Когда дома ждут

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Абиссинский кот Монтерей (Мотя), возраст почти 3 года. Каждый день встречает с работы в хорошем настроении. Instagram: i_am_monterey Для целей лицензирования и использования свяжитесь с [email protected]

абиссинская abyssinian cat кот кошка животные animals

Дмитрий Беляев
Некоторые пишут, что у кота (да, это КОТ, не кошка) пустая миска, поэтому он так меня встречает. И, мол, вообще я скотина, оставил кота дома одного, без еды. Во-первых, голодные кошки встречают не так. Да, на видео миска пуста, но перед уходом еду кошкам оставили в достаточном количестве. Вода тоже есть. Во-вторых, специально для таких комментаторов я снял второе видео https://youtu.be/doP6ougGD-4, а потом и третье https://youtu.be/roxA0Ww-BZQ. Там полная миска, но кот всё равно встречает меня так же. Утритесь, хейтеры :) В-третьих, с котом соседствует вторая кошка, с которой они носятся по квартире, иногда дерутся :) Так что им не скучно. В-четвёртых, я живу не один. Некоторые члены семьи уходят из дома позже меня. Поэтому кошки если и остаются дома одни, то на небольшой промежуток времени. Сразу отвечу на повторяющиеся вопросы и обвинения в комментариях к предыдущим видео: В. Какая порода у кота? О. Абиссинский кот В. Почему ты не разговариваешь с котом? О. Я не люблю слушать свой записанный голос. В остальное время кот в общении очень даже не обделён :) В. Почему ты такая бездушная скотина и не гладишь кота? О. Народ! У меня две руки (одна держит телефон, вторая придерживает кота, чтобы он не упал). В остальное время кот не обделён ни в чём :) Всем добра!
Seeing Cats jumping on owner arms just warms my heart.
Giblet Bun
I wake up at 5am no one is awake but our cat. She always welcomes me with meows and lots of cuddles. Makes my mornings.
That’s one loving cat; a true blue pal. And I’m not even a cat lover. Great to have a true friend; whatever the specie.
Techhunter Talon
Cat hugs are the best hugs. :D
Thats a really friendly small cougar :)
Jay Littleton
Very nice. If you treat an animal with kindness and compassion, it will eat you last. ;)
Cat Lady Fitness
This makes my heart happy 😻😻😻
People make me laugh when they say cats aren’t affectionate. Cats are extremely affectionate. You just have to earn that affection. ♥️
jamie brewer
People don't realize how loving cats can be. This is a great example:)
And they say cats aren't loving or loyal...
Diane Silva
I'm so glad that these types of videos are being uploaded because many people think that cats are cold and unaffectionate animals -but these videos are testaments to the deep love and.caring that cats do feel and that they are capable of great and even mushy signs of affection 😄
Alina Vaysfligel
don't pay attention to those haters. it is clear that you take very good care of your kitty and that he loves you dearly. they're just looking to start an argument..balbesii!
What a beautiful animal.
The love that the kitty shows his human is absolutely heart melting and adorable.  The happy purring is like medicine for the heart ;-)
Guy Tero
Lovely video. Real men love cats.
brony simpson
I love when cats are very affectionate.
Be Lieve
Animals just want to be loved. The 929 dislike clicks are by dogs.
Amy McC
That is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen! <3
Mercedyz Marie Guion
This cat is TOOOOOO much!!! It clearly loves its human. The bonks, purring and clawing are perfection!!! Reminds me of my late cat who, too, greeted me daily and gave me the "treatment " except she didn't like to be held and never jumped on me. However, the love was there, purring, clawing, meows, following me, sitting and sleeping with me, bonks, upright tail, half closed eyes (means the cat REALLY loves you), etc, you get the point. She was my baby for 10 years. Not a day goes by without thinking of her; been gone 10 years.
