This Mod adds in Lucky Blocks based on delicious doritos! Jen's Channel! />EPIC SHIRTS! />Our Book! />Instagram! />Like my Facebook! />Twitter! />Lucky Block Mars: /> In this 1.8 Lucky Block Doritos Mod Showcase: This Minecraft Mod is based on Doritos! You can get epic weapons and armor made of Doritos and Mountain Dew! There are also deadly mobs and explosions if you are unlucky! Intro by: />Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: /> />Follow Spag Heddy: /> /> In this 1.12.2 Living Blocks Mod Showcase: This Minecraft Mod adds in mobs that are made of blocks! They have crazy abilities and are super powerful! You will not survive this challenge! Intro by: />Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: /> />Follow Spag Heddy: /> /> Royalty Free Music by

Yup...a Doritos Lucky Block lol
Owen Sakverson
🤔 👕 👖 👞 This is Nathan he's 8 years old 1 like 1 more age for Nathan
While i was eating chocolate JEN suddenly said DIARRHEA And i quickly threw my chocolates RIP Chocolates 2018-2018
Tammy Cramer
I love you and Jen because you make me laugh 100’000 likes
SwordBearer Gaming
Hmm... Someone might get diarrea literally. 5:54
Best ROBLOX Finder
*_Sucribe Taou Papolormos_* Edit: just messing with stuff :D
Renee Vantress
Baja=Baha wrong pronouncing. Sorry that really bugged me
jackie platt
Million Zombie
When you fight a boss with the block the boss is in the bag :3
Shana Vlogs
Pat: the block was called diorieos Jen: diarrhea!?? Pat: diorieos Jen: no no no it's diarrhea 😂 😂 😂
DooM NEPHi7iM _
Jen :Omg it's gorgeous Pat:Omg its deadly XD LOL
I came here after watching a vid where pat acted the villager dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Katie Marderness
Pat I love you and Jen can you do this agien
Julie Kehm
Pat:Do not hit me because I'm beautiful! **Evil Jen spawns and hits pat**
Ryan Is an idiot
jen: now the some ones gonning to make the dirrahr lucky block me: opens minecraft mod maker
Reagan Brooks
I was eating Doritos when I watched this
Gacha Unicorn Lover with Vlogs
Do-ri-tos thats how you pronounced it pag jenoob
Kana Veksu
Dorito lucky block bed war plis
Gacha Kate
Lol I'm eating Doritos right now Love your videos And I'm laughing
its pronounced baha but spelled baja just a heads up like if u agree GO PAT AND JEN I just bought your book and its amazing!!!!!
Charlotte Trautman
i'm drinking Mtn Dew while watching dis
Kayte jb
6:45 I love how pat said Baja 🤣🤣
Maria Braud
Its pronounced ba-ha-blast
cool dude
Best intro ever 😂😂(so funny)
Lulema Folres
You are my favorite YouTuber of every single YouTuber 10 out of 10 keep up the good work
Dawnlee Higginbotham
Say (dor-ri-toes
pinky pie perna
Do you mean doritos my favorite i will go crazy for it you mean cray cray
Cristian Banuelos
or "don't HASTE me *drums roll*
J.P.'s Videos
*zombie spawns* Jen: oooooooooooo Pat: ahhhhhhhhhhh
Yeet life
Im late. But i love you guys so much. Edit: i liked my own comment cause no one else will.
the way they said Baja 🤣
The gamer And friends
OMG 😮 yes cool 😎 ranch is the best flavor. For once jen got something right
The Blue Piky Debek
Jen stole your voltage helmet punish her by putting ice in her dress Btw I am joking but tell her that you stole my voltage helmet.
Kai Wee
Nice 8h and ykw is the show yo kai watch <3
Matt Yoder
Warning: Doritos may cause side affects like: MLG level over 9000 Savage level over 9000 And finally, Diarrhea
Christian Shirk
U said Baja wrong it is pronounced like baha
Ta'Nyhka Prieto-Pitts
Lollipopchainsaw pleasedon't let jen too use it
Dorito taco originated from Taco Bell
animalluver31 Da bomb
the way you pronounce it is not baaja it's a Baja it's blast it's a Baja blast Baja ( ba-ha )
The Mini Watermelon
Who else was kinda cringing when he said Baja 😂 btw its pronounced Ba HA Pat 😂 fails make the vids better and i love you guys!
