Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition - All Skins/Outfits (GBA)

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All character skins/outfits or should I say colours from Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition for the GBA.

mortal kombat tournament edition gba advance gameboy all skins outfits costumes

Elias Carrillo
Why are bo rai Cho and hsu hao in this. They could've had Sub zero and Kenshi
I prefer GBA over the console version honestly
Is there a code to unlock all the characters
Renatra Hafidh
All i do to win a match in this gamr is kick the enemy on the leg
CJR Onetwentyseven
I never played these versions. I really want to get copies of both of Deadly Alliance and Tournament Edition.
DooM DooMerson
Ok... CAN I UNLOCK EVERYTHING... ( weapon fatalities, characters, outfits etc.) WITHOUT HAVING TO LINK UP 2 GBA's??! I play on a DS lite, so I just wanna know if I can get it all on my own. Or am I gonna be missing chunks of unlockables? HELP
Vanessa Aguirre
i have a ps4
manoel carlos
como e que muda a roupa
Dmitriy K.
I would definitely pay for an Android/iOS version of this oft forgotten and highly underrated mk videogame title... obviously, a turbo/run button is going to be added due to the slow nature of this port. 🤔😓😮🤣
Dmitriy K.
Does the ? mark and perhaps another secret slot turn into two more ultra hidden combatants...or is that just my imagination ? 🆒💯✌😸🍻☕
Gold Pikachu
You Unlock Sektor In Mk Deadly Alience Link
Thats pure laziness, plus some of these colors look silly or make me wanna throw.
DD subscribers
G-Major Sareena?
Vanessa Aguirre
i hate this mortal kombat
George Francfort
Zombie Liu Kang is in the game confirmed.
Gold Pikachu
Unlock Hsu Hao Reptile Drahmin Sektor And ???