Martin Solveig "The Night Out" - Smash Episode #4

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Eduardo Fernandez
I wanna know  more of Flo L
Password Finder
I see A-TRAK, Zedd, Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson and Madeon and Martin's manager?
Matthew Kruckenberg
Just watched all 4 in a row for the first time, what a journey!
Flo L is sooooooo pretty
Filippo Gorini
ahahahah festival di sanremo su spinnin
Kate L
Love this!! All my favorite DJs/Music Producers in one video!!!<3
My favourite song by my favourite dj
David Guetta well u guys do look alike little
damn martin - think i love her too
The whole series is an absolute gem. underplayed all the way & Gregory Darsa is brilliant
So who is Snatch Boogie?
Martin Solveig is so fine!! XD
Teodor Marin
I like the series of smash
A-Trak's black fedora is his trademark.
Fallen Glory Gaming
I hope not... they need to figure an episode 5.... that would make my day
The Night Out Madeon Remix
Music Is Life
What is the last track? The night out ? remix
So fuckin weird...but I like it.
i LOVE how Martin made this album, basically, into a short film. Like a musical short. Love it. Thank you, Martin.
This is great, Have been waiting for episode 4. Seems to be the last one..
Daniel Bayley
Martin Solveig has great taste in women. Flo Lafaye is THE girl.
The wig of Sidney Samson is pretty cool!!!! And the hat of A-Trak too!! hahahaha
Nathan Block
Headbands attract all the women.
Bilbo Swaggins
dubstep drops = multiple orgasms O.O
Isaac La Vina
Yeah, I loved that video, after watching ep 2 aka "Initial SHE", I thought Big in Japan would be the 3rd episode. I'm just bamboozled after watching B.I.J., especially the ending of that music video. Did he just dream up all the SMASH episodes? I guess not, since B.I.J. isn't really an episode, so it's not a part of the SMASH series.
I hope there's a last one, but who knows? But you can also see the Big In Japan video, it is not an episode, but it is funny!!
Isaac La Vina
That's a bummer, well thanks for your reply. I was really hoping there would be more than 4 episodes.
A-Trak vs. Martin Rework, i think!! ;D
there's no big in japan episode =(
the song at 3:31 ?? please!!
Mika Kuliev
where's zedd?
Isaac La Vina
Hey, does anybody know which episode is "Big in Japan"? I want to watch the full episode.
Melissa Bonilla
Anyone knows the name of the girl?!
Martin Šimko
I love IT !!!! 1M likes 4 this video !!!! :D
Santii Mesones
:( Tendrían que traducirlo al español !
Audrey Muratore
whens the new one
very nice but im not gunna pay 1 dollar for it on Itunes
Luis Gomez
What is this night out version called?
The Dustinx
Good (':
This! We need more episodes. More Flo
Danny White
Thats not what she said, lolol. she compared levels with a dubstep song.
excélent se morceaux franchement j'adore =D
Noah babe
the way they translate to french lolzz or when they speak english ... craziness ,,,
Luke Carter
i thought 'big in japan' was episode 4
Nestor Bd
2:26---> Ah I recognize you...You're David Guetta but you changed the girlfriend! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
laidbackluke on the drums?? awesome :D
Magdy Fahmy
It is not fair
Jhoon Aun Ng
salute for being respectful to all other dj's too ! ! ! that makes you stand out Martin ! ! ! please come to Malaysia ! ! we love progressive trance and house too ! ! !
If both of them have a kid it will be born with a headband just like Martin.
Yunuen Serrano
me gusto esta cansion no solamente por representar lo cool si no por representar el amor se algien a otro
Dennis Skye
SERIOUSLY I've seen all 4 episodes 6 times each! And I think no better yet i know this must be made into a movie
Jose Veerizon
Desearua que estubiera en españoll u.u
Zahkar Rave
What the name of the dubstep song in 3:29
Dennis Skye
SMASH EPISODE 5!!!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSE!! possiblu the greatest story to be put on the internet...
Erick Téllez Vázquez
cette histoire magnifique.
madeon! @5:50
No one has been able to answer this question yet :(
Max Schoenfeld
song at 3:42?
Madeon! <3
felix holdorf
After she says 'dubstep turns me on' he just nods and is like fuckkkkk haha
juan flores
a-trak vs martin extended mix
Leonardo Herrera
what version is this song??
Robert Gyles
This is going to be massive, and i first listened to it here when the video had under 10k views!
Wheres the dubstep party on 3.28 from? it was one of the best drops and i like to have the song... please answer me!! Thanks :D
Kade Birchall
Is Flo L single? I want her number
Alfredo Fatale
2:48 .....sexiest words to ever come out of a female's mouth. Perfect woman ya. Thumbs up for Multiple Orgasms yeh. ;D
Luis Ruiz
Rafael Castorena
seriously? hahaha
Dario Aguilar
who else is in love with this girl....
Ralph Taylor
a trak actually
Paul Stransky
What the name of the song of the 1:10????
C. Gregory
I love it !!!
Sergey Kulikov
он ещё и поет, охренеть!))
Danny Technik
very good voice, cant belive he is from france
hahaha dubstep. a good electro track... like levels trolololololol... seriously tho this has to be one of the best music videos of all time
Fagner Franco
Realmente o melhor episódio!!! Great vocal!
Andrés Puni
No... is A-Trak & Martin Rework remix... :)
laidback luke as drummer?
what is the dupstep song
ashley pangan
who watched all four episodes of this
Martin Solveig - The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) [Cover Art]
who the fuck is David Guetta?:O Martin Solveig so much better!:)
AWESOME written all over it!
Bartek Kurosz
Aww! That version of "Hello" at the beggining. I WANT IT!!!
Ollie Wyeth
I swear its remixed because its got like a double beat thing going on (for lack of a term)
LOL! Love the "Hello part ^_^
David Rojas
The 10 People That Disliked This Need To Spend The Night Out! This Is A Great Song! Love It <3 MARTIN SOLVEIG!!!!
Captain LaFaille is the best! :)
great song
Top House Music
lol... great vid
Adrien Tamanoir
The music begin at 5:10 Enjoys, Bitchies <3
9:45 Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Madeon Remix) <3
Porter robinson/ZEDD/Dillon Francis at 7:48 oh yeaaahh!
Casian Man
let the fun begin 5:11
Park Yale
Just please release this fking music!!
Ultimate Foosball Championship: Dillon Francis and Madeon vs. Porter Robinson and Zedd. Place your bets!