Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and Tournament Edition (GBA) - All Fatalities

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Every Single Fatality for Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and Tournament Edition (GBA)

Lol what did Reptile even do. He basically misses during his fatality.
Still more violent than MK vs DC.
Doxie Pop Tart
For GBA the graphics are amazing
Does it bother anyone else that it says "Fatality" then "Flawless victory"
Did Drahmin just yelled "patata" during his fatality?
Dylinn V
Still better fatalities than mortal kombat vs dc universe
Nel Ortiz
I remember having Deadly Alliance for GBA and my 7th grade reading teacher caught me playing it and he took my GBA away and started playing the game in front of me and then he gave it back to me in the end of class.
ShinNaraku [Archive]
I think Quan Chi's fatality here is better than the actual console versions, haha.
Some Random Dude. Screw Off.
To the people saying the fatalities suck, you do know that this is the best the GBA could do, right?
Good game, bad fatalities.
Joshua Cardona
noob saibot lol
Slender hunter
You forgot weapon fatalities for MK Tournament edition.
chocolate rain
the fact that this is on the gba is phucking amazing holy crap how did I miss this?
Good god i had this when i was little, my dad bought it for me to introduce me to Mortal Kombat. Because, it was what he had growing up, ya know? Anyways, that fucking "EUAGHHH" pain sound haunts my dreams. I still remember it god knows how many years later for some reason.
Rose Supreme
Jesus, Hsu Hao and Frost have the legit brutal fatalities here. The rest are just petty combos, brain rips and neck breaks.
drahmin: PATATA -whack- PATATA -shwam!-
Kelvin Cowan Jr.
lol at Johnny Cage
Matheus Nascimento O cara do Subnautica
Does Sub-Zero pull the skull out of his opponent's ass?
Max Steel.
Is it me or does the same pink shit bag pops out in alot of fatalities 😂😂
Where’s my classic organs and exploding body parts game
Richter Matthias
MKvDC: I have the worst fatalities. MK:DA (GBA): Hold my beer.
And yet they still couldn't get mk advance or even mk ds right. Both those games royally sucked. MK DS had way too many hackers and laggy games.
John Smith
How the HELL did they port MKDA to GBA??
This actually isn't that bad. Especially considering how horrible pretty much every other game boy Mk game is.
Zaim Zim
How to do fatality
anyone teach how to use scorpion's chain please
I remember playing the hell out of this on gameboy. Even minecraft has better graphics.
So Ronery
I love how the announcer would name a characters victory and say "Subzero winfatality" almost immediately. God i loved playing this game a lot.
chocolate rain
dude this game is a Tripp I can't believe it took me fourteen year's to find out about this game's existence this is so dope wish I knew about this fourteen year's ago gawd damn
deivid games
Love game
Jax has the same fatality as Sonya
RipleyLok 14
The new characters fatalities are justo combos.
Jibzy Luigi
How do you perform did?
Gumzilla xtreme
Kano's is ok in my opinion.
Danny Andrade
I need fatalities moves list
Gumzilla xtreme
At least they have blood this time.
Sanji Kuroashi
ronn ivan caudilla
how to do this
Tig Bitties
I need fatalities move list
waluigi number one
hsu hao is the only good one
Gaming With Chris
What is scorpions combination move to make fatality
jesus carlos
how do i do fatalities
The Great Hawk
3:45 he rips out two brains on three attempts
so mucteriem. I reme.when I had the gb have the
How come game boy gets to have sektor
esses fatalities sao muito fracos
icethehedgehog 7
honestly... not ss bad as i thought it was gonna be
Danny Andrade
I need fatalities moves list
Daniel Andres Ureña Enriquez
cuando te das cuenta que Kung lao tiene dos cerebros 3:38
Bryan Garcia
I feel like midway was pretty damn lazy for this one 😂
André Correnorte
Sometimes is better just don't do it. This game is a good example of this. Deadly Alliance was designed to Ps2, xbox and cube, not to a crap hardware as GBA. 
Damn, these suck. Glad I didn't order this the other day. I almost did.
ML Vergara
Raiden Fatality Suck Here Moves Up Down Up Down A
Most of these are pretty lame,But it was still a fun GBA fighting game. You have to keep in mind that even if this was an M rated game, most of the people who played GBA games were 10 year old kids, Hell even the ports of Doom and Doom 2 for the gba had green blood 
Brigido Cervera
Baaaaaad game :(
Stella Alvarez
The only "Fatality" in this game, is the game itself ...
Warsay Maison
The buttons of fatalitys
carmelo eugenio
i think there are more characters in the gba version of mkda