Liam attacking reporters

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Liam atacking the fucking reporters

liam gallagher attacking reporters fucking

2:01 i wish i had a walk like that
RedYellow Blue
The guy at 1:12 says he wasn't too worried about handling Liam....good sir, he just knocked you to the floor with a punch. Get over yourself
He's only 5 foot 8, I'm 6 ft...ok I'll still put money on Liam to floor that ponce.
Keira Jade
"he's a mean-spirited nasty little dwarf" oh my god
Coolest guy on planet earth.
Hare Brahs
reporters? the paparazzi are anything but journalists..
0:27 lol I like how hes just laughing and clapping and his pants make him look even more funny
liam is so british love him
Liam is very good at "playing" the hard man isn't he. Having said that when you have a gang of minders behind you it helps! I've noticed over the years he chooses his victims carefully, I wonder if he'd ever pick a fight with Phil Ansalmo , or Zack Wylde!!!
1:35, no way is he 5'8. He's got to be at least 5'10
The Ghost of Kurt Cobain
2:00 I love how the paparazzo is like, "Bring it!", thinking that Liam was gonna walk away. Then when Liam waltzes back the guy immediately changes his tune, "You just had a baby!" Liam's right. The paparazzo made himself look like a dickhead.
Bero Rery
Oasis is 1000 Times better than Take that
Anyway, Liam is great...!!
Coolest guy on planet earth
prakhar pant
Liam's got style
I can see the way liam acted like he did a mean if reporters and photographers were following me around all the time day in day out you would tend to reach boiling point eventually.
Dave DFW
I'm a karate black belt. I'd teach him some manners
Shell Shocked Shithead
the reason Liam is so 'hard' is because he has a pair of 8 foot man mountains as backup wherever he goes.
0:28) OMG))) hahhaha
Lemon Haze
“He’s only 5 foot 8 and I’m 6 foot”. I forgot that 4 inches height difference immediately qualifies you to be tougher than another person. Mike Tyson is 5 foot 10, but this ponce wouldn’t be too worried about him going by his height calculations
Fade Out
nice guy that liam
Sarah Michelle
haha liams a legend!fair play!
Robert Walsh
Who walks like they have a cowpat in their pants.... this tosser does!!
Wow. Liam is so... Liam.
Roger Fernandes
check his swager lol
0:05 Liam: "....HEYY!" Lmao that was unexpected
Amy 14444
2:00 lol I bet that guy thought he'd walk away. Love how Liam turns round and waltzes towards him 😂
Oasis - Roll with it
Wido 06
0:06 wtf 😂😂
Bo Jack
guys a sicko and i love him for it geezer
Javier Lobato
Ortigas Raymundo
REPORTER: u just had a baby...u just had a baby LIAM: geezer wanker
Liam's so funny XD i love him!! haha
he's a british icon, what a legend
Peace my dick, he tries to hard to be something he's not. Beatles rule bitch.
What is the name of the song at the beggining? Before "Supersonic" starts playing?
Get' em Liam. Rip all them pig pops a new new. In the States, Celebrity newspaper are just as bad.
Gabriel Maco
It's always entertaining to watch the stupid actions of this clown.
"yeah, you look like a dickhead" hahaha classic.
Olivia Kelly
Do u blame him for acting this way? those are not reporters/journalists, they are bloody annoying paparazzi. He is a guy from Manchester who has had it hard and has made great music and hasn't changed still. The guy who was asking him about who he is seeing it is none of that paparazzi's business. Danny Kelly of Q magazine's comments are totally true and paprazzi should just back off. 
Nathan Fidler
Brennan Mills
Robbie's dancing - hilarity in its highest form. Embarrassing, just humiliating.
De La
take fat. :) robbie sucks. Liam is much better !
Jamie Hellfire
Watching Liam attack those monsters is alot like watching Jesis flip over that table and whip everyone in the room
J o n a t h a n
