KISS Houston 1976 (Full concert)

KISS Houston, TX, USA 1976-08-13 (Full concert)

25:08 is what we're here for.
Nick Johnson
3:39 ...Ace is like "WTF Paul"
morris west
This makes me hate present day kiss even more.
00:00:36 Detroit Rock City 00:04:20 King Of The Night Time World 00:07:50 Let Me Go, Rock & Roll 00:11:13 Strutter 00:15:11 Hotter Than Hell 00:18:04 Shout It Out Loud 00:21:41 Cold Gin 00:25:05 Ace's Solo 00:30:01 Nothin' To Lose 00:33:24 Do You Love Me? 00:37:25 Gene's blood routine 00:38:48 God Of Thunder 00:41:36 Peter's solo 00:44:34 God Of Thunder (continued) 00:45:42 Rock And Roll All Nite 00:50:54 Deuce 00:58:43 Firehouse 01:05:28 Black Diamond
Oodles McNugget
Seriously? A drum solo. And they never show the drummer?!? The person who edited this needs to be kicked in the nads.
Cornbob Rimlove
Gene was 27 Paul was 24 Ace was 25 Peter was 31
97warlock ismyname
3:40 Paul hits halfstep Flat,offkey haha,. Thats LIve for ya,Ace looks over at him, like wtf lol
Avalanche Fan
This is the KISS I remember, wonderful memories.
I loved how gene and paul lambasted ace and peter, yet they were the only ones competent on their instruments.
Tomi Valkonen
Kiss in the 1970s was favourite era. I wish i could have seen them live back then.
Clifford Amey
This is back when they were a real band and not parody of themselves.
Nate Bauer
What always amazes me when I watch old Kiss footage is that even though Ace was the party animal, he was almost always spot on when playing live. If he was messed up on stage, he was still able to play. It was Paul who was sloppy. Just sayin! I still love this old stuff, sloppy or not.
1976 They're still a young hungry band. As early as1977 things would begin to unravel.
Dangerous Toy
I went to this show when I was 13,I had 7th row floor seats,it my first concert and I was in heaven.It was my birthday gift from my mom,she was so cool!She knew I was a BIG KISS FREAK!My bedroom was wall to wall kiss posters,pictures from all the rock mags,and every album! Boy I miss those days,concerts were fun,kids walking around holding bongs,people drunk throwing up,passed out in the lobby,selling drugs in the bathroom,the whole building full of pot smoke,chicks showing their tits on the house screen.It was great times....Wish I could go back to those days,it was so much fun!✌️😎💋
Joe Manhas
You want the best you got the best the hottest band in the world KISS!!
Andy Salter
Amazing to watch kiss at there peak but a sad reminder of how far they have fallen!!!
Milton Ferreira Taccolini
These are my Heroes of yesterday today, tomorrow and always (KISS) simply this ...
Quint Bromley
Ace and Peter all day.
Scratch McGee
Holy Crap!!! I was at this concert. It was my 1st concert when I was 14yrs old. I'll never forget it. I remember people buying bags of weed in the restrooms.
Mr. Bucksarken
Still showing the majority of the two ego maniacs Paul & Gene.
Ouch!! 3:39 🤯
Scott F
Major clam at 3:39. Ace looks over like “Paul what are you doing?”
Tracy's Resume Writing Service
I have been a huge fan of KISS since I was a teenager in the 1970's.
Harald Christensen
Louis Armstrong on backing vocals
Jeff Cornelius
September 8, 1976 Freedom Hall Louisville with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band and Artful Dodger.
Blk Mtl Stv
Paul hit a sour note on guitar on Detroit rock city . Ace will turn around and look at him - Opps !
Michael Perry
This band, this album & tour - an absolute dream for me in '76. But, I never had a chance to see them live and all these YouTube videos remind me they're a much better band when my exposure was limited to the countless hours playing & replaying the album, and so many more countless hours in 7-Eleven pouring over the still photos in the magazines.
Chris Zealotes
This is why I love YouTube....we now have access to these amazing live gigs from history. Incalculable rock historical significance.
Napolion Dynmomite
the passive aggressive slapnuts who complain, kiss are not what they were in the seventies, are ALSO NOTwhat THEY were inthe seventies. The music, concert industry in not what it the seventies
skip michaels
I love this concert but I noticed Gene's bass has the tonal quality of a elephant fart during this show.
