Когда дома ждут

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Abyssinian cat Monterey (Motya), age almost 3 years. Every day he meets me in a good mood. Instagram: i_am_monterey (Sorry for Google translate, English isn't my native language) Some people write in the comments that the cat (yes, he is a boy) has an empty bowl, which is why he meets me like that. And they say that I'm an asshole, left the cat alone at home without food. First, hungry cats meet the owner differently. Yes, in the video bowl is empty but before our departure the cats get enough food. Water is also available. Secondly, especially for such commentators I shot the second video and then the third one There is a full bowl but the cat still meets me the same way. Thirdly, I have a second cat and chihuahua, they run around the apartment, sometimes they fight :) So they are not bored. And sometimes during the day they're entertained by a robot vacuum cleaner :) Fourthly, I don't live alone. Some family members leave home later and return earlier. Therefore, if cats stay at home alone, then for a short period of time. Peace! FAQ Q. What breed is this cat? A. Abyssinian cat Q. Why don't you talk with cat? A. I don't like to listen to my recorded voice. I just keep quiet on the video. The rest of the time I talk with cat like a Japanese schoolgirl :-D Q. Why are you such a soulless cattle and don't pet a cat? A. People! I have two hands (one holds the phone, the second holds the cat, so he did not fall). The rest of the time the cat is not deprived of anything :) And no, I'm not Ben Shapiro LOL :D When you're eagerly expected-2 />When you're eagerly expected-3 />All videos with a cat Motya /> For licensing and use contact [email protected]

Seeing Cats jumping on owner arms just warms my heart.
Goodly Vibes
Abyssinians are wonderful. So eager for attention. Can't even wait for you to sit down before the headbonks begin.
And some stupid people think cats are not capable of love.
It's obvious that you care for your friend and it's appreciated in turn.
C.M. H.
I'm a dog person, but my GF, despite my protests, just had to get a cat when were living together. When we broke up years later, she was going to give him to the pound. Of course, I was never going to let that happen. So I took him myself and now he's the most awesome little dude I know, he jumps up like this every night when I  get home, and I love the crap out of him. To my point. I was thinking about getting another cat just so he has a friend. Though, I do have a huge dog as well, so I've always been curious, do dogs and cats keep each other company? Mine don't play together but they always seem to make sure they're in the same room when lounging, especially when I'm not around.... Sorry for rambling. Do cat's and dogs provide one another companionship? Opinions are aooreciated
Chris Vellner
My 11 year old male cat does not jump into my arms like that anymore. He will, instead, jump onto a chair to be picked up. smart. Now, we are both old. "thanks for not making me bend over so far to pick you up, you old cat."
H Xen
Beautiful. Like a little mountain lion.
elsa Grace
Aawww, what a lovely little animal ❤️
Lawrence Keenan
My Toby used to do that among other amazing things. He’s been gone 20 years but I still miss him !!!
Binta Habibi
This is a very affectionate cat! Precious...
Lisa Palmiero
Anyone who says cats aren’t capable of affection needs to see this. Beautiful kitty.
What a beautiful Cat!
Shashikant Choubey
No money can buy this selfless love 💖💞
Gothic TDK
That cat is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen! 🐾😻
My Parents had a Cat who would do exactly the same to me. We had a Cat Door & he HATED using it. So, when I was in bed and my Parents cat was outside, he'd meow outside my window to be let in. So I got out of bed, leaned outside the window & picked him up and brought him in through my bedroom window LOL. He adored me. Even when he was inside and my door was closed, early in the morning he'd just sit in the hallway outside my door waiting to bed let in. One of my Parents (Usually my Mum) opened up my door and he came running in, jumped up on my bed, curled up on my chest and went to sleep. 😺😊😊
Thats a really friendly small cougar :)
Luis Tavarez
Beautiful cat. Abyssinians are said to have more dog like behavior than cats
Raphael McKitrick
What a handsome kitty! But seriously, who dislikes a video like this???
