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What else should we make clear??
Saania Salahuddin
Why is there always an arrow shaped something...
Jamie Tucker
I loved the video, it's so unique I never seen a black chips before or a Doritos chips and not only that I laugh so hard.
rameen jawad
What about the distilizer which you used in the clear pumpkin pie?
Jackson Johnston
They forgot to fry them
arent you supposed to fry them?
Kawaii Cholo
What happened to that distiller you got?? Couldn’t you have used that instead ?
Disclaimer: To maintain Julia’s healthy lifestyle we decided not to fry the potato chips.
Lina Hello
Hi 👋 Can you make doritos pie 🍰? Like pumpkin pie? .😋😉
Jonathan Yang
Editing is awesome
Elizabeth O'Hair
Julia doesn't wear an engagement ring anymore. Theory: no longer romantically involved, just business partner.
Joel Walker
They put the bbc (big black chip) in their mouth!
Baba Yaga
I saw this on virgin kitchen, but let's see how you do
Darshan Sen - The Composer
5:42-demonetised Too realistic
I want my life back.
Lilly T
The three genders: black, clear, and dorito, what are you?
Catherine Evans
Can u guys make ether a giant Pringle or a clear taco (the shell is the clear part)
Indy Film Productions
You should have distilled the Doritos if you wanted it to be clear
Connor Murphree
3:50 cum
Koala Plays
JP if you're listening to this or reading this right now please make Clear Poop
Michael Spencer
doritos are made of corn not potato
oh my gahhh they didn't fry it T^T
You should make Starbucks clear 😁😉
moussa ham
Smh you guys r supposed to fry them for a few seconds each
IDropp Off
alfredo pizza plz
Make clear hot Cheetos next
Siaosi Kaufusi're supposed to fry the clear chip afterwards....nice try though?
Random Person
I love you guys💕💕💕 But weren’t you also supposed to dry them?
Jp and julia you have to fry them for a few seconds
3:49 "What does this remind you guys of...?" ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
sid speaks
U guys went broke to dope real quick!😂😂
Armanda Dimas
You should fry it after baking it bruh
Jeffrey Yi
Clear french fries please
1:12 "Yes subject number 2" *holds up one finger*
Harsh katti
Try frying those chips!! They turn into something amazing
google lets you have really long names
you should have put the Dorito water in the distiller you guys have!!!!!!!!!😣
Savage xox
Noooooo It's says it's not available I wanted to watch noooooo 😓😫 Yes I can finally watch yesssss 😀😊
aren't you supposed to fry the clear chips after it goes in the oven? haha
Bejani Buckhoy
They didnt fry it.... After you back it. You are supposed to fry it.
o that is wow wow is that natural
Claire Bear
Make CLEAR doughnuts!!!!!!!!! 🍩
Shaheer Ammar
Wtf it's 8 march today and it says it is published on 10 march
Alexis Moscoso
liki di likde jajaajajajaj dou de ecuador
Amelia Soetjianto
When u give Julia tea My mind = R U BEN? (Christine boyfriend,simply nail logical)
Trollstatic/ Steven
You guy look like Ted and Kiwi from VGHS (Video Game High School)
lll Vlll
You where pose to fry them for like 10 seconds
You want clear Doritos? Go eat broken glass. A lot less work involved.
She looks like Paris Kennedy
Samantha & Samuel Bravo Flores
Can you make clear talkies I just remembered the talki vid
Aren't you supposed to deep fry them for like 10 seconds?
Ida Bensouda
7:14 JP:OOH OOH I KNOW, IT TASTES BLACK ME:stop,please stop
Random Girl
Julia, you and I have the same name, but I love watching your videos with JP. You both make my day better. This video is one of the best ones so far!
Epic fan Of pyro Joe
Can you guy make a world record cake? And make it on someone birtday. Thay will cry for that!
"what's this remind you of" 😂clear and sticky
GAME HELL • 1week ago
Chicken nugget stuff pzza
8:00 “look at the ketchup and mustard!” *points at mustard first then ketchup
Do giant cheese ball. If u agree like!
I Have No Lifeu
Wait did you fry after the bake or did the recipe say not to?
I know this is unrelated, but PLEASE MAKE GIANT ELOTES!!!
Playback speed comes through once again. BOOGIE!
Blackk Pinkeuu
Can u guys make DIY ice cream taco
Veronica Abigail
I subscribed to you guys about a week ago, and watched about 30 of your videos ☺️ great channel 💙
Kilian Listens
I loved the video! But you guys forgot the final step!! You forgot to FLASH fry them! That's when they become COMPLETELY CLEAR.
Marlah 4
Points to mustard and says ketchup... points to ketchup and says mustard? Smh 🤦‍♂️
Rendered Rex
Cool but kinda strange lol
Shelby Craft
It looks like somebody pulled off the first layer of a scab
The craig
Where's the ring? JULIA. Is so hot!! Great vid guys.
kAt H
Did you guys not use the recipe where they are fried?
Life With Mrs B
They all sounded so crispy when you bit into them, almost like those kind of chips/crisps that jag your mouth lol
Potato Kid
I made scrambled eggs This is a potato 🥔 And I never want to eat Doritos again
Lucy Goldman
You didn't fry them Thats why they turned back into jel when you tasted them
ShiniV2 ShiniV2
Throws Up after eating because i made it out of a hot glue gun* XD
Loved this video ❤️ clear Doritos for the win!
atieff's irfanss
You should make a giant spaghetti or pasta 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ethan Higgins
I would love it if you guys could make a GIANT jaw breaker
Stephanie Borjas
Yes I’m am your friend!!!
Leah Danley
The thing that julia said that looked like slime i think it looks like VASELINE
Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump
"What does this remind you guys of" 😎
G & G T.V
If your reading this JP and Julia pls make it... Even though this is not clear, but.. This will make you hungry...Well kinda... Giant Ube Roll🎂🎂🎂💜💜 (It's like a Swiss roll you made last December but tastier..for me...) :)
Roshan Nadeem
You are supposed to fry them 😂😂😂
Gracie and Yari Asmr
Never mind you guys Already made a giant sushi
Yello ketchup and Red mustard😂😂
The Racer X
Y’all are honestly my favorite channel, y’all are the only channel where as soon as you upload a video I watch it, and when I do, it always brings me happinesses
MellowGaming 12
If anyone has a Xbox add me and text me hi my gamertag xXxBAYMAX4200Xx
AlexWalker -ROBLOX,live and more!
Bree Wheel
It taste "Black" 😂😂😂😂 💀. Most corn starch products are made from GMO corn, so may not be too healthy. Low cal doesn't equate to healthy
Grill Top Experience
Thanks for making it, so I don't have to!
Mudaser Johar
You guys should make a giant Cinnabon delight from taco bell
I've been Kpopped
Now memes can be clear. We'll never see them coming. Well, we're all gonna die.
King Money
How about Diy Giant m&m loved the video another success
Daniel Guillaume-Sam
Hey jp and julia how you to canada/monréal.i think you should try kfc good luck speaking french😁✌
Butterknife 132
Ha ziplock bag :) love it
Vanity Rae
You're supposed to deep fry them after u bake it.
Damn when I first saw you guys you had 500k and now you have 1.5m #hellthyjunkfood
Erick Camargo
You guys should make a GIANT POP-TART
arieana bailey
Can you please make clear fries pllllleeaassee! Or don't it's ok
Natália Tirpáková
Forgot to fry them 😌
U Gey U vagene
This is my favorite Channel, beacuse when you upload a video im feeling really damn hungry :D