Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo (Full Double Album)

Double Live Gonzo Released: 1978 Label: Epic Produced By: Tom Werman & Lew Futterman Track List 1. Just What The Doctor Ordered ( 00:00 ) 2. Yank Me, Crank Me ( 5:26 ) 3. Gonzo ( 9:56 ) 4. Baby Please Don't Go ( 13:55 ) (Written by Big Joe Williams) 5. Great White Buffalo ( 20:00 ) 6. Hibernation ( 26:28 ) 7. Stormtroopin' ( 43:18 ) 8. Stranglehold ( 52:04 ) 9. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang ( 1:03:18 ) 10. Cat Scratch Fever ( 1:09:32 ) 11. Motor City Madhouse ( 1:14:22 ) All songs written by Ted Nugent except where noted Personnel Derek St. Holmes - Rythm Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals Ted Nugent - Lead Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Arrangements Rob Grange - Bass Cliff Davies - Drums, Backing Vocals Theodore Anthony Nugent (born December 13, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter, musician from Redford, MI

Dan Calestini
Anyone that doesn't like this album is no fan of rock N roll and definitely no friend of mine 😜
Its so crazy........but I like it!!!!!!! Just what the doctor ordered
Darrell Butcher
Best album ever, I grew up with Uncle Ted. Doing some remodeling to the house and listening to Ted !
Johnny Mata
Oh, Man! One of The Best Double Live Albums To Ever Be Recorded!! I Purchased The Album Back In 1978.
Brendan Willms
Joey Diaz brought me here!! haha
Michael B Glovier
Haven't listened to this in 20 plus years OMG this shit still rocks.
Al East
I grew up with this Masterpiece of Hard Rock Music - the sound of the free world. Nugent is one of the best and greatest Hard Rock Performer and "Double Live Gonzo" is one of the best Hard Rock Live albums ever. The screams on the album are legendary. - Shake it ! Thanks for loading this fantastic album and also thanks to YT for a little but important piece of freedom. -
trent eltchel
Joey Diaz brought me here
So great loved it my whole life! Such energy!
Robert Burke
"Anybody who wants to get mellow can turn around and get the f**k out of here!" Classic Nugent at his best!!
Domenic Vitanza
All these years later this is still one of the greatest double live lps ever made.
leif helles
This Live and Thin Lizzy´s "Live and dangerous" I´ll never get tired off.
V Ghost
Greatest live album EVER!!
This album is tremendous.
drew sale
Incredible live album. So glad to have discovered Uncle Ted!
Rick Richter
THE NUGE! Man, he sure can play that guitar.
You'd think U-Tube could wait till the music stops before they run a commercial
Tyrone Stien JacksonBerg
1:04:10 This is a little love song! I'd like to dedicate this to all that Nashville Pussy! This is a little love song called Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang!!
Best live album ever!! Used to have the album.Now have CD that's worn out.Now listen to it here and Spotify.Never get tired of this album.
Tim Hoover
Now you see This here guitar right here, now do you see it?😎
Tommy Kealty
I love this album saw Ac/Dc opened for him with Bon Scott
Mark Bartlett
My first vinyl album purchase when I was about 12 years old. Everything else has paled in comparison since, as far as Kick-Ass rock and roll. This is the album I put on when I want it loud and intense.
moo cow
my favourite live album of all time !!
I've see Ted so many times live I can't count. Partying in the parking lot!  I miss those days. Music cranked al over.
Jason Lee !
You can hear that this is really live.....no fix its or touch ups....
laurent delafontaine
dommage qu il soit chasseur et fan d armes ....pour la ziq ç est le top
Skümmtööns '66
That tone he gets out of that Gibson byrdland is incredible. Old school feedback, skill, & volume! The solo on "Stormtroopin' " has always been my favorite 👍👍
My go to in the 70s while my friends listened to Fleetwood Mac!?? Go figure? Uncle Ted put on a helluva show in Springfield, Ill-noise!!
1:07:40-1:09:00 Most high energy,ass kicking guitar solo EVER.See you in big bear Teddy !!
thomas danz
motor city madman is awesome in concert
Abram van der Fluit
I don't listen to this album often, but when I do... so does the whole neighborhood!
Dianno Di Bella
Am I the only one who caught Derek st. Holmes say bite my bonio!!!
mark horton
I remember getting this record when it came out. It literally blew every other live album right out of the water.
Raymond Lawson
Ted if you videotape this double live gonzo! Please send it to me! It's the #1.of all concerts!
Jason D. Reese
Ted, at the peak of his career. Not forgetting, Derek St. Holmes. This is the 3rd greatest rock live recording, ever.
Darrell Shopbell
Fckin A, best album I've heard.
Raymond Lawson
It would be thee #1 Of All time's.❤
Troy Ryan
Ted Nugent is the original rap star. He even raps on his guitar.
andrew thorogate
Teds mentaal!! but he f..king rocks,that will do for me son!!
Samuel Ramírez
Ted at his best...!!! Derek St. Holmes...!!! One of the best live rock albums ever!!! Many reasons...
Best album ever made. Thanks for putting it up.
Jacques Dulac
I'm not a fan of his political views but the guy knows how to rock! Love it!
