To Kill A King - Funeral

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Martin Veritas
Those chorus lyrics are so incredibly beautiful and honest...... Love it.
Swayy_ Minecraft&More
Yeah, at the end where the wheelchair is empty that kind of makes people think that the man in the wheelchair was never alive during this video (Made up), and the empty coffin as well. But as others have said, he wants to go on one last adventure before he has to say goodbye to the man (Who is most likely his son or relative). If you notice the kids with the blue skin just take the wheelchair and go over ramps in a skatepark, this proves the point that the man is not actually in the wheelchair.
The Video of "To Kill a King" - Funeral is loosley based on an '80's film "Weekend at Bernies" The concept of How We move on after a Person dies! (Ps: Best wishes from the sick Hen at 2.54 secs in)
Amelia Scholl
So I think Ralph is representing joy and the old man starts it and loses it. While happiness is going around to others the man is trying to find it again. When he finally does he realizes it was all gone
guys the point is that the father doesn't think that the son has lived enough and wants to give him one last big adventure. And the father doesn't want to realise that his son is dead already so goes out with him one last time before it is too late.
Bella Becky
I am girl in that and my best friend never forget that
Ok, why do I feel the urge to cry?
Steve Sharrock
Superb band superb video 
congratulations for Ralph for poker face in the whole video
Had to punch a wall to feel like a man again.
Gem Co
oh god ive seen this like 30 times and it still makes me cry at the end
Just checked it out. Was reading the lyrics as the song played, I dropped a tear. Thanks.
Ben Ay
Are you serious?
So I did badly in my language class last year... I concluded that I MUST LEARN SOME FRENCH I MUST LEARN SOME FRENCH
Ashlyn Rock
RALPH!!!! ♥
Ben Johnson
You also see various band members during the video. Josh (the bassist) is the man with the hat on at the stall around 2:25 and the guitarist that starts off the main riff is the man who goes up to the coffin at around 2:15. Can't see anyone else. Most probably missed them.
Ben Johnson
The lead singer of To Kill A King is the chap in the wheelchair!
Nior Heijibbry
absolutely amazing
Ashlyn Rock
So amazing To Kill A King and Bastille forever <3
Kieran Dacey
love it
Kendra Bernot
they need more recognition there so talented! reminds me of the band bastille.
where was this shot?
Leonardo de lanna
Curious that you interpreted it that way. I thought the father just had some sort of mental issue, but your interpretation makes way more sense with both the clip and the lyrics.
You can find everything on their website, search To Kill a King, open their official page and search for "lyrics". x
Ashlyn Rock
me too :) <3
Ashlyn Rock
I love this
yeah! but Wolves is both weird and accessible, and releasing it as a single will gain them even more exposure than this has. (I love this song too)
Brad Manville
I have that blanket!
So good live!
Well done Guys on Reaching Over 100,000 Plays. Luv from Yr Up-Chuck Hen (2 mins 54 Secs!) xx
Elisabetta Alfonso
to be fair: the entire album is EPIC.. they are damn good
The guys dad cant deal with his death so takes him for a road trip in a wheelchair, but loses him
Niamh McDonagh
Seen these guys live twice now bad they never fail to give an insane performance!
Can Wolves be the next single? THAT'S an epic song.
Saw these guys supporting Dog is Dead in Gloucester last night, they were unreal!
You want someone to tell you the lyrics... Meanwhile you're on the internet...? You've got to be kidding.
Tom Harman
Saw them in Oxford last night, great live act!
Alice Barnes
Saw them live at dog is dead last night! INSANE
Erm can you not understand English?
Jeff Ashley
I was the first comment on this song like a month ago haha.
India At The Top
wow :O !!!
Kayla Davie
I love Jon
Laughing Wolf
in my opinion the dude is close to death and the old guy is death himself and when he about to die life takes hold of him and he finally cheats death, but thats just what i think...
