Cole Sprouse Abused his ex? Is he racist? Take your own conclusions

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Not from the Sprouse Fandom All about the truth Not a native english speaker, sorry for any grammar mistake or misspelled word.

The Truth Hurts
Pleople. I'd love to do more videos of "Take your own conclusions", give me ideas
Sister Spooked
Bree REALLY would’ve lost it if they were still dating now and he had to kiss other girls on Riverdale 😂😂
Carissa Worrell
Bree doesn't sound like a good gf anyways. Not letting him do photography?? There should be trust in that relationship so she shouldn't have to worry. I'm glad they broke up. Lili and Cole deserve each other. Cole loves lili and and cares for her.
Tai’s Land
Bree needs to get a fricking grip no wonder Cole broke up with her, she seems unstable and a little crazy
joy park
I have a feeling this is one of the reasons why cole & lili havent confirmed their rls yet. His psycho ex may have not moved on yet so he was protecting lili
Bree was clearly not in the mental state to be in a serious relationship. She was possessive, unhealthily, stopped him from doing what he was passionate about, was rude to fans that would meet them in the street. She even posted on her tumblr how she couldve been the one to be mentally abusing him. But of course everyone jumps on the bandwagon of hating him and accusing him of shit that isnt true
Kyleigh Duffy
Plus he treats lili like a queen and they are "just friends" as they say
Payten Gilson
Just look at how Cole Sprouse treats Lili Reinhart! And we don't even know if they're dating yet.
Kyleigh Duffy
This is messed up cole would never do something like that
I heard about these roumors, that he might did something wrong but I never really believed it. I've seen a lot of interviews with him and also a lot of videos made by fans, who where lucky enough to meet him personally. It surprised me that he as a celebrity handles fans sooooo well. Like he hugs with them and he is as funny and cool as always. When he speaks you can hear how intelligent he is. I have to admit, I didn't know him as a kid, I only know him from Riverdale, but I'm true fan now. About his girlfriend... She could have been really confused about what she wanted to say because sometimes she says that she will always love him and he was the one for her, later she says that he made many mistakes. Whatever, my point is that I'm sure Cole is a really good person who cares for other people but also you have to understand him and accept that he has his own world. :)
Kyleigh Duffy
But Cole is amazing and would never do anything like this
Katrina Trinidad
This seems biased. I love cole and will forever love him but i haven't seen anybody else that supports Bree's argument (except herself obv) its mainly other people defending for cole. Just thought i had to point out :)
Dieuanh N.
All this proves is that Bree is extremely possessive and possibly mentally unstable
People exaggerate a lot on here and drama is always exaggerated and this is definitely an example of it. I believe that Cole is innocent and his ex was just saying those things for popularity.
Cole Sprouse's wife
Cole Sprouse is not a racist and he's not abusive point blank to the period
Tim Kruse
Cole is a good guy with a good heart
Marina R
Nah most of y'all are victim blaming. Also it's super ableist to classify someone as psycho simply because you dont agree with their actions or stances. Also easy to point out that even though the channel says they don't take sides this video is mostly geared to support Cole's side
I think Bree needs to snap back into reality and realise, good things don't tend to last forever, Cole has (rumoured) a new girlfriend and there was a reason why he dumped her. She needs to stop subtweeting and posting quotes and all this shit about her ex because it sure looks like he moved on so she should too
asma dafri
she seems really crazy and want cole only with her, i mean that is a sick and toxic love ! :/ glad this is over ! cole is really amazingly talented photography , smart and unique !
Beth Dublin
The part at 8:27 is the weirdest to me... literally within the first two lines, she says that it was a mutual decision even though he initiated it, then says but she had already moved away (insinuating she did so bc she knew it was over) then literally in the next line starts saying how that sucked the worst bc she thought they'd stay together when she moved away and he let her down by not supporting her and being supportive of her and of their (now long distance) relationship after she moved away. um she should get into politics because that is some IMPRESSIVE flip flopping.
Sophia Mock
Brew may need to seek help, those are some serious mental health issues right there. Nobody in their right mind would post all that stuff, it's like she was just copy and pasting her diary onto the internet
can she just stop assuming that he still loves her? everytime she says i will probably always love him she continues with vice versa. just stop he moved on already get a life
1st off cole is just following his passion, I as an individual think bree is very insecure and should let cole follow his dreams. 2nd cole is helping people with mental issues and to me doesnt come off as "racist" or "racy" and please if you can't respect my opinion move along.
Sarah B
Also, he helped that fan he kinda heeled her & he has black friends. I believe Cole is genuinely a good person unless u do something to hurt him or the ppl he loves. I don’t know him personally, but I love Cole & I’m a die hard fan & I just can tell he is not a bad person or a cheater or a player. I would never tell him that he can’t have fans regardless of my own insecurities
Neko Senpai
The beast thing had me cracking up. Grasping on them straws.
