Liam attacking reporters

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Liam atacking the fucking reporters

RedYellow Blue
The guy at 1:12 says he wasn't too worried about handling Liam....good sir, he just knocked you to the floor with a punch. Get over yourself
He's only 5 foot 8, I'm 6 ft...ok I'll still put money on Liam to floor that ponce.
Puerto Rican Cobain
2:00 I love how the paparazzo is like, "Bring it!", thinking that Liam was gonna walk away. Then when Liam waltzes back the guy immediately changes his tune, "You just had a baby!" Liam's right. The paparazzo made himself look like a dickhead.
2:01 i wish i had a walk like that
L Hayes
“He’s only 5 foot 8 and I’m 6 foot”. I forgot that 4 inches height difference immediately qualifies you to be tougher than another person. Mike Tyson is 5 foot 10, but this ponce wouldn’t be too worried about him going by his height calculations
0:05 Liam: "....HEYY!" Lmao that was unexpected
Ortigas Raymundo
REPORTER: u just had a baby...u just had a baby LIAM: geezer wanker
Hare Brahs
reporters? the paparazzi are anything but journalists..
Coolest guy on planet earth.
Mason Wallace
If I ever met Liam and he was with someone like family I would respectfully go up to him and say hey Liam I’m sorry for interrupting you and your family but would it be possible if I could get your autograph I’d say how much of a fan I am and I’d ask him couple of questions no personal ones cause it’s none of my business but I feel that me being 20 I feel that if I did that he’d be chill with me I’d ask to take a picture with him I’d ask for his consent because even though he’s famous he’s my idol and I wanna give my idol respect because I know if I do that he’ll be amazing back
Keira Jade
"he's a mean-spirited nasty little dwarf" oh my god
1:35, no way is he 5'8. He's got to be at least 5'10
0:27 lol I like how hes just laughing and clapping and his pants make him look even more funny
Bero Rery
Oasis is 1000 Times better than Take that
I can see the way liam acted like he did a mean if reporters and photographers were following me around all the time day in day out you would tend to reach boiling point eventually.
Liam is very good at "playing" the hard man isn't he. Having said that when you have a gang of minders behind you it helps! I've noticed over the years he chooses his victims carefully, I wonder if he'd ever pick a fight with Phil Ansalmo , or Zack Wylde!!!
Jamie Hellfire
Watching Liam attack those monsters is alot like watching Jesis flip over that table and whip everyone in the room
Anyway, Liam is great...!!
Coolest guy on planet earth
J o n a t h a n
i remember oasis but whats NME?. liam is a a working class hero. In the UK its all about London if London have a drought we all have a drought because London controls the ukif we have snow its in london not the rest of the UK. London is the centre of the universe. If you don't live in London you don't count. Yet all the best band in the UK come from outside london and the people who count. they a bunch of nobodies london died years ago, wheres the working class in london? its full of property developers people who sniff their own farts. theres 64.1 million people living in the UK but only 8.63 million count.
2:01 love it
Dave DFW
I'm a karate black belt. I'd teach him some manners
Amy 14444
2:00 lol I bet that guy thought he'd walk away. Love how Liam turns round and waltzes towards him 😂
Fade Out
nice guy that liam
prakhar pant
Liam's got style
The Life & Swag Times - Vlogs & 'How To' Videos
If he attacked me he'd get spanked like a small child lol. It's fine to act with swag and say what you want as long as you're not picking on innocent people
Robert Walsh
Who walks like they have a cowpat in their pants.... this tosser does!!
Beardy Ry
When you think its wise to approach a person with a picture of them kissing another women then you deserve to get your head smashed in,its a threat at the end of the day.
Wido 06
0:06 wtf 😂😂
Bo Jack
guys a sicko and i love him for it geezer
0:28) OMG))) hahhaha
Gabriel Maco
It's always entertaining to watch the stupid actions of this clown.
Roger Fernandes
He's right for every single one he has punched yet
He’s only 5”8 and I’m 6”0. So what you soft uni boy with a journalism degree? Even the way you talk shows how soft you are. Liam’d Smash you just from having that grit in his upbringing....
Mega figher 0.1
The last rockstar
Ashy B
Til the life I knew comes to my house and says Hello
Average Commenter
'He's quite a lot shorter than me' yet he floored you with one punch? Lmao mate don't act hard it doesn't suit you
yea Liam talks a lot of shit but guess what He backs it up He fookin backs it up.
christopher gray
In summary, the 90s was a load of shite.