Jason Jobb
I was always scared that they would fall down the stairs and we'd be sent homebecause they'd get hurt. Glad when they made it! KI$$ was so good for my youth! (5th grade '77)
Seen kiss live with a.c./ dc Dec 1976
Peter Criss loves that cow bell... and sounded great !!
John C
Holy fck!! So Paul's voice was gone by 1976?
Bill Dent
I was working at warehouse records when the kiss live album came in. Best album cover ever took it home that night I'll Always Love deuce
"You got got, nothin' to lose" But Deuce is the best tune. I remember the first time I heard it back in third grade off Alive...
Jonah Jones
I saw the UK leg of the Destroyer tour. It was their first gig in Europe. Manchester, England, May 1976
j v
its hard to believe that the 1976 mind could take this in.
Frank Wilson
I saw them in Lakeland,fla. In December,1976,my first cocert also,It blew this away. Ace got shocked coming by down the steps,and wrote Shock Me.
Brian O'Brien
Ace made KISS. They would've never made it without him and they haven't been shit since he left with the exception of the Reunion tour.
The tix were about $10 and you didn't have to pay extra to be first in line to buy a crappy T shirt like on the upcoming Kiss tour. I think Paul wasn't even wearing panties back then. Gene's fire sword didn't cost tens of thousands of dollars to some fan with way to much cash. (look it up) ahhh, the days when Kiss hadn't figured out how to milk the merchandise machine to the hilt.
don barlow
why does paul have to introduce every song just go right int the other
This is great , but can't ever see Ace... :(
Lilly Veizaga
They look damn good with Or without make up. Doesnt matter they still are Handsome men.
Alberto Chagas
3:38 Paul Stanley wrong Solo. Ace Watch.
E Vercetti
ron polley
Beth hadn't even broke yet, wish they did watchin you
Chris Zealotes
The year I discovered Destroyer and one of their best tracks, Detroit Rock City.
Ouch....what the hell was going on at the end of the dual guitar solo thing in Detroit Rock City...?
Have always loved these guys. Saw them around this same timeframe. Always wondered who told Paul he could sing though. LOL.
P Daniel
Ace 3:40 who sabatoged my amp?
Trace zach daniels
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} fun...
Brian O'Brien
Damn ! They butchered that guitar solo in Detroit Rock City and glaringly at 3:38-3:39 I'm pretty sure it was Paul judging by Ace's crocodile eye he gave Paul.
Eric Barnes
My first KISS show. 11 days before this in Indianapolis. Thanks for posting
Martin Comesaña
Something is wrong with Gene´s bass lines on Detroit...who cares anyway.
Lilly Veizaga
Kiss is the ultimate group Bad ass of 🎸 rock. Kiss rules.
Ronald Williams
Kiss was the band that got me into rock
Devin Spruill
@ their best right here, NO DAMN DOUBT! Ace was a BEAST \m/\m/
casey lee Michels
Ace Peter gene and Paul the real kiss!
Mike Kelly
I saw then on this tour in Hawaii and it blew my mind, now all these years later it seems so hokey...I must admit that it was Gene who drew my attention to this band more than anything else...
Edgar Arenas
Ace Freley lead guitar!
William B
Too bad I wasn't able to see KISS in their prime, i was just a baby back then
Michael Salpadimos
I don't hear Ace being mentioned often among the great guitarists of the 70ies. It's all about Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore etc. Ace is right up there. The whole band was very innovative and this is why their music can easily be heard nowadays. Other 70ies bands sound very dated compared to Kiss
Frogmella Slob
I first saw Kiss live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, May 1976. They were so loud you couldn't hear anything they played. My hearing never recovered and I have tinnitus to this day.
Gary Unsworth
Quality KISS without a dout
Bobby Whiles
Glad to hear Gene learned his bass parts.......sounds like shit.....especially Detroit Rock City
chronic 321
They F up a simple double lead in the first couple mns. Hilarious
Guitar Junkie
A ton of sloppy playing by Gene & Paul. Mostly Paul. Thankfully, they are using tracks for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th farewell tours.
mojo dog123
Wow I guess that's one way to play the bass. Lololololol at least he looks cool.
