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Today in our test kitchen we discover the "dark" truth behind crystal clear potato chips and provide an alternative recipe that might just be the greatest discovery we've ever made. Subscribe to APyroDesign /> SEE HOW OUR 3D LOGO WAS MADE!! /> Merchandise: /> THINGS YOU’LL NEED: Potato Starch: />Silicone Mat: />Black Food Gel: /> JP & JULIA CHANNEL!! /> FULL RECIPE DETAILS: /> 🍔Social Media Links🍔 @HellthyJunkFood /> /> /> /> />Snapchat - HellthyJunkFood Music - Epidemic Sound

What else should we make clear??
Disclaimer: To maintain Julia’s healthy lifestyle we decided not to fry the potato chips.
Saania Salahuddin
Why is there always an arrow shaped something...
Jamie Tucker
I loved the video, it's so unique I never seen a black chips before or a Doritos chips and not only that I laugh so hard.
Dank Chocolate
3:49 Cum
Koala Plays
JP if you're listening to this or reading this right now please make Clear Poop
Kawaii Cholo
What happened to that distiller you got?? Couldn’t you have used that instead ?
Rameen Jawad Khawaja
What about the distilizer which you used in the clear pumpkin pie?
Elizabeth O'Hair
Julia doesn't wear an engagement ring anymore. Theory: no longer romantically involved, just business partner.
Jackson Johnston
They forgot to fry them
Jonathan Yang
moussa ham
Smh you guys r supposed to fry them for a few seconds each
Catherine Evans
Can u guys make ether a giant Pringle or a clear taco (the shell is the clear part)
arent you supposed to fry them?
Jojo Tanks
You have to fry them😂😂
Mightyhenry Vlogs
This butters my egg role
Tacari Jones
alfredo pizza plz
Joel Walker
They put the bbc (big black chip) in their mouth!
Make clear hot Cheetos next
Michael Spencer
doritos are made of corn not potato
Lina Hello
Hi 👋 Can you make doritos pie 🍰? Like pumpkin pie? .😋😉
Darshan Sen - The Composer
5:42-demonetised Too realistic
El Niño
This clear chip video will go on the trending page. I can *see* it.
Connor Murphree
3:50 cum
Deepak Manjeshwar
Guys you need to do deep fry them and then taste.
Ah, this is cool! 😄💓
Editing is awesome
Lily Alderson
I just realized how they spelled Heathy lol I’m so dumb
Jeffrey Yi
Clear french fries please
Bejani Buckhoy
They didnt fry it.... After you back it. You are supposed to fry it.
I want my life back.
Leo Priest
your supposed to fry them.....
Rendered Rex
Cool but kinda strange lol
aren't you supposed to fry the clear chips after it goes in the oven? haha
Dustii Santiago
Looks just like slime 😖💩
Jp and julia you have to fry them for a few seconds
Indy Film Productions
You should have distilled the Doritos if you wanted it to be clear
Random Person
I love you guys💕💕💕 But weren’t you also supposed to dry them?
Zac Hernandez
ontime 74
GG’s always
Siaosi Kaufusi're supposed to fry the clear chip afterwards....nice try though?
o that is wow wow is that natural
really gross and really awesome! 😁i am curious what other food you could make "clear"... maybe i should turn my channel into a "clear food only" channel 😂
arieana bailey
Can you please make clear fries pllllleeaassee! Or don't it's ok
Jordan’s Volleyball Journey
Sorry I’m late but this video was soo cool I love science videos with food like this? I was wondering if you could do more of these kind. Love you guys❤️
Potato Kid
I made scrambled eggs This is a potato 🥔 And I never want to eat Doritos again
ZaRyah Shuford
kAt H
Did you guys not use the recipe where they are fried?
google lets you have really long names
you should have put the Dorito water in the distiller you guys have!!!!!!!!!😣
muca fabiomimoza
Julia can you plz make a giand Raffaelo???? 😍
Jaqua Brown
Some one name this movie 'We'll be asking the questions, old man! Who are you?' "Yu." 'No not me, you.' "Yes, I am Yu!" 'Just answer the damn question! Who are you?' "I have told you!" 'Are you deaf?!' "No, Yu is blind!" 'I'm not blind, you blind!' "That is what I just said!" 'You just said what?' "I did not say what, I said Yu!" 'And I was asking you!' "Yu is answering!" 'Shut up! You?'(points towards another guy) "Yes?" 'No, not You, HIM! What's your name?' '"Me.'" 'Yes, you?' '"I am Mi!'" "He is Mi and I am Yu!" 'I'm about to whoop your old ass! I'm sick of playing games! Yu, Mi, everybody around here, him!!!' If someone knows where that is from, you deserve a job well done!
Nathan Reaperz
7:59 says mustard as the ketchup and ketchup as the mustard
elisa gray
Distillation is key for clearance. I meant clearness but it put clearance, thanks a lot Mike not the name the thing
Leah Danley
The thing that julia said that looked like slime i think it looks like VASELINE
Dorito baby food *MmMmMm*
Doritos are made from corn flour not potato
Cuban Doll
Jp if ur reading this can u guys please make a giant hot dog
Adrian Curiale
I saw this on virgin kitchen, but let's see how you do
ᅵᅵ Lorenzo
Is it just me or does this sound like an STD?
Raghad Alzahrani
Your half way to 2 million 🎉🎉
Ethan Higgins
I would love it if you guys could make a GIANT jaw breaker
Diana Garcia
I'm eat Doritos while watching this lol
Razan AAA
I don’t know if that’s an arrow..
Sumaiyya Griggs
Spooky Scary Mexican
Why didn’t you fry them
Hamza Samo
Make biryani (Pakistani Dish)!
Krista Murphy
This channel is the best on YouTube! Every day I watch one of your videos just to feel extra happy!
hamad -zi
Make a giant Mac and cheese piece
ava laboss
Rob was in the intro and I literally fainted Well not really but ...............
Do giant cheese ball. If u agree like!
Good and Fresh
What is it with JP and arrows 😂
Rman Nayr
Aren't you Suppose to Fry Them?
Fanta Diarra
Hi what is the song at 5:58 please ?
Michael Miller
Make a giant snoball
Alex Gomez
Can u guys make bigmac sauce please
Doritos conserve for that southern kick
3:49 "What does this remind you guys of...?" ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Claire Bear
Make CLEAR doughnuts!!!!!!!!! 🍩
Livin The Life - Style
i love the test kitchen
Master OG
Dorito Jizz
be creative
sour apple
Can u guys make ultra super Xtream Hot Sause
M Isa
I thought you need to fry them..
DineroEli X
1:12 "Yes subject number 2" *holds up one finger*
GTR Wendy
You can just peel your dandruff and flavor it
Evelyn Lopez
he sounds like rice gum
Kimberly Gill
You changed the thumbnail
Roshan Nadeem
You are supposed to fry them 😂😂😂
Blackk Pinkeuu
Can u guys make DIY ice cream taco
Samantha & Samuel Bravo Flores
Can you make clear talkies I just remembered the talki vid
Rman Nayr
Armando Sanchez
Make crystal meth chips
I Have No Lifeu
Wait did you fry after the bake or did the recipe say not to?
Chicken nugget stuff pzza
Daniel Corley
do a cooking competition
Woody Tischer
Oscar Sanchez
#4 on treding i knew you will make it
YATO is fab
Make clear FRIEEES🍟🍟🍟
Corrn Flaek
you had to fry it....