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Cover - Helplessly Hoping Crosby, Stills and Nash SYA Sophie de Graaf Amanda Muller Yvonne Leek

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Suddenly Years Align
Dear listeners, Thank you so much for your kind words! We feel very honoured this version of this beautiful song is appreciated. It's really something special so many people have watched our video and that some of you took the time to write something nice about it. We just recorded a live Cd in the studio with covers and songs of our own. When it's finished we'll post some more videos of what we've recorded.  Lots of love, SYA
Lisa Milena
I love it!! The recording is excellent! My questions are; Did you record live or lip sync to your recordings? Just curious as most singers do this on YouTube.
Its Me
Beautiful! Who is the angel playing guitar?
Jay G.
Three young amazing young ladies who brought back memories of this song when I was their age, in world that was on edge, and a generation that wanted to express themselves with their own unique music.
DAB Annecy guitare
very nice job !
The girl in the middle actually looks like Natalie Portman from Annihilation, where this song played. So strange, haha.
Eduardo Ojeda
Great voices, great performance and what amazes me most is watching 3 lovely girls singing a song from the 70s... I guess you were not even born when CSN wrote this song; where you?
Brian Dick
WOW Not much else I can say
Holy Shit!
Andrew C.
Helplessly looking at three beautiful women who have good vocal apparatuses.
J. Lang
Wonderful voices in beautiful perfect unison and harmony! Excellent cover ladies!!!
Ikaro Bagano
angels can sing? i guess this is the answer
Jose Andrade
Brilliant! If you think this is an easy task, just give it a try. Then you will know. Congratulations!
judi young
anshuman sinha
fingerpicking is immaculate
Al Law
Just stopped by because of C,S and N. You ladies made this old guy tear up a bit with that rendition of a song I have loved forever. Going to check out your other stuff now. Thank you. You ladies are greatness.
Next Dixie Chicks???
Katherine Goard
I was skeptical, but was in awe of you three ladies. Keep up the great work!
john e Lawler
first time I have seen or heard of them & I like what I hear
Joe Framo
Oh I love the way you did it that's even as good or better than Crosby Stills and Nash excellent ladies excellent
Steve Walker
excepcional. Saludos desde españa
ArcAngel_ Michael
Great job !... beautiful harmonies!..
Si j'ose dire
Beautiful voices, that sounds so good, bravo! I invite you to hear my songs, on my channel.
Matteo Colanfrancesco
Seriously!? someone gave this a dislike!????? This is the best cover on the internet
Tommy B
Are we positive that the girl in the middle is NOT Natalie Portman?
Phil Morrison
Phil Morrison
Thank you!
Martin Joseph
Wow! Didn't think this song could get any better but it did! Amazing vocals - even without Steven Still's haunting vocal it carries all of the emotion of the original.. Great work xx
Joe Pruessner
Beautiful rendition of a beautiful song
R Potter
A great old tune from my childhood sang by three angels. Awesome work ladies.
Thomas Riccardi
Brilliantly done!, you all have God given talent.
Julian Rowland
Gerald Hartley
That was just wonderful. Great voices and guitar work! I felt like the 3 of you were staring into my soul. ;)
A lovely rendition of one of my favorite songs...
You nailed it! Three solid harmony parts in perfect concert. I love your finger picking-- so well done and clean technique. I thank you!
Guido Rovelli
Felt in love in zero seconds. You are delicious.
Fantastic cover of a Beautiful song by Beautiful people .....
I got goose bumps the minute they started singing. Great cover!
Ed Olearczyk
Make me wish I were single and 24 again. Hope my wife doesn't see this.
All three equally astonishingly beautiful and good voices, good job ladies.
It is possible to be too good looking. Had to close my eyes because the music was not registering in the crinkles of my cerebellum.
loran popol
great voice and pretty girls !!
Ricardo Blanc
Glenn Jones
As a lifelong musician, I can appreciate what you have invested in this excellent performance. This song is one of my favorites. I do it with my daughters. I have experienced this song as a spontaneous eruption amoung twenty musicians singing it on a warm Thanksgiving Sunday morning while camping and celebrating life in a West Virginia hollow. It resides in my heart. Thank you for your beautiful rendition and diligent effort in producing it.