Gabi Rose xo
Yeh I totally get it, I didn't watch the suite life or any shows with Cole in it I knew about the suite life but didn't watch it, but I watched riverdale coz my friend recommended it. And I fell in love with the tv show and Cole sprouse haha so I decided to watch the suite life (which made me cry of laughter) and I understand why it might be weird to see a Disney star perform in a 12 rated series ahah
Katrina Trinidad
This seems biased. I love cole and will forever love him but i haven't seen anything that supports Bree's argument its always FOR cole. Just thought i had to point out :)
do you think you can reupload this, except speed it up? i'd love to share this to people but since it's 13 minutes, nobody would wanna sit there and watch it. especially the people still believing the rumors, who aren't anywhere close to patient
The Truth Hurts
Ok, I'm thinking in doing this video in more languages. I've seen a lot of hate by people of other languages. So, next I'll do one in Spanish and Portuguese. The only 2 languages I can speak besides english
Freya Michaels
You know...we don't need an hour to read each individual slide🙄
Sophia Rocha
Who ever u are Wether ur a psycho or a normal person don't be hatin on my cole bc he is a nice funny guy who makes mistakes like a normal person. And that girl was a crazy cole would never cheat he supported Dayna after Dylan cheated on her. And anyone who hasn't watched RIVERDALE needs to watch it bc it is the BEST SHOW EVER! And if u don't like it makes u a RIVERDALE hater and a sprouse hater which no one wants to be friends with. Not saying u r but just telling the truth.
Alizée Long
This video.... EVERYTHING. Thank you for letting everyone know the truth.
richard grace
Wait he emotionally and physically abused her allegedly yet she is hoping to do it again in the future 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂
I know nothing about their past relationship but i clearly remember back when i was 14 i set Cole as my lockscreen then she made a big deal about it on tumblr and her "fans" or how to call them started to threaten me to kill myself, so yea this says something...
He is still hot asf who’s with me
that good shxt
Im so sad that people are believing those rumours whenever i ask someone if they liked cole sprouse they just said tf he abused his ex
A McClendon
Thank you so much for making this video!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I agree with you 100% when I first found out, I was on cole side then when I dug in a little more I was skeptical I didn't know what to think and honestly this video helped come to a conclusion . I'm really glad he's out of that relationship, it sounded so emotionally draining and confusing. Glad he's happy now and has riverdale💘
human rat
at least bree got to date cole
Star Mancinelli
Do one of Dylan and Dayna cuz of all that drama that happened a week or so ago
this video needs to been seen by everyone, many people accuse him of abusing his ex and all their "proof" is just bree's tumblr posts, smh. thank you for this video! <3
Debbie's Advice and Stories
Am I the only one that feels like there is something wrong with her mentally?
The Truth Hurts
Update: Dayna is Dylan's ex girlfriend now
The Truth Hurts
People, I did not make this video to defend anyone or make anyone seem crazy. I just felt really bad seeing people talking about this and they really know nothing, they just think they do by reading "know it all" tweets. There's more in this issue, much more than what I used in this video, don't assume nothing till you see both parts. And please, I don't want any hate in here.
Jocelin Mel
to kinda add on to this a long time ago before cole was a thing again on TV or social media I followed him on IG and would occasionally comment on his pictures and every once in a while he would reply( rarely ) well get this one day I decided to comment “ looking very good “ or something along those lines and next thing I know I’m blocked from his Instagram and his girlfriends and that was that. I’m now unblocked from his but she still has me blocked on instagram & Twitter I believe god only knows how she found my Twitter
Riverdale Fan
Omfg Tbh bree was just jealous that he was happy without her!!!!!! I meAn like where tf did she get that he was sleeping with the models?? Did Cole tell her? No. Did the models tell her? No. Did Coles brother tell her? Did she ask him? No No no and no!!!! She just wanna cause bloody drama!! Look how good he is to Lili. Idk if they're dating,(Hopfully they are cuz I ship it) but obviously he's a kind, sweethearted, person(also cut obviously) so it's all obviously fake!!!!
olivia gauci
Anyone who think he did this shame on you. Cole sprouse is the love of my life. #sproushart
Marie Jan
We all do not know Cole/Dylan Sprouse personally but from this evidence, Bree seems mentally unstable. I did not judge her before seeing all this because I have also been in a relationship before and its normal to get jealous when you love someone, but Bree needs help, hope she will move on and find peace from the relationship one day.
Jamie Adriana
Tbh Bree sounds like a psycho that was obsessed with Cole and wanted him all to herself and she doesn’t sound like she was a good gf at all and Cole shouldn’t be feeling like he can’t do photography because no one can control what you want to do and she didn’t have the right to just tell him that he couldn’t do it like the hell? I am glad cole broke up with that freak that tried to tie him down like that.
