Go Behind the Scenes of The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

Making of The Strangers: Prey at Night (B-Roll) Subscribe and click the notification bell HERE: />Subscribe to Filmisnow Movie Trailers: /> Plot: A family staying in a secluded mobile home park for the night are visited by three masked psychopaths, to test their every limit. Genre: Horror Director: Johannes Roberts Cast: Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, Martin Henderson, Emma Bellomy, Lewis Pullman Production & Credits: Aviron Pictures, thefyzz, White Comet Films Distributors: Aviron Pictures Country: USA Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage, gag reel, vfx breakdown, interviews, featurettes and deleted/alternate scenes. We give you the before, during and after that goes into making movies.

That One Dude
This shows me that it seems really hard to act and I don’t think I could do it without breaking character by laughing or just being bad at acting.
Dang the dad was right about this being their last weekend
10,000 subs for pizza
Doll Face: Is Tamra home? Me: Yeah Hold on. TAMRA, A STRANGER IS LOOKING FOR YOU! Doll face: OH FU**! Doll Face: *walks away*. Me: DON'T YOU WANT TAMRA? Doll Face: *doesn't answer*. Me: OK, TAMRA WERE MOVING!
The parents are both killed off very quickly
When I saw this movie I was shaking and my heart was beating fast!
Mychelle Delarosa
I saw this movie yesterday and I clapped so hard when the guy died at the end
shishter shook
dude i saw this movie last night and it was honestly so fucking amazing, i wish it was a bit more scary but other than that, it’s was great.
Ultimate Marco BOI
The killers kill the parents to quick
Sylvia Gomez
It's so weird to see them...OKAY and the bad people being nice! Just got home from watching it!
As someone who is in school for cinematography this actually was useful , just seeing how they use light equipment and how they get the camera angles was cool , that will definitely help me when I get my Sony FS5 camera from full sail
Alex Nolan
Pin up girl mask at 2:57
zombies in your backyard
I loved this movie x3 I have already seen it 3 times and love hearing the audiences reactions to certain scenes of the movie. Definitely buying this when it comes out
Daniel Hurtado
3 dislikes r pin up girl,man in the mask,and doll mask XD
Emmy Morales
Why didn’t the mom and daughter fight back? Like literally they could’ve bum rushed her when she broke into the bathroom. So many mistakes made 🤦🏾‍♀️ good movie tho very sad
What bothers me is that the movie could have been much better. It was way too short and rushed. The filmmakers and writers had over 10 years to construct a story and perfect it. Instead, it appears that they kind of just threw it altogether and filmed it within 3 weeks.
Nicasio Ramirez
Waited a decade to finally see #2 and I actually loved it, everyone did good from the directors to the cast
incredible direction, saw it yesterday, very atmospheric
Not SAm
Omg back off haters of this movie,this movie rocks
Kawaii Clips
I watch all horror/gore movie (2000s) but this more amazing so many scary goosebumps scene 👏
narut0 kakashiii
I agree it was a good movie though
Stephen Sunday
The movie is not great by any means but still awesome to see how movies are made.
still surprised this movie is 85 minutes long, Im sure it will be awesome and looking forward to it, but damn quality not quantity at its finest
Johana Bonilla
Very so cool 😎
Olga Madura
Oh I remember watching that in the cinema, at a horror film marathon. The whole room started cheering and screaming and clapping when the teens fought back. That was awesome.
The Malaysian Player and Cafe club
I can wait for foundflix explained this movie
Paulie Gaultieri
Hey you there with the sad face 😔
Rosie Garcia
Honestly this wayyyyyyyyyyy better than the first cant wait to get it for my boyfriend for his graduation gift 😂
I gained weight
Aaron Nantz
Just saw this movie it was great
K Trigs
Making movies looks boring. But I'm going to see it later this week. I like horror and suspense.
Alyssa and maddy Hey
Plz make a part 3 lol
Captain Phasma 505
I love ❤️ the strangers movie
I watch the movie 4-5 months ago
Hope Zemira Martinez
The girl was really strong 🤗 but theyre parents died how sad
Even behind the scenes it looked crazy brilliant! Lx
Reyna P
I just watch this today 😭😂
Toy Bonnie The Childeater Toy Bonnie The Childeater
The whole Chucky fact being based on Robert the Doll I was thinking to myself bitch I know I looked it up on Wikipedia and read it on creepypasta but really I was thinking actually was: *Really!* *Really!* *Reeeeeally!!!* *You don't say!*
Miu Iruma
was the car actually on fire? xD
Chuck Campbell
I watched it in March 18 2018
Gg behind the scene
FollowerOfJesus 101
Christina Hendricks character was killed off way too fast
This is my favorite movie! It’s so good, if you haven’t seen it and you like scary movies you need to see it!
