Ave Satani (The Omen) Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir (2009)

On Saturday, July 25, 2009, the Tenerife International Film Music Festival celebrated the 80th birthday of film score legend, Jerry Goldsmith. Music selections, as chosen by Jerry's longtime friend and Varése Sarabande producer, Robert Townson, included music from Jerry's vast cache of science fiction and horror scores; Star Trek: First Contact, Planet Of The Apes, Poltergeist, Gremlins, and Total Recall. But for fans of The Omen, this clip is a rare opportunity to see Jerry's Oscar-winning music performed. The first movement of the Omen suite, "Ave Satani," (The Omen Main Title) is conducted by festival creator, Diego Navarro. To purchase this fantastic birthday tribute on a special 2-disc CD/DVD collector set, including a glossy, imgage-filled, informative program booklet by Townson, visit Varése Sarabande. /> The Tenerife International Film Music Festival (Fimucité) (Spanish: Festival Internacional de Música de Cine de Tenerife) is an international film music festival that is held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The festival takes place every year. It was first held in 2007. For more information on Fimucité, visit their website. /> /> For a comprehensive review of the Fimucité 2009, read the article by Dan Goldwasser at Soundtrack.net. /> The Omen Chronicles and The Omen Online endeavors to create a comprehensive reference for the Omen films, books, and derivative media through critique, essay and analysis. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied. /> />

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*laughs maniacally*
I want this played in the hospital room where my kid is being born
Kleber Fainer
02:09 Yes, Satan is right behind you.
Calvin Boynton
Had this song for my ringtone for my ex girlfriend
Luis Lizard
The conductor's name is Louis Cypher..... ;)
Donald Trump's theme song.
Hugh James-Berry
03:03 _"sandwich ....hummus....very good”_ man, Jerry Goldsmith was really phoning it in on this production
This is the song that plays every time I walk into school.
mauro NC
cuando era niño y era de noche me cagaba de miedo al escuchar esta canción, ahora también xD
Dizzy Blu
Still kinda creepy to see an orchestra performing what is basically a satanic prayer
Hugh Jass
The conductor looks possessed.
Listen to this shit for about a week, then show up at a shopping mall.
Wednesday Addams
Next time Jehovah witnesses or Mormons or else come at my door, I blast this.
The faces he makes is more scarier than the song itself xD
Here are the lyrics as well as the English Translation for "Ave Santani", which means "Hail Satan".. LATIN LYRICS Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave! Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave Satani! Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Satani! Satani! Ave! Ave! Satani! ENGLISH TRANSLATION The blood we drink The flesh we eat The blood we drink The flesh we eat The blood we drink The flesh we eat Raise the body of Satan Hail The blood we drink The flesh we eat Raise the body of Satan Hail Hail the Anti Christ Hail the Anti Christ Hail the Anti Christ Hail Satan The blood we drink The flesh we eat Raise the body of Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan
Bacon Man
Sandwich Barbecue. porkus buffalo. Sandwich Barbecue. porkus buffalo Sandwich, barbecue porkus, buffalo cook porkus baconi! Ave! Ave! Ave porkus Chessus christus! Ave! Ave porkus Cheesus christus! Ave! Ave porkus cheesus christus! Ave baconii!
Razor Steel
The Devil has the best tunes!
Andrea Elizabeth Reynoso Barba
Les dejo la letra: Sandwich y Limon, Parkour el dijo donde hay parkour?  salsa y... aves? Sandwich y Limon  Parkour, el dijo donde hay parkour? salsa y ... aves? Pobre ave del subpiso pobre ave del subpiso pobre del subpiso poooobre ave salta y... sangre D: y limon D: parkour de limon D: trolleofono :B sangre de  sangre de SANGRE DE mami maaaamii... soltame DDDDDDDDDD:
Donald Trump's Presidential theme song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Satan represents everything that comes natural with a human being when they're born. Greed, Lust, pride, selfishness, envy, and generally independence which are all common human desires. He had a logical vision of the world and its inhabitants, which resulted him being cast out of Heaven by God (who ironically has just as much pride in himself than anyone else, and so much that he thinks he's worth of our envy), just like many people are cast out from their communities when they don't meet a conceited, over entitled person's standards or of what they feel is conveniently "moral". As much as many choose to ignore or acknowledge it, Satan was and is how each and everyone of us are now and lives within our natural black hearts.   Ave Satani! P.S. The Omen is a classic.