Le Dude
I havent seen true love up until this point
edward rivera
this cat shows how grateful it is for being taken care of .. very happy cat
Kimberly Francis
Adorably sweet.. what a beauty! ❤️❤️
Мисти 919
Оооооу... Как-же это мило!!! 😍😍😍😙😙😙
Michael DeMartino
You're lucky to have such a loving cat.
John T. Wolfbanger
And they say cats are not affectionate. They are VERY much so to their humans!
So it's established: Russian cats are the best in the world. Ears are a little small, though.
Glorice Mason Jones
My heart just exploded ❤️♥️😍 you and kitty have a beautiful bond
Tanya Milton
Как здорово, что вы есть друг у друга!
tracey pritchett
That's a whole lot of love and affection! Lucky you! Beautiful sweet fur baby.👍
Aww your cat is lucky to have an owner like who cares for him and loves him so much that he has such trust in you xx I wish all pet owners cherished and loved their animals the way you do yours. It always warms my heart when i see an animal so happy and contented as your cat is x I hope your and your gorgeous boy have many happy years together! xx He's a very beautiful cat! xx
Scrappy Mel
this brings me to tears! what a beatiful cat! love love love!
sonya griffy
That cat is beautiful and well loved. Thanks for sharing
Tammy B. Jones
I love this video.... I know how cats oooze out love. This is a beautiful cat!
alex maga
Proves how loving cats really are
Tim Cooke
You are very lucky to have such a rare beautiful cat. A true friend.
Ra Jr
Cuteness... Overload... Systems... Compromised!!!😵
Johan Palm
That's in fact one of the oldest catraces, if not the oldest. Some say the pharaos in Egypt used to have them as pet. They are pretty expensive yes, but it's worth it. I had one as a kid, very wise and smart cat, fast and a skilled hunter aswell (she came home with mices, birds and even a magpie when she had been outside). A little bit picky with the food, but that was it. These are special cats.
Евгений и Каролина
Чудесное видео!!! Котик вообще прелесть!
You are loved buddy! What a greeting!
I used to have an Abyssinian- she was part of a stray litter, & I just happened to name her Abbey before finding out about her breed! She was very, very special, just a real sweetheart. I felt like she was my own literal baby.
Matthew Bluefox
Purrfect and meowsome at the same time! :)
That kitty loves you SO much.
Svetul Chik
какой кисандр классный! урчалкин журчалкин))
Will you just look at that cutesy, He/she is so precious, I am in awe.
Sydney Piper Bristow
Most adorable thing I've ever seen.
Shining Star
Cutest thing ever!! 💜😽😻
Nina Shiba Shiba Tv
So cute kittens i like your kittens i wish i have a mother cat and kittens
мой кот со старта сразу при открытии двери прыгал на голову :):):)
Beautiful cat, and so affectionate, there needs to be more pet owners like you that earn the affection of their pets.
Don Bishop
Beautiful Abyssinian. Some friends have one, super sweet and super smart cat, similar to Siamese in many ways. Awesome cats!
Linda Casey
Kitty was lonely for daddy .. precious baby
Joshua Dowey
My old cat Whiskers only loved me and hated everyone else whenever she saw me she jumped straight on my chest and starting purring instantly I miss her so much
Дмитрий,как же любит Вас кот. Он прелесть.
Patricia Orlando
That pedigree cat loves his owner. What a lovly video.
you have such a sweet cat! my cats are not like that...
Eric Ball
My heart has officially melted.
Awwww, this is so cute, he looks like a child hugging his dad
Мишаня Cygod
был бы у меня такой кот Я бы может и не женился бы никогда)
aww so cute! Nice video!!! ヾ(ΦωΦ)/
100000 subscribers without videos
The cat loves you so much, don't you ever leave him ♡.
Tristan Blackmon
Amazing cat so beautiful and healthy looking
*Ну вот, видите, кошки тоже встречают хозяев как собаки)))*
Awwww ... oh my god. Ur cat is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen or known of the species. Its beautiful.. 😀😺
Who Me?