Noah Whitaker
Krampus movie the strangers prey at night
Brookie G
Just watched it and now it's my favorite horror film. It🎈used to be my favorite horror film
Not SAm
This movie is the best the ppl must be joking when they say it’s not worth it
Adrian xox
“ tuuuuurn around “
••Pathetic Being••
Man i thought i relaxed so much until 6:12 xaxax
Gustavo Villarreal
I saw it last night I had to put a curtain on the back door and sleep in my parents room
Diego Sappia
Alguien vio la figura que aparece en min 4:24 atras del arbol? Fantasma o uno que justo pasaba?
Briley Mitchell
This is up there with IT in my opinion.
Hayley Mansell
Short and sweet
They change between a dentside and bumpside ford mutiple times during takes and if you know what that means it kinda confuses the hell out of you but also shows how seperated everything is filmed. Hah
Natalia Romina
He is the actor d grays anathomy
Wonder how this movie would be if Martin Scorsese would make it. Is good but could have been better(maybe a different movie director? ).
I saw the movie in the cinema this is scary 😂
i have alot of call of duty kills
original movie is better just saying
E-Book Entrepreneurs
The child's play writer himself says he has never heard of Robert the doll before writing the movie.
I just watched this movie and I'm all alone at my house
Jwja gyan
Love this movies ❤❤💋💋
Jody Domergue
4:06 my eyeeeeessssssss
I cant act cause ima laugh the whole time
Spencer Heaton
I know where this was made it was made at Kincaid lake camp ground I was camping the weekend they shot this in the pool
Professor Jigglybutt
that v8 was sexy tho
Mikaela Gwen
love this movie hahaha
EvieOMG89 Cortez
I know right!!
Sara Freitas
Tá fixe😘😍😎
Kristina Johnson
uh bloopers please?
Jennelyn Cabahug
Omg this is the scarest movie ive seen and sad
Just Relaxing and stuff
I just saw it today
shirley navarro
como se llama la canción de la escena de la piscina ??
Battle Cats Gaming
10000000/10 movie so good
average joe's
Halloween (the first one) is definitely my all time favorite! Actually, 1,2,4,5,6 and H20 and resurrection.
Gustavo Villarreal
1:17 pm
abda Gomez
The worst movie of 2018.
Ivy And Maddy Skits
I loved this movie!!
Momo Amir
Hope there have a sequel for this movie 😙
Susana Martinez
You guys are so good at ghe movie it makes it look Iike its not fake
Hector Perez
Wish they did casting calls for this cause it was mostly filmed around my area. Even though is was a low budget with only a few people but still the kind of movie I'd like to do
Sweet Tanner
This is a slasher/horror/emotional type movie. That’s all I’m going to say!
Nakayla Johnson
Seeing it tonight
Kemmykemmy Lune
Ya me too
jacob bryant
The scene where the truck rams the Jeep that truck has a beautiful growl to it like that F-100 has a growl to it I wonder what kind of engine it had
yung kell
I watch dis dis movie hard
Maria Jose Osorio
heeelp, i need to know the melody that sounds when luke goes to the office and there is a slush puppie machine
farid sidi abdelghani
Love this movie!
Shady Ari
I never heard her say "DRIVEEE" in the movie when I watched it, did they take that scene out cause when I watched they just started driving off and she hopped on without saying "DRIVEEE"
Matthew Moreno
Logan Flores
I love this movie
Pin up girl dies
Nahnah Levoe
it the clown
Smaug Král draků
This movie was best horror movie what I ever see
Hector Perez
Kaza Leaf
While I was watching this movie I was so annoyed haha this movie makes me mad
thx god someone killed them smth else i am downloading the movie on my channel i hope none delete it anyway watch it!
FaZe Angela
the blonde girl is so hot
full_ memes
How come the killers didn't get caught in real life??????
That movie was trash.