Crazy Cat Lady
Aww you can tell he loves his daddy so much, too cute 😊
First Last
Oh my goodness! How precious is this bond! Thanks for sharing!
That’s one loving cat; a true blue pal. And I’m not even a cat lover. Great to have a true friend; whatever the specie.
Anton Antoha
- Если у вас есть кошка, вы возвращаетесь не в дом, а домой. (Пэм Браун)
David Leavy
You have a great cat who loves you.
Siamese cats are very loyal and loving. That’s how they treat their owner who they love but l occasionally look after a cat when the owner goes on holiday, but he’s cool with me, aloof and polite, but when his loving owner returns, he purrs, wants cuddles, kisses his owner, clings on to her. Talk about love, he adores her! Don’t worry about the critics they don’t realise adult cats eat in the morning and late at night or through the night, so there’s not going to be crumbs of breakfast left when you come home late afternoon. I suppose you gave him some dried food and he scoffed it during the day. Your cat loves you because you are good to him.
people: CATS ARE HEARTLESS AND CRUEL, THEY DON'T LOVE me: *shows them this video*
I love it when cats eagerly jump into our arms. My cats don't do that, but still, it's adorable and shows how much they trust you to catch them. X3
Nick Patrick Cooper
That kitty loves you! You are lucky.
Aleksander Rubik
I didn't know ben shapiro had a cat
Irina Zolotorevskaja
Боже мой, какая преданность! Замечательный кот. Мой тоже такой же ласковый и так же скучает. С Днем кошек!
Dom Ari
Wow! What a beautiful cat, both looks wise and personality wise.
Amy McC
That is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen! <3
Tom Cat
Oh my heart ♥️😊
JunieB Jones
Such a pretty cat!
Gabriel Macht
Как классно, животные всегда покажут истинные чувства.
You can tell how much he loves you. Cats choose a human and he chose you to be his partner for life. Treasure that bond.
This makes me miss my cats so much. They used to greet me like this all the time. When I had a heart attack and got homefrom hospital they used to take turns lying on my chest purring to help me feel better. They were my best friends and will never be forgotten.
Another Level
True love right there.!😎
BeautyTime BeautyTime
Она неррреально красивая!!!😊😍или он это....чччудо! Еще это урчание!!! Такая любоооовь!😊😍❤💋
Waad Shraidah Lovely
Ohhh my god this is so beautiful and adorable ❤❤❤❤
Coko The Cat
Amazing reaction by the cat
Max Schager
That purr has healing propperties, treasure it.
roberta scholten
Ahhh, dear sweet Abyssinians - so loyal, playful, loving. My dear Abby waited for her daddy, too and jumped into his arms the moment he walked in the door. Miss you, my dear sweet Kiki.
Ever Diamond Bro
so sad I’m allergic because this looks cute.
Fizzy Eh
Cat haters: cAtS DoNT LoVe YoU Me: *shows them this video*
Госдеп США
Вот это отношение , вот это любовь .
Мишаня Cygod
был бы у меня такой кот Я бы может и не женился бы никогда)
My 20 year old kitty I had, named Spider, would do this (for the 20 yrs) when I got home. She'd stand on her back legs and I'd pick her up and she would hug her front legs(arms) around me. It was the best coming home experience! Love the cat love...
What a great cat!
John Dwyer
What a beautiful cat! Just gorgeous.
Mrs Judge
Котяра безумно красивая, автор видио безумно спокойный и любящий. Просто снимаю шляпу))
Nick Gurz
I wake up at 5am no one is awake but our cat. She always welcomes me with meows and lots of cuddles. Makes my mornings.
fran mellor
Absolutely pawsome...beautiful
Beautiful being <3
Travis Exe
Awwww what a sweet kitty. 💕
Jessy h
True love at it's core 💖💖
Елена Шевченко
Это когда у тебя есть любимая работа,хорошие друзья,масса развлечений, а у него есть только ты😻
Rudy Lozano
Priceless unconditional love
That's so sweet. Pure love
Cherie Steigerwald
What a little loving sweetheart! Pet love is the best😍
This is fairly indicative of almost every Abby we've ever owned, they say they're one of the few breeds that bond to people as opposed to locations. Beautiful cats, if I ever get another it'll definitely be one of those.
