Portugal vs Egypt 2-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - Friendly 23/03/2018 HD

🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD!🔔 Title: Portugal vs Egypt 2-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - Friendly 23/03/2018 HD Check out my latest music upload: As we countdown to Russia 2018, we take a look at all 32 teams and suggest a reason to back them. With 8 days to the big kick-off, it is the turn of Portugal. Portugal come into this World Cup tournament as the European champions and yet, the expectations don't suggest that they will be in contention for World Cup honours. portugal vs egypt, portugal vs egypt 2018, portugal vs egypt all goals, portugal vs egypt highlights, portugal vs egypt all goals & highlights, portugal vs egypt goles, portugal vs egypt resumen, portugal vs egypt goles y resumen FOLLOW ME :D ❤️ Twitter: />Instagram: />Facebook: />Snapchat: Ashcr Music Channel:

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Monudipta Sai Kia
That's why Ronaldo is best
Rohan Agarwal
There is always a chance, when you have Cristiano Ronaldo in your team! ❤
Ege Cenkseven
Portugal 💝 Ronaldo Egypt 💝 M. Salah
Karim Benzema
Ronaldo 2 - Salah 1
Black Hammer
Cristiano Ronaldo >>> Salah ✌🏻😎
I want both Cristiano and Messi to have a great world cup this time
Diego MN
CR7 is amazing 🔥👑
mahmoud gamal
from egypt and thanks for highlight
Nicole Vargas
0:16 they spelt ronaldo wrong they put Rolando. Edit: never mind
Hide and Seek
Ronlado I fuking love you. Keep it up babe!
Danyal Qureshi
this game was remembered for Ronaldo's 2 last minute goals. But everyone should be remembering this match for ricardo's 2 last minute inch perfect assists
razuvikho Dawhuo
I'm Indian But I love Egypt country 😘
Adi W
With Ronaldo The Match is Never Over till the Whistle Blows. *The Guy is a Beast*
Cr7 King 🏆🏆
PazarGaming HD
If both Portugal and Egypt manage to get out of the group stages It would be a very entertaining R16 Match
Prank and Challenge Football
Best of Portugal
CR7 always shows up when you least expect it 🐐
The best oldschool duo of World Cup they are Qua and Cri
Prachi priyadarshini Sarangi
Imran Khan srk cr7
Cristiano Sir 🙏 🙏❤️❤️👍🇵🇹🇵🇹 super star
Sasha Niger
two min two goals CR7
Murad Ali Khan
I love Mohammed Salah
Obama is Gay
Egyptian keeper is really good... he stopped a lot of shots
Lil Printer Paper
Super excited for Egypt this World Cup. Played great against a world class team like portugal
My Name is JIB
Don't judge me, but I think Salah doesn't do much training becoz he didn't have time to train after getting 'Ramosed'
Lý Trí Đức
So glad Rolando and Ronaldo is both in the same team
Cr7! Best player in the world
Amira Rashad
I'm happy because l'm Egyptian
Maha Sarkar
बीड, तहसील कार्यालय ,ज्ञान, सामान्य विज्ञान व गणित ३० हिंदी प्रश्न – उत्तर सेट १ https://mahasarkar.co.in/beed-collector-office-gs-math-30-hindi-questions-answers-set-1/
Shibshakti Debbarma
Cr7 is the best all time
Dreampratik Dp
After 1 week it's por vs spain !
hicham vlog
LOVE rolando
Joneric Wennerstrom
How are there 703 dislikes. This video is AWESOME!!!
Last second wow ... christano ronaldo😎
Alejandro Muñoz Miranda
The isnt 2018
Drn.m Nm
If there is ronaldo there is no chance fornot to win
Egypt played well...
Son Panini
Salah ❤ Great person
Hammad Ahmed
What a match 💓💓
Sachin Sanghvi
Cristiano ronaldo is awesome and his style is also awesome
Hmoob Moòg nhé SapaĐB Channel
dkm..quảng cáo lol
Donut 763
Great job Portugal! Hope you go far in Russia! From Egypt!