Basically, the guys dead but his dad feels that he hasn't lived enough so steals him from his coffin, pretends he's disabled and takes him around the beach, then loses the body
Jordan Innit
brodie o toole
bastille brought me here,really get into these guys now :)
Aaron Lee
Nice, Isle of Wight
Yes Honey, so agree with You. Wish I'd known more about Them when We were asked to appear in (@ 2mins 54 secs onwards!) Bet You knew this already! xx Birthday Girl
Jake Simo
I think the whole video is about contrast. In my opinion to sum it up, its showing how, when the old man has taken enough stress through looking after the young man who appears to be his son, he just collapses - much like when a son has to look after his elderly father, it can often become too much. Just my opinion though, and as for the wedding and the dancer girls, not much clue.
Hello Girly! Yes I'm dittoing The above as I was with You (except I'd not Heard of Them b4!) - so Luving Their Music & if We Big 'em up enuf via Friends & Facebook maybe We get invite to nearest2Norwich Gig! or Even a SIGNED CD! xx
Jade Wallis
This band is so talented..amazing video and so lucky to be in video....I wish them all the best they really are incredible. They will go so far x
can someone write lyrics to that please? or just for the chorus?
I can vouch. that The Album this comes from sounds really Good. (I've just got a job after 3 months of No work) So gonna Treat Myself in a few wks time to Cd. Lol (Julie, the Girl who throws up 2mins 54 secs in Video!) xx
Pamela chan
I have the feeling that 2013 is going to be a great year for music. I just found out this band and others that are good as well : )
Jessie Tucker
So what is the story of this video?
George Lawrence
That's at Hunstanton, I grew up going to the seaside there. And I met these guys a few days before I looked at this. I feel so happy!
Matt Smith
This is incredible! It so deserves more views jfc
Liam Harrison
Seeing these in about 4 hours
Pamela chan
This deserves more views....
Muhlis Akınıp-burnu/230711990401795
Ross Crawford
great song...voice reminds me of the dude from gene loves jezabel
oh crap no, why did I have to watch this... and then replay it?! Now I'm trying to hide my tears in the school library D:
Can someone explain the plot of the video?! xD
I didn't get it
Shir Biton
and what about the kids?
Patrick Stump
gat song -Patrick Stump
Gregory Galant
Brilliant music and brilliant video, it is the first one i heard from this band, and i'm already in love with.
love the video ..brilliantly strange as always :)
Aidan CC
i think that the video is about not wanting to let go of something because you feel its not ready to leave. this is represented with ralph (the guy in the wheel chair) and his father, and his dad making the most of the time he has left with ralph. but when he least expects it or is unaware, he is taken away from him. the kids are representing angels i think and his dad at the end feels guilty becuase he thinks it is his fault that ralph is gone. just my thoughts though, idk if it is right
Hunstanton in February, must've been lovely! Nice video - my favourite song on the album.
Keon Sohn
I don't get this video. I love the song though.
Incredible - Really fucking incredible x
this was on my bday cool!
worst piece of shit!
Jack Bennett
This was filmed were I live haha! got banned from that arcade :/
You guys are great!
Sienna McKray
that was beautiful!:)
Good one Jack!
Jesusaur H
Good song but the EP version is far, far better.
Amazing song! Also, the brunette in the leopard print has a gorgeous smile :)
Musos Guide
Tweeted @musosguide
Great video great music
Rob Parkinson
awesome acting Mr. V.S!!!
Clean Slate Music
Awesome stuff guys.
Kim Taylor
Aha.. bloody brilliant! I love how the angels take him away at the end :)
So good!
Another great track and a beautiful video. Come on guys: What's the deal with the painted faces in your videos?
Maisie King
Aww you cuties!
This makes me want to embrace my old folks.
Irina Silva
this is soooo fuuull of feeelings :3
Great song!
you guys are amazing !
Camilla Iluna
Jocelyne Laberge
I love how all the guys are in this one! :) and the video? Perfection! So proud of TKAK ^_^ <3
Awesome. Thrilled To have taken part as a Hen Feb. 16th 2013!
Jeff Ashley
First! great job guys!
Sszymon Kopczewski
lyrics awesome but hm melody.. make me angry.. no compose to lyrics . tottally..
Rebecca Lovell
<4 - R