Ja Ja
LOL liam would be put in his place so fast y that black photographer, he should have dropped him just for the notoriety.
He must have practiced that fake John Lennon walk for hours plus the whole robbie liam spat was staged for publicity.
Augusto Programmer
Liam was so pathetic. Thought he was a kind of god... lol
Luca Tosi
i don’t care if you like oasis or not, that man is a goddamn rockstar
Ketchup Lad
The guy at 1:13 who says liam was 5ft 8, I just looked it up and he's 5ft 10 actually
The Life & Swag Times - Vlogs & 'How To' Videos
Thumbs up if you'd like to see him try this to connor mcgregor
What’s that match called?
scumbag at 1:09 deserved to get rocked a couple maybe few more times
People think kanye west is bad, you clearly don't know who this man is then
Gerald Legault
So the type of person whos never met someone who can actually it XD
Darren Knight
these mag journo's just prove Liam right,
Salvadoran MGTOW
The brits smell mom ''mum'' is this correct or a parody?I know they pronounce it that way.
Reminds me of Tony Montana
I just love the way Liam walks 1:56
a kick in the cobbers every now and then will do you bunch some good!
Red Kop
I remember Mr Gallagher a few years back arriving at an airport refusing to speak to reporters because he had his teeth knocked what usually happens when you go around gobbing off all the time.Karma.
I'd be tough too if i was surrounded by 7ft security. John Lennon wannabe
Liberals love this prick, because they are uncivilized like him but without the bollocks.
lyzerg g
he's funny to watch :)
Andy Northall
Why didn't someone just belt the little shite? About as hard as a bag of chips....
Light 106 year
Robbie was a queer with his friend and Liam and Noel ripped the piss out of him
Maximum Attack
bring it bring it, wait you just had a baby
Robbie Williams manager- my 8 year old grandson would kick the arse out of him haha
D Roberts
Anyone got a video of him being knocked on his arse?
the raider
Haha polite my arse lol more like a total wanker
Stefano B
tossico del cazzo
ZS 15
I love how the Portland staff are just standing patiently waiting for him as he launches a tirade and does wanker signals 😂😂
Liam, what a knob end..
Billy gilbert
Liam 5 8? Hm
Lee Rose
5.8 n I'm 6 foot 😅🤣😂and goodnight cnty 😍💪
Liam Young
Anyone with the name Liam is a stubborn, obnoxious, sibling beating ox.
Well, you want a piece of him, he gets a piece of you. Nothing wrong with that
Well, you want a piece of him, he gets a piece of you. Nothing wrong with that
Cizia Zyke
yellow-bellied manc wanker..i saw him getting the shit beaten out of him in Dublin and he ran off grassing to the coppers
Im pretty sure noel is 5ft 8 not liam
Joseph Elias
Liam and noel rely on their bodyguards.
3:34 wish I had that walk
And the Night came
Liam is a twat, Noel is a legend, I'd give Liam a slap,
he was an unbelievable chav.
night Candle
1:36 -lol
Mil Gril
I think he needs a special care!!!
Chris 1889
this video was uploaded before i started school😮
Johnson Lyng
missing u guys so much....!!
Brandon Denny
Robbie wants to beat up Noel, Noel beat the shit of him.
Jack Brown
what a legend
Jack Bentley
Gotta love Liam, brilliant
he needs some fruit for that bowl
Phil's Wife
Sparkz Media
hes a livin legend
Chris Coleman
i think hes a tosser tbh
William Dodwell
What a wanker Liam
Alereato Alereato
I'd love to meet him
caterina russomanno
he's whatever but an artist
chesleigh mosstrals snowman
king of mancs
Lee Rose
Fckn Robbie Ladd mean Irish tough cnt fat fckn wanker ffs mayweather 5.5 and 💪Irish Ladds born with gloves on ffs ya jaw lucky it ain't put straight fat chopsy dancer 💃 stupid Ladd saying Hatton is 🤣coz 5.7 😂😂😂
Oasis is so generic and lame.
i find it amazing that as little as 15 years ago sky tv would pay no attention to that the fact that Liam's abusive comments contained blatant homophobia and, I'm not quite sure what he said, but probably racism as well. wouldn't get away with that shit now (i would hope).
J Garvey
Black reporter should have nutted Liam, he was open for it.
It's too bad he never overdosed