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Evanescence - What You Want - />Rock the City - Tuborg Greenfest Bucuresti, Romania - Romexpo - 01.07.2012

Caitlin Dunn
The drums dominate this song, it's awesome. Will Hunt is seriously the best!
Will Hunt is incredible...he brings maximum energy to every song he plays. The epitome of what a drummer should be!
Hugo Rezende
Wacthing will i totally forgot that Amy Lee was singing... such an  explosive drummer !
Dhany Sofyan
Thor playing drum
The comments are 80% Will, 20% Amy
CheW BaCCa
Will Hunt, BEAST!
Same as others have said. That drummer....holy shit!
Folks , this is TAKE NO PRISONERS DRUMMING ! Will Hunt is on a mission to put the band and everyone there OVER THE EDGE !!! Killer band in every sense , on every level .
She has a very strong voice
Michael AKA King Panda
Lol. That Michael Myers mask just chilling out on the speaker.
S. Droguett
Tear down the walls and free your soul <3
This is the best version of this song!!! :D
Nitisak Rungrueang
will hunt!!!!!
Larry Pitts
Will is f'n awesome! I remember seeing him play in clubs when he was 16 to 18 years old. He was awesome then and has done nothing but tremendously improve. Always fun to watch him play
She has a very strong voice
Yohan Mayorga
2:37 <3
_·Банда Rockовые Drakоны·_
Amy - The Best!*
Belladonna Noir
I remember being entertained as hell by Will when I saw them live because he just goes so crazy.
Oliver Cordeiro
Mike Oliveira
Meu que demais! Essa banda manda muito bem em todos os apesctos esse ultimo deles esta demais! Surpreendeu!
Xoop Immo8883
I know he is such a beast on drum. But this? Damnnn!!
Jakob S.
I meet Will at the Musikmesse Frankfurt this year
E- Addict
That's what i call Explosive performance! <3 Amy Lee
This is awesome! I Love her outfit! It's also enjoyable watching how much fun she's having!
Lady Aine
Amy!!!! Fã brasileira aqui o///////////
marie L
Amy had her "Mariah Carey" moment. @ 2:45.
-agustinelvive -
I can't enjoy more this song ♡
Mike Oliveira
will hunt!!!!!
Wuhuuu ı like her dress so gothic :D
Shihi Mase
Cristiana Andreea
Cand mai vine? :D
Andra Ariadna Official
Oh God.. Take me back to this day.. I felt so alive!!!
Kick ass
παλίκαρος!!! χαχα!!
marianna marianna
Will Hunt kills!!!
Ross Shimer
Will hunt is a badass drummer
jefferson coelho
will hunt touches too much trouble best of the band !! of Brazil !!
Is the drummer wearing an Attack On Titan vest?
Eric Smith
Taylor Hawkins, move over.
Andre Machado
baixou o Santo no batera ele ta locao kkkkk top evanescence
Wes Sol
will hunt...the BEAST
Suely Abreu
Adoro Evanescence 🤘
Nicolas Poulot
Mdr enfin un vrai batteur
크... 직접 보고 싶다
daniel louden
Sexy outfit Amy Lee
Ferhat Ayçiçek
Andre Machado
a amy lee também ta locona
Hakan Şahin
Şebnem Ferah değil mi ya bu ?
Larry Lindgren
Another horrible sound mixing job.  How some of these guys keep getting job I don't know.
Sam Bell
It’s interesting how someone mentioned the attention being on will , I found I’m not the only one when I watch the videos That spends most of my time watching will , at first it was Amy until I discovered will was back there throwing down now it’s like 80% watching will, what an incredible drummer🙏✌️
Alex V
Nich die Aldde sollte sollte nicht die ganze Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, sondern der Schlagzeuger. Selten jemand so heftig Trommeln gesehen. Da konnte ich meinen Blick gar nicht von abwenden^^
Fernando Garavito
Demasiada energia en una sola cancion!