THANK YOU, CRISTIANO RONALDO | Real Madrid Official Video

Real Madrid C. F. inform that, as per Cristiano Ronaldo's wishes and at his request, the club has allowed the player to complete his move to Juventus F. C. Real Madrid would today like to place on record its thanks to a player who has shown himself to be the best in the world and made his mark on one of the greatest periods in our club's history and on the world game. Apart from the titles he has lifted, the honours secured and the on-field achievements during these nine years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a role model in terms of commitment, hard work, responsibility, talent and self-improvement. He became Real Madrid's leading all-time goalscorer, having scored 451 goals in his 438 appearances. In total, he won 16 pieces of silverware, including four European Cup crowns, three of which came in successive years, with these four continental triumphs coming in the past five seasons. In terms of individual honours, as a Real Madrid player, he won the Ballon d'Or on four occasions, The Best award twice and claimed the Golden Shoe three times, amongst many other accolades. Cristiano Ronaldo will forever be one of Real Madrid's biggest icons and will represent a unique figure for future generations. Real Madrid will always be his home. SUBSCRIBE 🎥 YOUTUBE: /> FOLLOW US 📱 FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />SNAPCHAT:

simon alex
Who Is here after Ronaldos Hattrick against atletico
D_E_S_P_A_C_I_T_O ___
Who’s here after Juventus knocked out Atletico Madrid
cristian orduno
Juventus 3 Atleti M 0 Cristiano Cristiano Cristiano Mr Champions 2019
Yousef Nakhleh
Who is here after Cristiano's hattrick against atletico? What a mistake Perez...
Money Makers
Alguien después de la eliminación contra el Ajax?
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Cristiano Ronaldo = 125 GOALS⚽ Atlético Madrid = 118 GOALS⚽ Cristiano Ronaldo = 5 champions League🏆 Atlético Madrid = 0 Champions League🏆.
Matt Jab
Who is here after Ronaldo scored a hat-trick vs Atlético?
Patrick Strava
The biggest robbery in history !! The Ronaldo he deserved to win the sixth golden ball ,from last year!
Paweł Brzozowski
who is here after hat-trick against Atletico
Kavin Karthic
Sporting : Where He Became A Player.... Man United : Where He Became A Star... Real : Where He Became A Legend... Juve: Where He Is A GOD Now...
Santiago Rivera
Y hoy hace hat-trick contra el Atlético de Madrid y mete a la Juventus en cuartos de final. Que jugador 🐐🐐
Jimmy Christian
Nandu Rohit
5:28 that commentry hurts😒😒😒"every time they need a goal Cristiano Ronaldo finds it..."Every Madridistas will miss u Rono.....😢😢😢😢😢👋👋👋👋thnk u for the wonderfull moments in Real Madrid.......😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gustavo Paul Castillo Espinoza
Cristiano vuelve por favor , Real madrid te necesita
Akram Dzakwan
12-03-2019 Still Sad And Crying😓😓😓
Giordano Setti
Best of the best, I'm from Brazil, but who is neymar near CR7? CR7 is the best of all times.
Jeronimo Aguirre
Every day I watch this video and I feel like crying, I do not want to say goodbye to this legend arrives.
Who‘s here after his hattrick vs Atletico 🔥🤫
Akash Rex
Ronaldo won't miss the club, the club will miss Ronaldo. That's how much Rono is worth, that's how much he can influence a game.
Jose cote
Who's here after watching a random video on YouTube
João Pontes
Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hattrick against Atlético Madrid. Juventus is in the quarter final of UCL. Luka Modric, if you are a MAN of honour, give the Ballon D'or, to it's rightfull owner, I know you are ashamed of yourself, everytime you look at that trophy in the morning. King CR7! THE GOAT 👑
Saif Siddiqui
After every Real Madrid loss And Juventus win I watch this video What a LOSS 💎💎💎💎💎
Gulan HD1
Real Madrid will never find a player like you Ronaldo , what a lost ....
Harrison Hayes
Ronaldo breaking Atletico Madrid hearts since 2009. And breaking Real Madrid’s hearts since that hat-trick. 🐐
THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN FOOTBALL WORLD IN 21st CENTURY IS SELLING CR7-the GOAT , the Greatest Warrior,the True Champion who can single-handedly win the BIGGEST matches for his team.
I can tell you with confidents that Perez regrets letting the GOAT go and it will haunt him for the rest of his days.
Irsan Syah
Hattrick in portugal, mcu, real madrid, juv 💥
Emiliana Carnevale
Who is here after real madrid-ajax?
Kenny Alzate
The ending kills me, 😭. Cristiano is in every heart of every madridista. We will support him now to win champions league with Juventus
morls pgm
The best player in the whole world 🌎 ever ‘ll never see this kind player again simply Cristiano Ronaldo
I always watch this video when I want to get emotional on purpose.
Mrisho Gange
My best Player ever,I love You Cristiano
Tahsin Tasnim
Respect from a Barca fan
Magna Alves
Alguém depois do Show de CR7 em cima do Atlético de Madrid ?
Simba Boerboel
Who is here after the Hat trick on Atletico😀
Josh R7
Zidane is back but i also wish CR7 can come back
الله يلعنك يابيريز ليش تخليت عنه وهل هكذا تجازى الاساطير❤ cr7 you're the best ever and ever
Cerdaspedia Indonesia
So, this guy legit scored more goals than his total matches? What a legend.
Thank you Real Madrid.
Ttv haytham bot Khatib
Who hear cause Madrid having tough times and they miss Ronaldo
Chuck Norris
Best of the best!😎 from Russia with LOVE! 🙌💝
Who is after Ronaldo's hat-trick against Atletico Madrid in UCL?
