Opening to No Way Out 1988 VHS [True HQ]

Tape distributor: HBO Video [Orion Pictures] | Original pressing | Tape print dates: January 11, 1988 and January 24, 1988 1. FBI warning screen 2. 1988 HBO Video logo 3. House of Games trailer 4. 1980 Orion Pictures logo

Duc Nguyen
The HBO Video logo also appears on tapes with December 1987 print dates.
FerrisBuellerFanatic 2001 VGCP
I Have The 1999 VHS Of No Way Out, Which Is The MGM Movie Time Print
Jesse Coffey
My copy of this tape is spliced. It is rewound all the way, but when you pop it in, it starts RIGHT at the beginning of the film.
Mark Uyeda
Looks scary to watch.