S Rowe
A truly beautiful, heartfelt cover of a simple but easy-to-screw-up CSN song (my favorite, actually). I've not heard of SYA before now, but have a feeling I'm going to see your name and hear your music a lot more in the future. Best regards, and take care.
I think i've listened to your cover more times than i have listened the original song. That's just shows how good your performance was. Also i think i'm in love with the girl in the middle...
Bob Jones
There are three sets or parents very proud of you ladies. Very well done and thank you very much for recording this. You are all great! :)
Willy Makeit
Simply breathtaking
Disc Chords
Well done ladies. So good to see/hear this brilliant music is still being kept alive by younger generations like yourselves...*applause*
I was going to skip it but then they started to sing º_º
Kevin Courcey
Very nice! Impeccable guitar playing, perfect harmonies. Especially liked the "Four for each other" harmony. Great job.
Robert Marcotte
Sweet vocals, y'all nailed this classic song Ladies ~!~
Beautiful to my ears and eyes, thank you
Wow, there actually IS some talent on YouTube! I knew it had to be somewhere!!! Beautiful harmonies!!!
Thank you so very much.
Stephen King
Voices of angels
Jerry Woods
Awesome ladies !!!! Bring back good memories, thank you for sharing !!!
Mr G
Beautiful on every level.
Beautiful sound just beautiful.
Radityo Wicaksono
is that marisa tomei
Loved !!
Jack Fles
You ladies are great; I love listening. thank you so much. Jack Fles, Gardiner Maine
wayne lyon
Wonderful !Maybe the only version I've heard that"s on a level w/CSN.Beautiful fingerpicking.Thanks girls,you made my day.
Stefan K
Awesome cover version! The best one i've ever heard!
Smokey Bear AndMomVa
Mercy,what pipes! Great stuff
Megan Czapla
Such a beautiful song...y'all did it justice. Thanks for sharing.
The Martas
Paul Orquiza
3 beautiful ladies singing a classic of an iconic band, very nice to see.
Adrian J Cox
Beautiful guitar playing and lovely lovely harmonies
peter hamnett
Bill Van
Dang! Where have  you girls been hiding!!??!! Beautiful harmony! Perfection!
WOW Nothing short of amazing. Maybe better than the original.
Chris McGoldrick
Wow, great harmonizing. Beautiful rendition.
takes guts to do it...thanks
SoCal Nel
Stumbled on this today. Beautiful. Lovely harmonies and fingerpicking. And one of my favorite CSN songs.
Shannon Eavenson
Aubert Hays
Rico Suave
Will you guys marry me?
These Ladys are fantastic.
Anthony Cintorino
Superb job ladies great harmonies
Andy Kimbel
Great job.  Beautiful harmonies and real good performance.   !!  Hope you are out performing and doing it to it.
David Francazio
Beautifully done, clean harmonies and refreshing. Nice job.
This is lovely. A great cover!
Thank you
Daniel French
Super tight harmonies! Awesome
Really great job. Being a nitpicker I'd say you want to rebalane to mid + highs vs. what comes across as a slighty overbalance on the low vocals on this. (Not a criticism of the voices or performers, but just an observation to match the "feel" of the original - IMO). Keep up the excellent work!
Tom Towle
Do you really think it is fair that you are all three beautiful AND talented?
ian avery
They should have put this in anihilation instead of the original, you three are so extremely talented and amazing at singing
Quit lookin' at me.
Jim Carson
What a gift this is!!!!!
Sounds Nice and Peaceful...good harmony...nice looking girls too :)
Ooooooh woooow this is amazing, middle chick you actually look like Natalie Portman, this song is in a film called annihilation.
Drew CI
HOLY SH!TT! I just inadvertently came upon this, WOW!! What gorgeous sound these 3 make together!! WOW!!
George Vangordon jr
Well done ladies
Stuart Bailey
Ladies, love the music and voices... But, please don't stare at the camera. Distracting
Max Cooper
Thank you, this is an endlessly beautiful rendition. Made my day better.
George DelaGardelle
You do CSN very proud 🎸😎