Helplessly Hoping - Suddenly Years Align (SYA)

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Cover - Helplessly Hoping Crosby, Stills and Nash SYA Sophie de Graaf Amanda Muller Yvonne Leek

Suddenly Years Align
Dear listeners, Thank you so much for your kind words! We feel very honoured this version of this beautiful song is appreciated. It's really something special so many people have watched our video and that some of you took the time to write something nice about it. We just recorded a live Cd in the studio with covers and songs of our own. When it's finished we'll post some more videos of what we've recorded.  Lots of love, SYA
The girl in the middle actually looks like Natalie Portman from Annihilation, where this song played. So strange, haha.
Paul MacInnis
Three beautiful women,three beautiful voices,one legendary song. It doesn't get any better. Brava ladies.
Al Law
Just stopped by because of C,S and N. You ladies made this old guy tear up a bit with that rendition of a song I have loved forever. Going to check out your other stuff now. Thank you. You ladies are greatness.
Jon atthebeach
Very brave to cover a song with some of the best harmony in music history. You have impressed my ears. Please do more!
Regan Orr
You ladies are much prettier than Crosby Still and Nash! Beautiful rendition of Great Ballad! Too bad more groups do not play this wonderful music anymore!
Rick Tanega
Stunningly Beautiful! ,,, and the music was nice, as well. (65yo man, Original CSN fan, you Ladies were XLNT! What a Lovely treat.) Fondest Aloha,🌺🌺🌺🤙
James Durkee
Marisa Tomei, Natalie Portman, and Gwyneth Paltrow would be cast in a movie about SYA.
Island life
Most excellent girls- fantastic flawless cover !
Andrew C.
Helplessly looking at three beautiful women who have good vocal apparatuses.
SeaTeam Management
Nice rendition, very well done girls. Especially good to see a younger crowd embracing some of the classic old hippie songs. You're harmony is fantastic.
William Cronin
I'd like to move to Utah and make them my WIVES!!
Megan Czapla
Such a beautiful song...y'all did it justice. Thanks for sharing.
Ikaro Bagano
angels can sing? i guess this is the answer
anshuman sinha
fingerpicking is immaculate
Drew CI
HOLY SH!TT! I just inadvertently came upon this, WOW!! What gorgeous sound these 3 make together!! WOW!!
Drew Malcolm
This is about to get a lot more plays thanks to the Annihilation movie
Mr G
Beautiful on every level.
Tommy B
Are we positive that the girl in the middle is NOT Natalie Portman?
Matteo Colanfrancesco
Seriously!? someone gave this a dislike!????? This is the best cover on the internet
Daveyjo Weaver
WOW! You gals are excellent! I am an instant fan. As a guitar player and a child of the 60s, you gals are right on. Thank You Kindly for bringing light into our world. Your spirits in which you sing indeed shine. Thanks again! DaveyJO in Pennsylvania
Ed Olearczyk
Make me wish I were single and 24 again. Hope my wife doesn't see this.
Katherine Goard
I was skeptical, but was in awe of you three ladies. Keep up the great work!
Wolfgang Eckhardt
Glenn Jones
As a lifelong musician, I can appreciate what you have invested in this excellent performance. This song is one of my favorites. I do it with my daughters. I have experienced this song as a spontaneous eruption amoung twenty musicians singing it on a warm Thanksgiving Sunday morning while camping and celebrating life in a West Virginia hollow. It resides in my heart. Thank you for your beautiful rendition and diligent effort in producing it.
What a great rendition of one of my favorite songs. Somehow all three of you manage to come across as warm and genuine without actually establishing that in an empirical way, and of course you're all gorgeous. But there's something inviting about you just sitting there and singing. Really draws you in.
Thank you so much. Simply superb.
gary price
soothing like Alison krauss very nice loved it
gabe gaudet
wow... awesome!!!
Mike Lopez
Good job! Great!
Kolin Mademe
You are winning if you are watching/listening to this! <3
Sasindu Hansamal Ganegoda
Annihilation brings me here😍😍
Fantastic cover of a Beautiful song by Beautiful people .....
Saved as a favorite.
You are wonderful, wonderful song and wonderful your interpretation .... I am Italian and I love Crosby, Stills & Nash - Grateful Dead - James Taylor - Rickie Lee Jones etc ....
SoCal Nel
Stumbled on this today. Beautiful. Lovely harmonies and fingerpicking. And one of my favorite CSN songs.
Martin Joseph
Wow! Didn't think this song could get any better but it did! Amazing vocals - even without Steven Still's haunting vocal it carries all of the emotion of the original.. Great work xx
Ooooooh woooow this is amazing, middle chick you actually look like Natalie Portman, this song is in a film called annihilation.
They should have put this in anihilation instead of the original, you three are so extremely talented and amazing at singing
Guido Rovelli
Felt in love in zero seconds. You are delicious.
Lando Lang
Wonderful voices in beautiful perfect unison and harmony! Excellent cover ladies!!!
Jay G.