Zafar Baloch
Love you Ronaldo
Durlav Das
cr7 Always rocks man😎😎😎
Hamza Malik
Egypt goal keeper...👌👌👌 And salah gaol 👌👌
well played Egypt! when you hv CR7 in ur team, then it is tough to win..
mohamed mm
The Egyptian King Mo Salah💪😍❤
Hani Hyung
Mo Salah the besttttt
Tevez Telemaque
cr7 is the best in the world
Manolhs Kaloghrou
egypt players haircuts reminds me Germanys 80'
eliui wad
Portugal only for ronaldo . 😆😆 always waiting ronaldo free kick or etc
Abrar Husain
Salah vs cr7
FadinqCandy YT
I'm with portugal ronaldo is my fav 😃
because i'm live in switzerland and i'm portuguese
Кишлар Лейла
И как всегда УРА ПОБЕДА КРИШТИАНУ ⚽️👍👏👏👏
Hưng Lê
Salah best goal
Francisco 11games
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Mohamed Salah
kumar abhishek
The king.... 😍😘 My Cristiii
Arslan Hanif
Egypt Goal keeper Great good Blocking
my favourite team is Portugal...But feel for egypt 🙁
Qodir Sabar
kocak juga pertandingan itu
Anano Danelia
Cristiano ronaldo is fantactic
faiz adah
Dam very2x last minute 😂
ۦ،شيہٰہۧطانہة ملكيہةۦ،
siiiiiii😍👉🏻💪🏻CAR 7
Sabre Gamer
raul gonçalves
When i Will be rich i Will put Ronaldo and Messi in the same team. Its be spetacular
Tishyamitra Vyas
Egyptian goalkeeper was impressive
Bruh I love how he scored at the last 5 seconds
palian thang
Cr 7 all the time you are king🤘
Nightstar 123
Egypt were better just portugal at the last 5 minutes
Nice video. Been always following you and you are my favorite football channel! Love from Bulgaria <3 #GoOnPortugal
AK Beast
i thought football is played with 11 players but Portugal n Egypt proved me wrong
Prakash Yadav
This FIFA world cup for ronaldo
Maria Esther Morales Fernandez
😘Grande cris7 😍cris7 eres el mejor 😘jugador del todo el tiempo 😍Hala Portu 😍Hala Madrid 😚
imtiaz siddiqui
Roland. is. My. Favorite. Player
Joon Lee
Sure, Messi may have better skills and goals, but there is no doubt, Ronaldo scores the most important, game winning goals. I rather have a player who scores little against big teams in important games than score hattricks against small teams
VAR is going to take the fun out of the game... constant stop start moments 😅 Hopefully we have a great world cup
goal!! cristiano PENALDO! cristiano PENALDO!!!
Manolhs Kaloghrou
Cr7:big player but small charachter
Shoumik22 vlog
who is the boss?? 😎 siiiiuuuuuuuuu 😎😎
Miguel Leon
sidar tastekin
and you guys forget Quaresma he gift 2 beautiful assist to ronaldo
Dodi Aldo
Cristiano Ronaldo good
Mustafa Murat
Everybody says Ronaldo, but i see QUARESMA
Why showing portugal as zero again?
Ashad Khaled
hell yeah Ronaldo like skills in my DAN
Ayush Kumar
What for purties were asking at 02:23
Firnaz Firnaz
Egypt 🇪🇬 g👏👏👏☝️
Saruk Molla
cr7 is one man army💪💪💪👏👏👏👍
General Tyger
Wow first goal for Portugal in 91at minute then again in 93rd!!!
yuta official
I like egpt
farhad ali
Mo salah is the king of this time🔝🚀
Khursheeda Malik
First like 3rd view
Kris Patel
Its not highlights if its 10 minutes mate
eliui wad
oooh Egypt can't give salah a good team😟😟
Dianna Stokholm
Promis. To. Win. WM..love!