
Gritty, raw, and powerful. Talent extraordinaire.
Dead Room
3:45 Why does this women have 3 different beverages? lol...
Jacob Vin
most powerful street performance i have ever seen!
"hahahaha that was dope wasn't it?" hell yea it was man
Johnny Savage
Damn she has a great voice
Did you get all his money yet or what? Nice squatting , both on his music and literaly.
Der Pyromane
Love it. His Passion and her powerful voice. great
Manny Garcia
3:45 who the hell that woman think she is? Don't you dare interrupt something like this.
Mr. Suhr
Putting his talents aside, he is truly passionate about what he's doing. Greatly inspiring, and wonderful to see.
Jonas Fetz
somebody give this guy a record deal
his head might explode if he sings any harder
Daniel Rogers
that flow is unreal dude, the girl is unique. match made in heaven. keep it up guys ☺☺
Motive Video
Favourite song of 2016. I hope this song gets produced and released and not left in a subway station.
Anna D.
ein mix aus old school rap und zwei extrem talentierten menschen = 😍! wie gerne ich das live gesehen hätte!!! weil sies so fühlen, fühl ichs irgendwie auch,.😍
Drai fly
Can't stop watching this 😍😍
Wanye Kest
Is he running his setup from a car battery?
Paul Scholtes
He may not be a beastie boy, Dr. Dré, Eminem or whatever but he does'nt suck. infact, i think he's quitte good.
The One
Dude I can literally see u on stage in a few years.. Quote me on here
Lulu Adness
yep goosebumps and that rush thank you very much
Hunter Gamer Drone
This guy has some talent
Macabre Craft
blame pop industry for indoctrination into what should be popular you miss out on creativity like this #RadioFuckedYou
Salko Sofić
I keep watching this over and over again... and i want to marry her.
He has to be the most motivated guy I've ever seen that right there is showing a love for music well done
A fire in the puppet theatre
IT's all cool but I can't distinguish a single word...
Thomas Vacanti
I've watched this 100 times. loved it every time. can someone tell me what they are saying? Fuck it. don't. I love it any way
The Journalist
I'm a spiritual lyrical individual
Now this is a man who seems truly inspired and motivated by music
Sean Attwood
At 1:37 he levels up hard. She gave him extra power!!!
Yahiko Akatsuki
I would buy it!
Tamas M
amazing duo :) happy to find this video
this made me cry .. in a good way
Alex Johnson
Can't stop hitting that replay button
Girl, your vocal is amazing, but you gotta share this revenue with the rapper dude, he is equally amazing (if not more) ! I think everyone is hoping you two can collaborate and produce some dope songs, make it happen !
The Pro Pole
Now that is a burning passion for music
Now girl you have a mission which is too find him and make an album with him
Ashley Walls
the passion. we need more of this in the world.
alm roth
when he stopped singing for the audience, co-singer and even himself.. when he started to sing out to the air, to no one, ignoring the microphone.. i really enjoyed that
Sean Montgomery
Absolutely Amazing
Goosebumps!!! Big smile on my face!
Snoppen Sd
this is so fkn awesome seriously im a guy that just hates rap but this was just soooo amazing seriously i never listen to rap i only listen to metal but im REALLY digging this
Beaitful ! Youll be a Star ! Dont give up !
richard smith
love the way he gets so into it so much passion in him
Luna Ahria Moon
Hard Rock
This shit is real. Witness. Thank you for putting it out there and great song. Rise up brother and sister. You are on the way.
Tudor Ionel
Damn she's so hot!
mate his energy and flow are mad
'chickenskin' on my whole back when she starts . Every time I watch it
dj potter
Respect From Kenya...
This is amazing big like from serbia
Scott Martinez
Dude was intense af! Plus he got bars and she can flat out fkn sing!
Absolutely smashed it !! This guys enthusiasm when rapping is unreal
sperminator oftheasshole
always coming back to this video to remind myself what real music is all about
Zach Merrill
I been watching this video blow up
Lucas Carr
You guys owned that song, awesome job.
Can you relase studioversion on spotify? This song will get big.
Qurco Procedur
Very nice song. Absolutely Fabulous.
Douglas Hadley
I can't stop watching this
Killing it. great job
yo this was badass
James Prime
I'd purchase this.
skeet grant
the enjoyment in his face singing with you is priceless.
Jonas Fetz
more of this please❤
Don Lukas Vito
respect to those people! they know how to give some good energy in other person.
wow :P und das in meiner Mutterstadt was gehtn nice :P
Nolan Francis
@ 4:00 keep you hands to yourself during the performance fool
Quality music that modern society will never promote and see talent in it. This is gold! Keep it up guys, at one point world will have better music with you guys!
-ßЯҢ- Commando
That chick is both super hot and super talented.
Puck Slider
wow he feels the beat amazing
Great work , Dope ass !!! WOW!!!!!
Jacob Chen
I would buy this tune
James Priestley
RAW this 👊👊