Martin Solveig - The Night Out ( Lyrics ) ( New Version ) ( HD )

Disclaimer no copyright infringement intended this video it was for people to learn the lyrics.

Y? it aint like i dont like the song it's these desperate people wantig comments subscribes and all that its pathetic
Daniella Kucherina
Best song ever
for the discription saying coment like subscribe i say no like actually dislike no subscribe and this is a dis not a comment p.s. if u(aka SONGLYRICSS) want to remove my comment go ahead but dont send me hate mail
<3 best song ever :)
le remix est 1000 fois mieux quand meme ( MADEON - THE NIGHT OUT ) pour ceux qui veulent
Maxime Gueit
Pas mal mais une erreur dans le lyric ce n'est pas nerve c'est nerd.