Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition - All Skins/Outfits (GBA)

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All character skins/outfits or should I say colours from Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition for the GBA.

Elias Carrillo
Why are bo rai Cho and hsu hao in this. They could've had Sub zero and Kenshi
I prefer GBA over the console version honestly
Renatra Hafidh
All i do to win a match in this gamr is kick the enemy on the leg
Is there a code to unlock all the characters
CJR Onetwentyseven
I never played these versions. I really want to get copies of both of Deadly Alliance and Tournament Edition.
DooM DooMerson
Ok... CAN I UNLOCK EVERYTHING... ( weapon fatalities, characters, outfits etc.) WITHOUT HAVING TO LINK UP 2 GBA's??! I play on a DS lite, so I just wanna know if I can get it all on my own. Or am I gonna be missing chunks of unlockables? HELP
Vanessa Aguirre
i have a ps4
manoel carlos
como e que muda a roupa
Dmitriy K.
I would definitely pay for an Android/iOS version of this oft forgotten and highly underrated mk videogame title... obviously, a turbo/run button is going to be added due to the slow nature of this port. 🤔😓😮🤣
Dmitriy K.
Does the ? mark and perhaps another secret slot turn into two more ultra hidden combatants...or is that just my imagination ? 🆒💯✌😸🍻☕
Gold Pikachu
You Unlock Sektor In Mk Deadly Alience Link
Thats pure laziness, plus some of these colors look silly or make me wanna throw.
I hated it coz there was no Sonya in this version.
Vanessa Aguirre
i hate this mortal kombat
G-Major Sareena?
Tomato Gang
George Francfort
Zombie Liu Kang is in the game confirmed.
Gold Pikachu
Unlock Hsu Hao Reptile Drahmin Sektor And ???