Messi Leo
El clasico without Ronaldo is not el clasico 😢
Anish Ahmed
Who thinks Juventus will win champions league
What is wrong with this amazing video, that so many people disliked it???
Pushkar Mahale
We sold our Champions League to Juventus.
rocky stalone
Great video. Every time I see this makes me emotional. what a Legend .. Thanks for making each and every 1 fall in love with football. GOAT.. :)
Cristiano Ronaldo
Only Marcelo really respect Ronaldo hit like if you agree
Ousmane Dembouzz
Hahahaha This is how u guys give farewell to a legend😂Even samper got a better farewell than Ronaldo😂😆
Dian Herlina
thank you Cristian Ronaldo. I LOVE YOU RONALDO
Ry 2016
Greatest player of all time proud of seeing him in a united shirt. The goat 🐐
Nandorary Saptenly
Never thought will say this but, Thanks, Real. We Need Ronaldo. you don't, right. -- All Juventino
Real Madrid vs Juventus in the champions league will be much more interesting....
Real Madrid sem Cr7 é igual a queijo sem goiabada.
Pranav Dherange
Who is here after Zidane joined Real Madrid
waka ki
Bro I still can't gasp it in that he left 25-3-19
Kumarsinh Vala
Ronaldo -the greatest of all time
Daniel Aconde
Like si vienes después del hat trickt del comandante!!!!
Julian Marmol
Real Madrid should be number #1
2M Cambodia
King👑Cr7😱 Hattrick In UCL👑❤ Realmente te arrepentiste de haber perdido a tu héroe Realmadrid is Crazy👏😠😠👏
Magro Gamer89
Who's here after el clasico 5-1?
Bbek Adh
Who else here after March 23, 2019?
Onkar Dhuri
Real Madrid u not only sold CR7.. U actually sold SOUL of RM 😥😥
Sabem que perderam o melhor jogador da história do futebol 😕
Ahmed Abd Elrazeq
Thank you Ronaldo Always HALA MADRID
El Clásico will never be the same 😢
Bo J
We all know Cristiano is the goat. Pay some respect
Blackindoor 888
Who is here after Ronaldo won the champions whit Juventus???
Altın giyen erkek
Lizbon Mencester ined Real Madrid Juventus
Sagar Chhetri
Who's here after Ronaldo hat trick vs ATM ? 😂😂
Ashlen R
Imagine the children of tomorrow will only hear about his career at Madrid. We, today, witnessed it.
kimbo h-doy
PEREZ I HOPE YOU BURN LIKE YOU've burned all RM Fans 💔
сотрудник ГРУ
Он не землянин,не с этой планеты,он из далёкого космоса!!!
Xtreme Stunts
As a Real Madrid fan it breaks my heart to watch this. Especially at the end😥Gracias Cristiano
abozar haidari
Cr7: the legend of yesterday, today ,tomorrow, and forever
KingZ Entretenimento
Who’s whatching this After Real Madrid vs Ajax Game😢😭
Anthony Rodriguez
Cristiano Ronaldo merecía más que que esto. Merecía una estatua afuera del Santiago Bernabéu :) y eso también es poco a comparación de lo que hizo con el Real Madrid
Here after the Athletico game... He’s truly on another level of this game. His heart and determination to never give up is what makes him THE GREATEST for me. “Everytime they need a goal Cristiano Ronaldo finds it!” ❤️
Ofall Arieff
CR7 Hattrick vs ATM best comeback In Juve. comeback vs wlfbrg in Bernabeu. Best player comeback
Evan Sido
Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest Player of all Time ❤️
Noelle Francisco
He arrived a star, he left a legend! Congrats on an amazing career at Real Madrid and making such incredible history. Good luck at Juve!
who all cried after watching this video
pain tendo
Still miss him at real what a king🤴
Mugiwara Luffy
We are all here after the famous remontada keep calm this is the goat 😎
ishu gupta
It's been 8 months since departure of his greatness and still I'm here. That's CRISTIANO RONALDO for me.
Abdelmoniem Mohamed
Cristiano ronaldo dosen’t need real madrid, real madrid needs ronaldo
The Greatest Man in football history and then...
Rina Sharma
I'm so sad that ronaldo shift to the Juventus
Jorrit Salaets
Real Madrid will always love you Cristiano! Madrid will be always in your heart, no matter where you are! Hala Madrid!!!
Youta bx
CR7 best ever player love u CR ❤he's luck for Real madrid a hope for fans ❤
Cyber Ninja
Barcelona 5 champions leagues Ronaldo 5 champions leagues
Mr.Panda :D
*Legend never die!*
disfat bidge
who is here after zidane returned?
Alfonso Castilla Cid
Does anybody know the name of the instrumental song of the final part of the video? It is amazing!! So epic
Caleb Cba
EL MEJOR DEL MUNDO Saludos desde Argentina
Tarun Sharma
Ronaldo is a Legend, and as everyone know that Legends never Die XD.... He will remain forever in our hearts and minds see you again Ronaldo
*Meses después ...* *Madrid fuera de todas las competiciones y en Champions en octavos humillado en casa* *Y Cristiano pues salvando a la Juve contra el Atletico con un Hat-Trick*
Callum S Ansell
Florentino, por favor ficha a Cristiano ronaldo, la esta rompiendo en la Juve
Wilung Chapvo
Im barca fan.. Bt i love Ronaldo..
Gustavo Grisales
Alguien más lo ve después de los dos clásicos perdidos ? 🥺🥺