Proteck wildlife solutions
and lili and cole should be together their better with each other and they care about each other
Mel Nash
I'm so glad him and her have split, Cole deserves so much better and who knows it they were still together he might not have been 'allowed' to audition for riverdale🙄anyway I wish Cole the very best💓x
No Name
He is a really nice and funny guy ok so stop
Lihanna S
plot twist: it was dylan the whole time
Melanie Mendez
you are a good person
Please people share this video.
Numb xxx
He is the bestt 😍
Khendra Libbey
bullshit rumors..
But i think that he learned from his mistakes and is super sweet to lili now
Shameless 11
You got the wrong Sprouse, it's Dylan
Hanun Quinn
he's such a sweet person, it's no way he abused his ex
Lva Maira
Vada Heightenburg
Soooo... Is Cole racist and abusive?
Alice Atkinson
Guys why are you blaming the victim here??
that poem was cringy af
Rollz •
NO NO NO NO NO WHY DID I CLICK ON THIS I REGRET THIS time to change my screen savers nvm lol we OG it’s okay y’all it’s a joke Cole is amazing, I wouldn’t ever hate him.
Poor Cole, Bree just sounds like a bad gf to me. He treats Lili like a queen so I am doubtful he treated Bree any differently she is just jealous he has made a success of his life and treats people the right way.
Dana Currie
Personally im on Brees side but thats just because i love her sm and shes my idol
Out of my experience i say Bree is this Girlfriend who dumped her boyfriend so he runs after her when he didn't and got over her she got mad and with this public accusations she hoped that he will take to her and she can lure him back ..... it's this typical crazy first relationship puberty thing. .. there a lot of woman out there that do things like this... most of my friends have done crazy shit like that in the past
People shouldn't be saying things about Bree, she clearly is a very insecure girl who had a relationship with a beautiful celebrity, which is a difficult dynamic to deal with. Tell me you wouldn't have acted like she did of you were seeing someone like him.
iisiyahii *
Cierra Tan
Well bree will NEVER EVER get another chance with cole cuz she is a crazy psycho, ugly( not that a relationship is based on looks) and COLE BELONGS WITH LILI!!!! SPROUSEHART FOREVER
angel kok
i dont like him hes so overrated
i loved this video , Bree moned when rumors were out but she was the one always tweeting about it and putting stuff on , i do love cole but this isnt why im taking his side . I saw a video of Cole with some fans and she was trying to get cole away but obviously the loving person Cole is he stayed and took pictures ,great video 💖
Ivy Fuss
You've never watched Riverdale? Some advice, wait, let me re-fraze that, to find the best entertainment in your life, watch Riverdale.
nathalyn pr
their relationship looks not healthy from the first start, so im glad they broke up already. Cole is a really nice and lovely guy he deserves someone better. especially his new rumors irl with his co- star cole deserves someone who can support his job or hobby and makes him happy.
Miss Slappy
Bree who?Idk her(For real I don't lol)Even debby ryan liked that Instagram post.debby knows what's up (There good friends)
jasmine coronetti
dude this is just stupid and fake don't accuse him of something he didn't even do shes just well was a jealous of him and used him
Ravenclaw Ruler
I am one second on the screen and I read the title and already no the Awnser. I do t know cole personally but I know that he would never do what the title says.
Gwen S
I feel based on the paragraphs she wrote, she was weirdly obsessed with him and he wasn’t feeling that. :)
nthl pln
No matter what happened between Cole and Bree - and I think our personal opinion has not much count in this because it‘s their private life - taking all of your accusations and putting it out there through social media is and was unnecessary. This is something between the two of them. Absolut inappropriate from Bree!
Cienna Santiago
But, look at how Cole treats Lili, I hope they are dating, we don't know yet so, chill. But, he treats her like a queen. ❤😍
12:52 bro, i was talking to my best friend before and she told me "i don't care, i always believe the victim" and what you wrote reminds me to her bc she is feminist too, and i mean, like wth? why you would trust a person that you don't know?
loren gray musicallys
whats her tumblr acc? Bree?
cole sprouse is bae
Joley Sarro
1:22 he didn't abuse her! what the hell?
crappy time
look cole and lili we know they say they are just friends but everone knows theyre dating anyway he treat her like a queen andi think he lves her very much
Cristina Sol
I still don't understand how Cole "abused his ex"
hey _it's_ me -__-
I don't like him bit still don't belive this
Proteck wildlife solutions
well we dont know if mabye she was just mad about the breakup and she made stuff up to get pay back
Echa Elysia
many people who hate cole because of bree have to watch this
it's Shelby Tho
The pic she used in beginning is Dylan lmaooo
Lennyx Kuehnel-Redden
Sounds like SHE was the mentally/emotionally abusive one
Annabella Klimis
I hate this girl so much. GO LILI
Scare :3
Welp Imagine Her seeing sproushart XD
Agustina Palacios
Are you Brazilian?
Jenny Qualls
Anyone else love SprouseHart
Thank god he is with Lili now