Jay Littleton
Very nice. If you treat an animal with kindness and compassion, it will eat you last. ;)
Farrah Hall
Sweet 👍🏽👍🏽
All Good
Чудный кот!
He’s so lovable!! :’)
Anonymous User
This cat really loves you. Jumping into your arms, lots of nuzzling, kneading, purring... I want a cat like that.
"Cat's don't have emotion" *sees cat with emotion* "OH HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS FOOD" i hate these people. i see them way too often.
Cussundria Kneal
That kitty looks like a tiny Cougar. Such a pretty cat!
What a beautiful Abyssinian you've got, they are wonderful
Roxanne Dale
the sweetest thing!! <3
Светлана Кристова
Как он вас любит, чудо кот:-)))
Falcon Templar
that is a real show of love right there, and how beautiful love really is. :)
Danielle Hardy
That cat sure does love his human! That’s so sweet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
What a cool sweet kitty. Don't you just love animals!
Класный кот)
Наталья Миронова
Какой хозяин, такой и кот....любят друг друга. Так должно быть!
Robert Walsh
Makes life beautiful to be loved like this, my heart smiles
Hdr H
What a beautiful cat! And to the owners defence, obviously the cat isn't hungry. A hungry cat will be meowing non stop and acting like crazy if it is hungry. But this cat obviously wants to give its owner the love and affection.
what a gorgeous cat and clearly there is love on both sides what an awesome couple
Januario Queiroz
This guy has a big heart!
People make me laugh when they say cats aren’t affectionate. Cats are extremely affectionate. You just have to earn that affection. ♥️
Big Chungus
Can't wait to get a cat of my own, parents wouldn't let me😣
Richard Kuehn
What a loving cat you lucky man
Barbara Crickley
Looks like a breed of cat that the ancient Egyptians would have worshipped. Gorgeous coat gorgeous face gorgeous everything.
Anne B.
I have had 3 wonderful Aby's (all of them turned about 17 years old) and were all three so loving, affectionate, beautiful and funny. I loved them till death and they also jumped just like yours!
Меня жена так же встречает, когда у меня зарплата !!
Arden Miller
I have a 3-legged rescue cat that is at least 1/2 Abyssinian and he is SO LOVING. Just the sweetest little guy - always happy to see me and loves to cuddle (can't jump due to the missing leg thing, but...) Also super playful and very smart. Not sure if those are breed characteristics, or just him.
Rodney Leinberger
Just wonderful!
dan smolen
Looks very content,and healthy! Gotta love kitty cats!!
two very handsome boys🥰🐈
Misti 919
Оооооу... Как-же это мило!!! 😍😍😍😙😙😙
Joseph Blow
What a beautiful specimen. KNOWING you are loved is the greatest feeling ever!
That is one muscular healthy looking cat. well done! it clearly has admiration for you
Evert van Ingen
What a magnificent creature
Lethia Page
Sweet baby! You can tell he's well cared for because of the way he treats you. Even if its conditional regard for you due to being fed that really is a pretty common qualifier for love. Its gratitude. If you were abusive to your cat it wouldn't wait to love on you when you get home? Also he has the markings and colorings of a mt lion which is a bit freaky! I don't know anything about the Abyssinian breed of cat but this particular one is very fond of you!
The gorgeous boy obviously loves his dad lots.
Hammer Dragon
Just listen to that Beautiful purrrrrrr so cute love ❤️ that cat 🐈 definitely a cuddle bug 🐛
Gabbin Tine
Omg love him back god
walk withme
God's love given in its purest form 🔥 Thank you🎵 🐾🎼🐾🎵🐾
What a good looking/healthy cat.... My cat is like a bowling ball now.
Zen Go
Ах! Какая любовь)))