Three young amazing young ladies who brought back memories of this song when I was their age, in world that was on edge, and a generation that wanted to express themselves with their own unique music.
I Am Klipklop
the gazing dead eyes xD great doubt..its just funny to look
Beautiful, tight harmonies to a truly great song! Really nice job!!! :)
Paul Orquiza
3 beautiful ladies singing a classic of an iconic band, very nice to see.
Stefan K
Awesome cover version! The best one i've ever heard!
Jim Carson
What a gift this is!!!!!
Dan holland
On point
Smarter Thanthewood
Great job !... beautiful harmonies!..
Kevin Kearney
The Best use of alliteration you will ever hear. Best cover of this song, in my book. Awesome!!!
Margaret Morris
So amazing. It makes my heart warm.
Paul Nolan
friggin very nice ty girls
Miistah Flowaahs
You women sound absolutely gorgeous. Look nice too!
Julian Rowland
Texas Commtech
I think I was 15 when they produced this song. The 60's and 70's were the best years of my life, and I think, for the US, excluding the Viet Nam war. Very nice would have been very beautiful hippie girls. I'm glad to see and hear the music still living. Subbing and liking, for sure!
I got goose bumps the minute they started singing. Great cover!
Drew Malcolm
Great song great performance
Ingo Regenfelder
Einfach nur wunderschön
Its Me
Beautiful! Who is the angel playing guitar?
chris janowksi
Wow.... great job with a very difficult song. You 3 nailed it!
takes guts to do it...thanks
for all of you confused college kids and confused individuals who think feminism is some political ideology that is about being ugly and proud or about fulfilling some sort of perverted sexual fantasies homo or else-wise. this is a good example of true feminism. this is very effeminate. thank you for setting a good example of real true feminism.
Eduardo Ojeda
Great voices, great performance and what amazes me most is watching 3 lovely girls singing a song from the 70s... I guess you were not even born when CSN wrote this song; where you?
Gang Of Four
Great vocal harmony ladies. Beautiful.
Rico Suave
Will you guys marry me?
Typha Band
upvotes for gods sake. Magic.
Excellent job girls ! ❣️
Mark Thorp
One word...Beautiful ...all :)
Nick R
Best cover for sure, good job ladies very inspirational cover
Michael Wilson
Brian Dick
WOW Not much else I can say
Joseph Strolin
Mysterious Tony
Wow...the most beautiful teeth I've ever seen...
R Potter
A great old tune from my childhood sang by three angels. Awesome work ladies.
Jess Banner
"They are three together..." but they really do sound like one! So beautiful - I'm so glad I found you girls. Thank you! ~J e s s
wayne lyon
Wonderful !Maybe the only version I've heard that"s on a level w/CSN.Beautiful fingerpicking.Thanks girls,you made my day.
trencher man
such a beautiful trio and sound
Kevin Courcey
Very nice! Impeccable guitar playing, perfect harmonies. Especially liked the "Four for each other" harmony. Great job.
steven sanchez
It takes a lot of guts to cover what I consider to be one of, if not Stephen Stills best works and recordings. Well done ladies!
Bob Jones
There are three sets or parents very proud of you ladies. Very well done and thank you very much for recording this. You are all great! :)
Quit lookin' at me.
although the guitar adds deep and rich harmony, it is the harmony of the human voice that strikes a chord within us all. this song always brings a tear to my eye because it reminds me of my parents. this version made me cry....
You nailed it! Three solid harmony parts in perfect concert. I love your finger picking-- so well done and clean technique. I thank you!
Beautiful in so many ways.
H.M. de Visser
Lyrics: Helplessly hoping Her harlequin hovers nearby Awaiting a word Gasping at glimpses Of gentle true spirit He runs, wishing he could fly Only to trip at the sound of good-bye Wordlessly watching He waits by the window And wonders At the empty place inside Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams He worries Did he hear a good-bye? Or even hello? They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other Stand by the stairway You'll see something Certain to tell you confusion has its cost Love isn't lying It's loose in a lady who lingers Saying she is lost And choking on hello They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other Categorie Muziek Licentie Standaard YouTube-licentie Muziek 'Helplessly Hoping' van Crosby, Stills & Nash (Google Play • iTunes)
Ross Porter
That was the most beautiful rendition/cover of this song I've ever heard. Your harmonies are divine. Thank you so much for sharing!
Jason Boone
Beauty in it's many forms!
Capt Bill’s that simple
This is lovely. A great cover!
Sounds Nice and Peaceful...good harmony...nice looking girls too :)
Alan Yoder
Truly wonderful.
Thank you
B Dunn
Nice !!
Smokey Bear And Va Mom
Mercy,what pipes! Great stuff
It is possible to be too good looking. Had to close my eyes because the music was not registering in the crinkles of my cerebellum.
George Vangordon jr
Well done ladies
Christian Uria
Wow this is really breathtaking, Amanda Muller you have my heart. <3
David Francazio
Beautifully done, clean harmonies and refreshing. Nice job.
Blaze Lazarus
If I was Mormon I would marry all 3 of them