Lulu Pearse
P Pa Pat Pat a Pat an Pat and Pat and j Pat and Jen Pat and Jen a Edit:this wasn’t much work
Hannah Gee
Jen. I got Appel pine Pat there is no apple pie
now I want to see the that lucky block
Usillybro Bro
Baja is is spainish it’s pronounced baha
pokerxninja playz
U guys should make some plushes
Randi Storle
I was eating Doritos while watching this!😂😂
ItsDeerCraft Roblox_YT
Jen never tried to eat the dorito
Theary -Vanthan
Here’s how you pronounce it. Di-o-ros
Simon Cheetham
You have the best intro
Love these mod show cases. Like if you agree
Illiden Aragon
It's pronaousted baha but it sounds like baja
Stuart Cornish
I love 💖 this mode showcase
veera veera
Friend me in roblox name glliter fairy doll
Hope Heathers
Why do I suddenly want Doritos
ITS BAHA BLAST BUT SPELLED BAjA sorry just noticed in caps
Angelica chalista
What is jen favorite animal buy the way?
Macie KP
It’s pronounced (ba-ha) not (ba-Ja) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but Ily guys so much and I read your book
Jessica Soucie
My favorite chips are Doritos
Gordon Johnson
I luv yr vititosee Mi name is owen I luv you
No Name
Pat not to be mean but your prounouncing baja WRONG its pronounced (ba-ha). and do you even mountin dew bro???
Shane Booker
baja blast is pronounced baha blast
Tammy Cloete
You guys are the best I watch your vids every second of the day and night.
Alisha Brown
It's not pronounced Baja just lookatit like baha😁
It's really big that's what she said
Kairi Gastelum
🤔lol 👕sorry 👖pop 👞sock
Torrence Robinson
My favorite Dorito is cool ranch
Chara J.
Jen, I completely agree with you. I am in LOVE with the Cool Ranch Doritos! And, I also lub all of your videos! On both channels!
Chris Saffert
Why did you not say bootafull XD 😂 lol
Lesly Vazquez
And I am sick and don't feel good so I'm watching you Vida all day AND MY DAD CANT SAY ENEYTHING CUZ IMMMM SIIICKKKK
General Grievous The leader of the Droid Army
The Mtn. Dew drink is pronounced Ba-Ha blast.
Natalie Lima
Jen: Cool Ranch are the best Me: *chews and swallows a cool ranch Doritos* I know right Jen
Subscribe to Snow_Pizza
Lol! And when he gave her the spare 'Jen Head' she took his Voltage Helmet bc it disappeared XD
Nena Castillo
Jen, Pat, it's pronounced Baha, but it's spelled Baja
Dalila Godinez
LOL the intro
Rebecca Sambrook
Ken took your voltage helmet
Automated Scale
I love your videos so much ❤️
Zenaida Tamondong
[email protected]#$%^&*()
Sneha Shekar
Nainoah Macugay
Pat it’s pronounced like it’s spelled BAHA because it’s Hispanic. Hope that helped
Der Wolf Gaming
Baja is pronounced Bah-ha.
Rodel Bulagao
I heard a fart when you said new york apple
Jen ..."no!, no no diarrhea lucky block! Me: ._.
Jasper Ulin
Yeah pat i love your shows and lukey blocks
Gaming with Isha
Do you become savage when you put on the cloud helmet
Your Girl Denise The Savage
Jen: what wonderful day! Pat:OMG ITS A DEFINITELY BE NOT A GOOD DAY!?!?!?!😩😩😩😩😩
David Hernandez
at first, i thought the chicken was a toilet
*Saturn Wolfix*
Pat u no notice Jen took your Voltage helmet
The awesome L
Tamro is the first day of vacashin
Creeper _coolnes
Where are the new crafting dead episodes?
Cathy Jones
Sup you are amazing and I love you
مرضیه مومنی
pat jen takeed one of your wipen agin
DeXd D
Diaria lucky block Later:the new diaria lucky block open it KABOOM poop everywhere
Vaughn Chambers
Jen said unlucky 2×
Pat is the best youtuber! Like if you agree!
Epic Chill Noob
Inmagine there was a BIG BIG BIG purple derito sword that was named oofff 1000 Damage: infinity
Molly Kliment-Jenkins
:p*droling all over the screen*
she drop's datsatoilet
ashlynn love simpson
i was eating Doritos and then i saw this lol
One Diarrhea Lucky Block mod, coming right up.
Mukta Hashim
VMe and my mates used to call my other mate George Dorito King