i remember oasis but whats NME?. liam is a a working class hero. In the UK its all about London if London have a drought we all have a drought because London controls the ukif we have snow its in london not the rest of the UK. London is the centre of the universe. If you don't live in London you don't count. Yet all the best band in the UK come from outside london and the people who count. they a bunch of nobodies london died years ago, wheres the working class in london? its full of property developers people who sniff their own farts. theres 64.1 million people living in the UK but only 8.63 million count.
Liz SahdurNYC
A lot of people roll their eyes to this dont know why but I find it funny. Love when his mum says that he's a polite young man :)) But I did notice with the black reporter Liam goes away then he's like 'Bring it, Bring it' and when Liam comes over he says 'you just had a baby, you just had a baby'. What's that all about!!
Liam is God.
Robbie Williams manager- my 8 year old grandson would kick the arse out of him haha
Darren Knight
these mag journo's just prove Liam right,
he was an unbelievable chav.
Liam is a chav pussy and robbie would kick his **kin teeth in, i wish. He bottled it at the btit awards when he was offered a fight for charity by robbie.
Chav attitude, write crap rock music and copy stuff from other bands. I dont have a clue about what?
Jamie Hatwell
just like throw in's and goal keepers
better than prawn sandwhiches
because countries like mine,australia and usa have their own national games which are known as football
official name is rugby football
im not american
haha, yeah he's a fuckin 'idle'! :)
ENK 64
too right.
ENK 64
I'd punch that wanker too. good on Liam.
Trey Earnhardt
laim would kick robbies ass and knock him out and when robbie wakes up hes down again
a gay boys arse hahah
@marianinhabp exactly thats why everyone calls him a knob
Liam is a fucking dick. Love the band though. Watch their 'Behind the Music'- Noel's hilarious.
Liam is a fucking dick. Love the band though. Watch their 'Behind the Music'- Noel's hilarious.
Im pretty sure noel is 5ft 8 not liam
I´m not meaning that I have lived in UK and I met some faboulous people, but clearly he´s an unliterated twatbreath that´s all
Why do people become popstars if they don't handle the pressure? Amateurs... Real rockstars love the press. If not, they release a crappy album on purpouse and get rid of them.
scumbag at 1:09 deserved to get rocked a couple maybe few more times
Liam is about 5ft 8, and about 8 stone wet through, wanting to fight everybody, the fucking crank... I would love him to start on me, stuff those stupid glasses up his oas-arse
i dont even like soccer but i still hate man u
liam is a little dwarf! haha
Damo Hadfield
Speak's his mind, Nowt up wif dat.
the raider
Haha polite my arse lol more like a total wanker
Dave Holt
Liam Gallagher is the biggest f**kin cock that there's ever been born and the guy is a s**thouse as well, all mouth!!!!!!
Billy gilbert
Liam 5 8? Hm
compare him to a real metalhead like james hetfield liam is a great musician
and james hetfield
i love oasis but why they behave badly they dont need to behave badly
dave mustaine would kick his ass
Henrique Oblack
wow liam needs to get his ass kicked he has too much atitude...i think he will stop after being humiliated...
Lee Rose
5.8 n I'm 6 foot 😅🤣😂and goodnight cnty 😍💪
Lee Rose
Fckn Robbie Ladd mean Irish tough cnt fat fckn wanker ffs mayweather 5.5 and 💪Irish Ladds born with gloves on ffs ya jaw lucky it ain't put straight fat chopsy dancer 💃 stupid Ladd saying Hatton is 🤣coz 5.7 😂😂😂
d m
come on liam hard ? my arse
Sparkz Media
hes a livin legend
oh i love it when he goes "HEY!" at the beginning lmfao!!!!
Mersey Mariner
but your a tapdancer from stoke...
Mil Gril
I think he needs a special care!!!
Tom Davies
fuckn too right, he's got evry right to hit the photographers they never fuckn leave him alone!
i think it's 'nicely funny' the way he walks!!!! LOL
lol nob ed !
2:01 love it
LOL! One of the Newspaper headlines said "Wonder Brawl"!
Well, you want a piece of him, he gets a piece of you. Nothing wrong with that
Well, you want a piece of him, he gets a piece of you. Nothing wrong with that
J Garvey
Black reporter should have nutted Liam, he was open for it.
he needs some fruit for that bowl
lmfao when he goes (wanker) lol love his music hes an asshole tho.