Turner - Champions - Love of Calypso -2018 ISM Finals - International Soca Monarch 2018 Live

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Danielle Danielle
Turner is The Real Champion. He is so very talented!
Jocelyn Sinanan
Love this youth he has great potential
Sa' Neill
This tune sweet tf ❤❤ Voice even betterrrrrr
Congratulations on a great season!!!. Love your energy, passion and songs. This was my favorite song for the season. You deserve this moment -enjoy it! Continued blessings to you!
Lisa Fraser
Luv his voice he is having a great year.
He should have entered Dimanche Gras. Big song biggg performance
Terrance D
Turner d real champion and old heads you sing about
Qpedd MFA
Did it like a boss bro blessings
Nine Mind Entertainment
Well Done Turner 🇹🇹
Rebecca Jones
Amazing performance.
Hazel Frederick
Susan Roster
They cheat u turner u suppose to place better than that
Ronaldo London
This is what soca come to smh yall need to be able to sing these songs live nx year ill jump into soca but nice lyrcs
RK Tobi
Ah burger King crown dat
Fischa Moth
Lol. No.