Russian to English (Google translation) On what Mr. Dmitry Belyaev has written in Russian Some write that a cat (yes, it's a CAT, not a cat) is an empty bowl, so he meets me that way. And, they say, in general I am a beast, left a cat at home alone, without food. Firstly, hungry cats are not welcome. Yes, on the video the bowl is empty, but before leaving the food the cats were left in sufficient quantity. Water is also there. Secondly, especially for such commentators, I shot the second video https://youtu.be/doP6ougGD-4, and then the third https://youtu.be/roxA0Ww-BZQ. There is a full bowl, but the cat still meets me the same way. Eat, hayters :) Third, with the cat next to the second cat, with which they rush around the apartment, sometimes fighting :) So they are not bored. Fourth, I live not alone. Some family members leave the house later than me. Therefore, if the cats stay at home alone, then for a short period of time. Immediately answer the recurring questions and accusations in the comments to the previous video: Q. What kind of breed does a cat have? O. Abyssinian cat Q. Why do not you talk to a cat? A. I do not like to listen to my recorded voice. The rest of the time the cat in communication is not even deprived :) Q. Why are you such a soulless beast and do not stroke a cat? O. The people! I have two hands (one holds the phone, the second holds the cat so that it does not fall). The rest of the time the cat is not deprived of anything :)
jeffrie hall
That is a beautiful cat.
Hendro Yohanes
She loves her hooman
Nicholas Butler
I miss my cat when i would walk in through the door (I worked night shifts) my cat would meow until I picked him up and put him on my shoulder then I make his food for him and give him water and put him down. He would always sit by the front door. I regret giving him to my ex fiance mother who moved out to help her mental issues. Now I will never see that cat again. The first and only cat that I ever fell in love with.
Tommy Durning
this cat love you so much it will turn to be transform into an anime neko for you to love
Lorena Alves
Tiya Michael
So cute. This why I love pet. They make you feel welcome.
Sanna Artism
that's love right there!
Ms. Charming
oommmggg soooo cute ... both :)
L. M.
Such a beautiful and happy Kitty.
what a beautiful kitty!
Wholesome Lad
Now thats a good catto hug
Милый котик
Troy Zo
abyssinian is my dream cat. i wanna get one and name it dobby
That love is so pure and beautiful 😍 it melts my heart 😩
A Remedy Project
Awww. Cat man do. Luv. Cheers from 🇨🇦 🤗💕
Heather Wells
That’s awseome
Зина cat
Я тоже хочу такую киску😍😍😍😍
Man this is a cute dog
Awwwww.... kitty miss you so much! :)
Monica Mannie
Awwww! That's so precious.
naww listen to that motor, she loves her human dad..
Ну,какая прелесть. Так и хочется его или её поцеловать и потискать.😄😄😄
The Duchess
That cat loves him. So sweet...
Nicely Done
I knew kitty wanted to jump into your arms! Patiently waiting until you put your things down.
That's a super cat
So lovely i get so touched the cats are awsome😍
Елена Шевченко
Это когда у тебя есть любимая работа,хорошие друзья,масса развлечений, а у него есть только ты😻
lovely cat
Cristhine J
My cat jumps on me only to ask for food 😂 your cat is so beautiful
Ala Zaioncicovshi
Patches McPatch
*Human, you have been chosen*
Julia M.
Какой у Вас красивый и добрый кот! 😊
Светлана Воронцова
Как ребенок любит хозяина!!!!!!!
Мило, мило😊Да здесь налицо взаимная любовь/симпатия/дружба или еще как хотите называйте!! У нас тоже есть кошка (порода русская дворянка🤗) тоже встречает и радуется, но по другому эту радость проявляет😊
Redrick Shuhart
меня тоже ждали.. кот 18 лет жил со мной... потом сам привел кошку и подарил мне котенка который думал что я его мапа..... подари мне котенка самого любопытного из всех!