Jeong-hun Sin
Are there still people who are afraid of Satan? I would rather worry about microbes than Satan. Even right now, they are endlessly trying to eat your nutritious flesh. You are only alive because your immune system is trying its best to kill them as they invade all over your body. Once the defence fails... you die.... horribly.
Zombies... Very Good..
Skijaramaz - Tone Shift
I just love how often people like to decry Satan as being the ultimate evil or whatever, but if you look at the contents of the bible objectively and without the bias the book itself likes to spew into the eyes of it's readers like it's own projectile vomit, Satan is actually a lot more level headed, calm and rational (and just morally good) than the christian god, who has a bad habit of being short tempered, self absorbed and severely genocidal. Makes it hilarious to me when I send this song to people and they start making crosses over their chests or get real uncomfortable. It's like "Dude, Satan's really the closest thing to a good guy you'll get in that novel." I suppose I oughta mention I don't believe anything in the bible: It's just a fiction book to me, and not a particularly good one. :P
03:03 i laughed so hard when i watched The Omen because i heard "I SEEEEEEEEE MINI BOOOOOOOBS"
3:23 pause.
Faber Macha
Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos cuerpo podrido de satanas salve Sangre que bebemos Carne que comemos salve? Jesu cristo salve? Jesu cristo
Antonio De Simone
its Sounds like a Black mass theme. I Wonder If satanists were playing this, when they met 😂
Red Hood
Ésto debería sonar cada vez que me llame mi suegra... ¡Momento! ¿Para qué sugerirlo? ¡Puedo hacerlo!.
Vale Rojas
el verdadero satanico parece el director de orquesta 
Slicky Kid
When Donald Trump has just been born on the year 1946 lol.
Probably the most frightening horror movie soundtrack, you can feel Satan presence through this theme.
RİP Jerry Goldsmith.
The Orlando Gray
Chainsaw Romance
I guess none of the choir members are christians :D
Dan Jackson SoyYo
DIOOOS MIO QUE INCOMODO ME SIENTO OYENDO ESTO esta musica tiene una fuerza maligna muy FUERTE :S !
Mario Gàmez
demonic possession at 3:20 to 3:23
Xavier D. Muñoz
the music is wonderful but the lyrics Blasphemy!.
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omg look at the conductor he looks possessed !!!! I think the music's got to his head a bit
Such a powerful score. Stirring. Jerry Goldsmith was the man and this theme scared the shit out of me as a kid. He deserved that Oscar for this.
For some reason it sounds even more scary here than in the movie, but it sounds 100 better
Goat Lord
Ave Lucifer, anti-cosmic bringer of death! 
The corn harvest will be good this year.
Who else wants this song played at their funeral?
Lucas Wide
This is awesome! but i don't worship satan like some others on this page, i just like how Jerry Goldsmith can make you want to piss your pants and scream like a little girl :3
If you play this song backwards it you can hear " et laudatores Christi, Christus autem est filius Dei."
The song that plays when I see Teen Titans go of TV ...
luis cortes
the song is so brutal that the director end up possessed!
0:50 The woman in the middle... Damn, she is cute :)
T Orton
this is what Hillary and Podesta play at her satanic "spirit cooking" meetings.
girl at 2:09, YES! SATAN is right behind you!!
Roland Sievers
All diese schönen, begabten Menschen kommen in die Hölle... Schade... aber eine Sünde gegen den Heiligen Geist wird nicht vergeben werden...
abraham martinez quiroz
Wen gana las elecciones mc donald trump
The power of the cross will prevail. Deus vult !
Yummy Molina
Alejandra Fragoso Marín SuJu,TVXQ/JYJ&2PM
es hermosa, duermo con ella, me relaja ❤❤❤❤
Ron Gabriel Torres
Ave! = Hail! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! = Hail! Hail the Antichrist! Ave Satani! = Hail Satan! Corpus Edimus. = The flesh we eat. Sanguis Bibimus. = The blood we drink. Satani! = Satan! Tolle Corpus Satani! = Raise the body of Satan!
