Limp Bizkit interview at Sonisphere Festival 2009

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Absolute Radio chats to Limp Bizkit at the Sonisphere Festival 2009. We've also got live audio from the festival, including Alien Ant Farm, Bullet for my Valentine, Feeder, Nine Inch Nails and Saxon at

Clarence The Mailman
Here's an idea, if people don't like their music, then don't watch videos of them or listen to it, stop litter erring comment sections with you childish bullshit?
Ric Flair's Blade
TUQTP2 and Stampede of the Disco Elephents :D haha Limp Bizkit 2012 :3
Joakim Paldanius
'dem FUCKIng pussy lickin' hip hop cock' suckin bitches!!
Joakim Paldanius
'dem FUCKIng pussy lickin' hip hop cock' suckin bitches!!
Sukram nitram
is he high? :D
@ToSwallowIsHonerable true
@ToSwallowIsHonerable bmth is for pussys... listen to some whitechapel or oceano.
Logan Kowarsky
0:51 Fred's talking voice drops 'in tune' with the feed back noise in the back ground. very subtle, wear headphones to hear it
fred's like 50 and still as cool as ever!!
@Nexlevelbassin too right i love limp bizkit! That limpdick bizshit are crap though aren't they? Music these days...
hes dreamy
Limp Bizket are shit.
Willa bema
Limp Bizkit, the greatest pop band ever!
I think the band is talented but you gotta love the fake hard ass - Fred Durst. Talk about one intimating dude that is from a wealthy suburb of Georgia, joins the Navy - Quits during Navy Boot Camp, and starts a band in Florida. America is the only place where you can be an absolute fuck up and still be successful.
carly fionrina is a skank
Wes Borland is totally Misunderstood
brady parsons
@TheOnlyPLatinum i clicked the wrong one i ment thumbs up
Tim Mason
wtf is he stoned or something, hes talking hell slow
@bckicksbutt i think that you are mistaking them with yourself ...
Ruby Rodd
geez, i fucking love this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@neard2000 You're probably right.
Koi No Yokan
why does everyone keep shitting on fred that he looks like shit he doesn't look that bad these days hes 39 almost 40 give him a break
Koi No Yokan
@MrAnderson1985 you sir are a fucking idiot
Bboy Corrosive
Crap questions, crap interviewer, nice to see em back.
Edmund Oetgen
It was all going well, then he mentioned BMTH....
@dennytothez he's 39
" You get the plant " :D
people, u forget the fact that fred durst is 40 years old now besides, they just got there and maybe they had a rough night the night before and when ur 40 years old ur not so energetic as an 22 year old after that
Ian Corcoran
i agree fred does seem alot different hes pure drowsy even his live performances are way different from the old days like wood stock 99 their still great tough their new album should be great the year of the cobra:)
@BodyBuilder454 My guess, heavy heavy coke usage or maybe meth.. but he's fucked up for sure. I'm sure it'll come out in the press sooner or later, then he'll be on celebrity rehab.
is Fred tweaking? He's all sucked up.
Dan Nekokashi
Come on limp bizkit!
Rikky Chillvais
"I like Bring Me The Horizon" - Wes Borland that is fucking awesome xD
Mei Lan Tan
WHAT THE HELL! Wes what happened to you??
I HATE PEOPLE WHO HATE PEOPLE you see the joke being that would mean i hate myself YOUVE JUST BEEN MINDFUCKED!!!! have a good day.
Good point =)
Haha, I thank you for making me laugh today, that was a good joke =D
@rangusroung: yeah man, i totally agree
@ Jawsusfreak777: he did not "diss" them, he merely gave his opinion on them
Fred looks annoyed with the interviewer, can't blame him.
Ahh Wes. Why did you cut your hair?!
App User
ummm....they never had it. Fred durst is a dickhead! And his lyrics are a sad attempt at sounding aggressive...and they just suck....ass.
Willa bema
God, look how gay Wes Borland looks!
Willa bema
I thought Fred Durst killed himself...........Oh well, I think he should.
they're so old :(
Tanduay Rham
Limb Bizkit SUCKSS
Junior Salazar
LIMP BIZKIT quiero escuchar su nueva musica yaaaaaaaaaaa
maybe because... he likes them?? slipknot dissed them, and they like slipknot.
Paul Boyer
Estimated arrival of the new album now, from the mouth of Fred is December.
they come back "next summer" with new album? is it right? again? in Europe? O.o Omg :D next concert! cool!
tuami melapelas
limpbizkit is back to rock the shit out your head boy. thats got to be something to witnes
lol what war?
How could he not ask about the war between Bizkit and machine head? WTF!
I'm so excided, that you will go in studio in few days, wohooooooooo
Haters gon' hate..