Bryan Johnson
Excellent , thanks for posting.
lenny greathead
wat a great album had it but lost it
J.M. van der Velde
The best live album. Thank you Ted.
Paris is in Trouble.......Play this an be apart of HISTORY MAKING......
Kevin Ostberg
100 Dislikes?... Vurt Da Furk!??? What-ever. I'm going into Hibernation baby!!!
Keenan Neighbors
Rob Grange just brought me here after a long chat on facebook
Thanks Dude!!!
Giulio Grifi
John Smith
Blows Frampton comes alive away! Number one live album!
thomas danz
thank you classic rock for the excellent upload of the motor city mad man
One of *THE GREATEST LIVE ALBUMS* ever recorded !!!
great outdoors
One sick dude!!
This is definitely one of the best live albums of all time... along with "Unleashed in the East: Live in Japan" by Judas Priest. I bought them both on vinyl back in the day... then again on CD later on in life.
C. C.
And keep in mind - THIS guy hasn't been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...but David Crosby has. Twice. #fuckjannwennerwithabroomstick
I've always loved Ted musically,, AND for his unfaltering excising of his freedom of speech,,even if I don't agree with everything he sez,,,BUT one thing is for sure,,THIS should be called "Derek St. Holmes LIVE !"
Uncle Ted.
Cj Nealy
Michael Francis
Saw him on this Tour - It was my First Concert !!! It was Legs Diamond, Golden Earring and Ted, (Legs Diamond was booed off the Stage) Great Rowdy Show !!!
Ted Nugent
All the other rock stars called him "Stinky" im jus sayin
sergio tavares
one of my fav live albuns too!....
Bob Jones
top 10 albums of all time
oldguyrules Weyerman
I put this on so many cassettes, kept waring them out.
Joey Diaz did NOT being me here! I had this album on 8 track when I was in 6th grade! This was the shit!! I was 12 or 13 years old!
Clint Allphin [TE]
Louder?? OMG YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!
Cesar Ramirez
One of my first albums... Good old days....
Vinny Angell
Valter Monegalgia
Tenho esse vinil você pira muito som
-David Tate
Ive seen o Ted.Hes Great,
Wayne Bhase
The solo from Rock & Roll Led Zeppelin can almost perfectly be dubbed over this solo. I can't remember the key for Rock N Roll, but the last part is exactly the same as far as timing/sequence. But of course, Page was 5x the guitarist Nugent was. But politically speaking, I'll take Ted! Go get em' Ted.
Quatrane Littlefoot
wonder what genre this will wind up?? lol love the nuge
Robert Lansing
man i remember listening to this as a boy in my bedroom on my brother's record player - if anyone interrupted the whole thing start to finish i'd scream like crazy - then my brother came in like 'its my stereo' and i clocked him - i think ted would have been proud as hell
Very good stuff!
''I fingerbanged so many chicks to Ted Nugent'' -Joey
Jeff Phillips
Still as it was then one of the great party albums!!!
Edward Anthony Leone
Back in my HS days, I'd get STONED, put on my headphones and put this album on the turntable. Or riding around in my Camero, listening on cassette. Great live music from Uncle Ted & Derick St Holmes that will stand the test of time for old rock fans like me.
Stray Dog Crew
Terrible Teddy at his best
Brett Houston Tube
Best live album in the history of history! Just what the Dr ordered. Ted is the one cat that always sounded better "live" than in the studio.
ryan polacek
the only album I had when I was a kid besides aerosmith live bootleg, I wore this album out and bought a new one
David Michaelsen
Awesome live album
Jeff Davis
Rock and roll
Jeff Davis
Rock and roll
David Best
Too many stories and a few pictures of my good friend Ted. First heard this album though at the age of 10. My dad had a great album collection and an old (to get stereo for radio you had to dial one channel on AM and other on FM) floor model system.. I had much better systems after that but I never heard a needle skip on that old one from too much volume. lol
helio junior
lamentavel......parei de escutar uma sonzeira,só pelos anuncios cortantes
Best. Live. Album. Ever!
Robert Nantz
Wore out the album as a kid then cassette.. Now can't find it on CD :-(
John Smith
I still remember going to the party spots at the lakes and resvoviors as a 13 yo tagging with the bikers n heads and all this HOT cool chicks wearing Nugent concert t shirts with no bra! Haha
Joey motherfuckin Diaz
thomas danz
Ted Nugent is awesome in concert
Ray Wright
above the canyon wall...
Matt Roehr, also known as Gonzo, guitarist of the best band of this world, böhse onkelz (bahd unclez), got his nickname because he carried exactly THIS album in a plastic bag through the entire city of Frankfurt back in 1980. Just sayin
world badminton
stranglehold very very good perfect music
B Arends
Claudio Casemiro
Sinceramente, é a primeira vez que ouço um álbum ao vivo do Ted, bom pra caralho!
Cj Nealy
Dan Cactus
Ted nugent voice sucks, When Derek stops singing the band fall apart
I was at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tn the night part of the live show was recorded for this album.
Mark Thompson
Just start listening to Uncle Ted music all albums ND songs mlnd blowing