Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 hard reset

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You can also try dr.fone - Android Lock Screen Removal to bypass pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints for Android devices with NO DATA LOSS: - - - If you forgot your screen lock combination or password follow these steps. 1.Press together volume up + home button + power button 2.Release your fingers of the phone when Samsung logo appear 3.Choose with volume buutons "wipe data/factory reset" and select it with power button 4.Choose "yes" with volume buttons and select it with power button 5.Wait untiil format is complete 6.Select "reboot" 7.Wait until the phone restarts That's it! Warning! Do this at your own risk! All your phone data (contacts,photos,videos,music,messages,applications,games,files,) will be lost! Please make backup first if you can! _________________________ Watch us on: ►Facebook: />►Twitter: />►Ofiicial blog: />►Ofiicial site:

samsung galaxy s2 i9100

You can also try dr.fone - Android Lock Screen Removal to bypass pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints for Android devices with NO DATA LOSS:
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Press vol. up + Home + Power button for a long time, ( trust ;) )
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My samsung galaxy S2 turned off and when it turned on again everything was deleted and became a newly bought phone. How do I fix this?
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THIS DID NOT WORK FOR ME: actually it did in the beginning, but when the screen faded, the password came back up ! :( P.S: I have a code for a password, and not a pattern
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Hi can you help with a samsung galaxy s2 wimax the problem is that after odin update failed its asking me a mobile phone pin pls do help me thanks
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cum as putea decoda ca cel putin sa ramina pozele ? Este posibil asa ceva
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i came here back after 10 months , cause I forgot how , you saved many people 's phones .I don t know how to thank you enough !
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da dupa deblocarea aceasta ramine ceva intelefon adica poze, muz ?
Geil, Kumpel von mir hat das gleiche Problem, ich dachte der muss erst wie beim IPhone an den PC um die Software neu einzuspielen, das es intern geht wusste ich nicht! Er hat zu viel Musterversuche beim einloggen gemacht, jetzt kann ich Ihm helfen! Bin eher ein IPhone Crack! ;)
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thanks my friend i had a problem with touchwitzh and the phone did not work..after the reset it works like a new advice do not put another launcer at your phone....WATCH THE APP WITCH YOU ARE DOWNLOADING...**LOOK THE TERMS GUYS***
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Đơn giản mà dễ kiếm tiền thế là được 50k chạy phần mềm cho con này vs bệnh không đăng nhập được tài khoản của Google :D rất là tuyệt nói chung là địt con mẹ cảm ơn thằng tây này phat
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After hard reset, my handphone stuck on "installing application". i don't know how to do . plz help me how to do
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The blue writing doesn't show up???????
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Does anyone know how to do the hard reset without the power button? Mine is broken & I forgot my password..
thanks bro you are hero
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perfekt es hab bei mir funktioniert hatte ein Riesen Problem doch dank dieses videos geht alles wieder danke
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What if my power button doesnt work :´(
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This is useful if I have a customised ROM and I want to have my device as it was at the beginning with 4.0? Because this customised ROM doesn't work properly.
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will my phone didn't come on just wake up one day and my phone blank not even charging 
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Why i can't do it? I have tried everything,every combination with the buttons,nothing,I cant go to my Recovery Menu to Galaxy S2..Why is this happenig? should I have Full Battery? Or is any other tip i dont know?
Emrah Mulahusic
help me, I can't acces at recovery mode
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am o problema cu un samasung gt-i9100...a fost deblocat din orange pt ca indiferent daca iti expira contractul el ramane blocat....imei-ul nu mai corespunde cu gel de pe tel evident...a mers perfect atat in romania cat si in strainatate timp de 1 an ...acum dupa ce am venit din romania si am schimbat cartelele imi arata not registered on network indiferent de cartela folosita...Daca ma puteti ajuta v-as fi recunoscatoare!
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Muito Obrigada amigo! Me ajudou bastante  ^^
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salut. am vazut ca esti roman. te rog dam si mie un raspuns pentru ca am si eu un galaxy s2 gh-i9100g si imi cere parola si mail  si nu pot sal resetez  cum faci tu ordinatorul meu nul cunoaste  pentru ca imi cere gmail si parola  mersi pentru raspuns daca se poate
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Jhuvilie Antonio
it helped a lot. I can open my phone now BUT whenever the screen locks and whenever I try to unlock it, it asks for my password again (which I had really forgotten). I had done the process more than 5 times now and the results are still the same. now I have to do the same process just to open my phone. idk, my phone is so stubborn it won't give up its freakin password tho I had wiped data over and over. hope you can help me with this. thanks.
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thank you for this i really need it Thank you
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Hi, i’ve tried this many times but it doesnt work at all. Can you tell me why? I did press volume up, home, and power at once and it didnt work
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