Nacho Fnub
Not their best performance that's for sure...
Wow! Look at Gene jumping around!
GrnFriday Grn
Why no camera on Peter during Black Diamond?
Jerome Roubideaux
These guys were !!GREAT!! Makes me long for the late 70s early 80s you have to have been there at the start
The ripper 4
00:00:36 01 Detroit Rock City 00:04:20 02 King Of The Night Time World 00:07:50 03 Let Me Go, Rock & Roll 00:11:13 04 Strutter 00:15:11 05 Hotter Than Hell 00:18:04 06 Shout It Out Loud 00:21:41 07 Cold Gin 00:25:05 08 - - Guitar Solo (Ace) 00:30:01 09 Nothin' To Lose 00:33:24 10 Do You Love Me? 00:37:25 11 Gene Spits Blood 00:38:48 12 God Of Thunder 00:41:36 13 - - Drums Solo 00:44:34 14 God Of Thunder 00:45:42 15 Rock And Roll All Nite 00:50:54 16 Deuce 00:58:43 17 Firehouse 01:05:28 18 Black Diamond
Roc Johnson
Ah yes, the androgynous Paul "Talmudic" Stanley
Joely Barish
So that's what Paul's real hair looks like!!
I would take kiss making mistakes any day over lip syncing
George Hunter
Totally love Aces sloppy notes! Makes it so real and raw!
Gary King
What a show, Shades of the movie "Detroit Rock City" for me . I was 16 in '76, I would've cut something off to have seen them.
Marham Dollah
1976 l am 13 years old.. this is KISS young😊😊
Nick Godfrey
Gene screwing up the bass line several times on Detroit Rock City and Paul and Ace hitting the wrong guitar harmonies at the end. Yet Peter plays it perfectly and he is the one constantly bashed by Paul for not being a good drummer. Oh and Paul hits a few bum notes as well....🤔
tim boyden
anybody else notice Ace frigging up on Detroit RC???
Lucien Cavalcante
Great video! Thanks for uploading
Hell Yea! What a concert, the original KISS was the best!
Tina Ericson
Saw Kiss perform around 1976 at Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN.
Lilly Veizaga
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The Swinging Door
What's up with the weird camera angles?
Ola Nilsson
was in lund (olympen) sweden mai 1976 and saw them at age of 13 and they were fantastic, will never forget it.
Gary Unsworth
Me too, its just a cover band now : (
Jason Williams
Damn I wish we had hi-def and drones back in the 70's!
Diane Saba
Idk how they sang ran n jumped with those high heels on ,I can barley walk with um on lol
Hefty Alan
Kiss, the glory years. Kiss '76/'77 never better and Ace on top form
john finck
3:44 - Paul butchers the harmony solo to Detroit so badly that Ace looks over his shoulder like WTF? Pretty rough start, but that's rock-n-roll!!
Markus Eavenson
Man!!! What can I say that is the absolute best live performance that I think that I have ever seen from that era and that's the Tour that I saw them here in Memphis. Unbelievably Hands Down The Most Brutal Performance and your footage especially of Gene (Freakin' Awesome Baby! He's always been my favorite!!!) , was Part Excellence, to say the very least. Damn I would love to get my hands on a copy of that on DVD! In light of the end of the road tour, again I will have to say that there's no way that they will ever outdo what you have posted here on YouTube, I've seen a lot of live performances and I've got most everything that I could purchase with KISSTORY etc etc., But I will have to say again thank you for posting that I watched every moment And Relived My Precious Memories of Kiss from 1976 December 12th at the Mid-South Coliseum here in Memphis Tennessee. Thank You. Thank You . Thank You
Crown Commando
Before wigs
Chip Tovey
There wasn’t a time that Paul Stanley sounded good live. Sloppy vocalist, and a sloppy guitarist!
Ray Wideman
Man, this was rough, they were missing cues right left and sideways, wonder if this was early in the tour? I did love Ace’s solo though, one of the few different ones he’s done I’ve heard, only the last little part was Alive 2ish
Its Corgi time again, you know it will always win !
Arthur King
Where would I be able to get this full gig on dvd? I think it's great.
why is camera staying only on gene and paul most of the time? even during ace's amazing solos!