Santiago Restrepo Ossa
Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave! Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave! Ave Versus Christus! Ave Satani! Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Satani! Satani! Ave! Ave! Satani!
Jerry Kim Gomez
I wonder how many practicing Christians in the choir were freaking out when they were performing this.
Leon Reaper
Ad satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam (To satan, giver of youth and happiness)
halley martin
A real possession is going on with the conductor lol Such a powerful performance, song still scares me even though I'm not a kid anymore. Excellent job!
this my jam
Quem veio aqui por causa do Temer possuído?
Zito 828
This music scared the fk outa me when I was younger but now I embrace it. 😈
Master Shensei
Lord Voldemort Montañez Ramirez
Hail Satán.
dafi c.m
y ahora un zukulendo comentario en español JAJAJA
Richard White
No this is the Popes Theme music he's a pervert and corrupt Tea Leaf like the rest in the filthy mob. Be a good day when it all comes crashing down.
Ahmed Anssaien
And when I wanted to check what time it is, it was 9:11.
when you're stuck in traffic with diarrhea
Not a fan of the way the conductor has chosen to do this, He's gone for sad and mournful when the way Goldsmith wrote it was actually quite joyous, he wanted to literally make it the mirror of a benediction and that's what makes it work as a piece, it's deliberately, happily twisted.
Alfonso Illán
Viva eternamente Cristo Rey, eternamente sea amado,adorado y querido.Viva el Inmaculado y puro Corazón de Maria, alabado sea Dios en sus santos y en sus ángeles. Gloria a Dios en las alturas y en la Tierra paz a los hombres de buena voluntad.
YAYO GUTIERREZ y la vaca :D jajaja
Probably the best horror movie score of all time. the only one horror score that won an Oscar.
Dee Diaz
Best horror movie score ever!
Pentagram, pentatonic scales... Ave. A great masterpiece.
El director de la orquesta está poseído 😈😈
Beecartes my honey
-Little bro' in the bed -switch off the light -play the music -say "good night" -close the door with a gloomy smile
George Washington
I kill bad people listening to this
Antonio mendoza
Buscar a Cristo el mesias y acerquense al padre , arrepientanse , y el se acercara a cada uno de vosotros , paz hermanos que dios guarde sus corazones del maligno Amen
Roy Diaz
2:36 jennifer lawrence,es ella
Revolution is my name
no se, pero me gusta
Equilibrium Illuminati
When Trump became President and met the Pope.
Chane Garcia
Necesito una información, por favor: Un amigo mío me insiste que las canciones corales de todas las películas de "The Omen", parte 1, 2, 3 y 4, son canciones de la cantata Carmina Burana. Yo le dije que me parece que no... que las canciones de "The Omen" son canciones especialmente escritas para esa película y que nada tenía que ver con Carmina, pero me gustaría estar seguro de esto... / Por cierto, esta canción de "Ave Satani" se oye espectacular...
Sarah Jones
Police came to my House
Karenia Angulo
Ni por todo el oro del mundo canto ni interpreto en instrumento esta canción (aunque reconozco que es una obra magistral del maestro Jerry Goldsmith, y por ella ganó un oscar a mejor banda sonora por "The Omen" ("La Profecía")) Es una misa negra con cantos gregorianos, que en verdad te hiela el corazón y te llena de miedo
Sarah Jones
Satan thanked Jerry Goldsmith
big andy
just after 2 minute mark.... girl checking to see if the lighting guy is about to drop down from the rigging and swing past hanging upside down on fire!!
Erick Batz
Satanás susurrando en el minuto 2:09 ┼ ┼ ┼
Pazuzu Chileno
Satanas is true and freedom ....Hail my lord Satan
Anthony Bermudez
La vaca xD
666 The best way to go!
Jaime Coccio P
The omen......perfect movie and perfect music......MASTERPIECE
2:08 Now, I turn my back too...
Júlio JC
Scary and terrifying as EVER!!!
Alemaiades de la riva
Ave Satani et stupor et Christi...
Celloviji rk
if u listen to the sound track u dont want to watch the scene,
Alexandra Bolz
It's so creepy but it's so good. This song also sounds like a nightmare song. 😂
Micah Johansson
Quien necesita dormir de todos modos, no creen?
Marco Hernandez
New ringtone for my mom's calls xD