Things You Did Not Know The Use Of

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Maxx B
#8. No the hole in the pan handle is for hanging it up. Not all pans have holes big enough for a spoon. If you did rest use the hole as illustrated, the liquid on the spoon would just run down the spoon covering the handle of the spoon and pan.
That Ultra B O I
I thought the hole on the ruler was supposed to make your pencil a helicopter :/
Muhammed Nazeal
Who is watching watching and also reading comments🙋🙋🙋
FaZe ToXiC
What your here for is at 4:28 thank me later
Y.V-Young Vinny
Also, did you know, if you hit the like button for this comment, the hand turns blue? Try it out and see!😩😂😂😂😂
Mireya Solis
I already knew some of these
Wait, the holes in your backpack ain’t for headphones? Huh.
Jay Wilson
Um....Who else got bored??
2:58 I thought the hole was to spin it around your pencil when you’re bored
10000 subs with 1 video
This is Carl and died in the Walking Dead 🤠 👕👍 👖 Like to revive him
J Michael
Any one els click on this for the beanie?
Marcus Calvin
1:16 looks like someone doesn’t know that the black cap at the end of the knife is to be used to cut the blade, not a plier.
sammy smith
No the arrow on gas monitor is to let you know which side your blinker fluid tank is on duh!!!
2:49 imagine if those were a grown man’s feet😂
Davy Poev
4:54 actually we do need to carry A LOT of books,the homeworks, the first day of school, the last day of school,all that stuff. Ugh
BB Gun
The hole in a ruler is to put a pencil in and make a helicopter... duh
Hello Hello
I don't think they made that hole in the pan to help with your's used to attach it to your back in PUBG!
Andrea Rovelli
I knew everything, this video sucks
Deez nuts 22 2
The hole in my butt is for poop to come out. And other stuff
The spare button is included in case I lose a button? I can't believe it
The Potato Empire
The hole at the end of the ruler is to make a helicopter with my pencil
Jasleen Kaur
I couldn't understand the last two. . Bagpack and pompom
Abby Hartleb
I knew all of these and the one with the pot handle is wrong.
Ivan Arkens
The pan handle is for hanging it up. If you put a spoon in it, you're stupid. That just makes things easier to knock over or catch fire.
عمر فايد - Omer Faied
*What is the purpose of the semi-closed hole in my abdomen, the so called: belly button*
Salty Cheese Tits
I thought the hole in the ruler was so you can put a pencil in there and spin it around like a helicopter
Harsh Sidhu
imma sleep xXx
Sudip Biswas
3:25 Best weapon in PUBG
James Haig
"Things that are common sense but we are going to tell you the reason for because ad revenue"
iamyoutuber1000 uchica
what was the purpose of hole in the bag or hat
I thought the hole at the end of a ruler was to put a pencil through and spin like a heli copter!
If you notice me How?
Kpop Kookie Life
The hole of the ruler Is the hole for the pencil And make a helicopter!!
saint strawman
I been rincing spoons for years!
Hasib YouTube
Where are the tumbnail pic
Caleb Scott
I thought I was gonna learn something from this vid...
number 7 is to obvious fact verse guy
Meeh nothing new..
LA Bros
I didn’t know number 8 and 10
The hole in the end of the ruler was used to put a pencil in, and create a Helicopter so i could fly to each of my classes instead of walking.
Janmanta Goswami
Stupid Things
Sarah F
I knew all of these.
cube vedha
Malayalam add!!
Lego Bus
The hole in the rulers is to put pencils in the middle and fly it around and piss ur teacher till u get suspended
Victor Nguyen
The hole at the end of the ruler is there for me to imitate a helicopter with my pencil.
Reaper Venom Carlton drake fan
Hey my peach and pumpkin and marshmallow hand cream had the same sign it's says 45 mm
no. I knew these.
Adriana Meza
If you have a Jansport backpack that little Jansport logo on the handle is for pencils At least that’s what I use it for 😆
Deep Chaudhary
Hole at the end of fri pan is to catch food which go out
Nathan McDonough
i’m pretty sure the use for the hole in the ruler is for me to stick a pencil though so that i can swing the ruler around like a helicopter blade
Accel Well
I had no idea about the box of foil. But it makes perfect sense
Kalvin Naidoo
It should be called things you probably didn't know
Sharda Chowbay
fact verse, I love you!edit: your videos are good
Harsha Thapar
Bruce Wayne on commentary
These are all totally obvious.
Jasmineknows Best
I already knew the aluminum foil one...that's mostly common sense, like the tab on the top of a cereal box
I thought everyone knew the first one
CoCoNut TrEE
I knew almost all of them
Just Doing My Thing
Bro the converse one is so obvious, everyone knows it
For people who wanted to see the backpack its at 4:45
Jazzy & Nixy
Samantha Goldy
I'm not a driver but I knew the gas one like if u knew or didn't know
Ethan Parayno
I thought the hole in the pan was for drawing circles
Help me reach 10,000 subs for no reason
Who pressed this because of the tumbnail?
Monique Suacito
i don't think the hole in the pan is the spoon holder.... tht's all
Aweiss Hassan
Vertical line that run up and down not Hoizontal.
Retractable blade hack fail. While it is true that the grooves in the retractable blade allow you to snap the end off when it becomes dull, the image shows the user breaking the blade with a pair of pliers. Well, at the end of the handle of those types of knives, there is a little plastic piece with a slot in it that allows you to break the blade off without requiring any tools.
Sameer Kale
Are you Tom Hanks?
Irfaan Hossain
Everyone knows number 3.
the pegasus kid
"Things you know but we're telling you anyways"
It's all about Aviation
Fuel gauge part was good though
4:56 what about my textbooks
Lolja Boi
"Horizontal lines that run up and down the blade."
leek tsm_dexter
Hello guys
Catto Golden
*repeatedly bangs head on a table*
1:43 whatta skinny thumb
Abani Kumar Goswami
3:25 Reminded me of PUBG...😅
Explanations are only for Americans. The rest of the World knew about it already
Kayla Grace
I only knew three
This is lame I'm so sorry but this is ass like if you agree
Rania Arissa
ben g
Do people actually not know the knife one?
I thought everyone knew about the gas gauge, no?
3:50 I recognized the music from Roblox a game called Design It
"Things you did not know the use of"...I literally knew the use of all these things. xD
Nikhil Sharma
Rosen sind rot Orchideen sind blau der Titel ist auf Deutsch warum du nicht auch.
King Remo Gaming
Anybody else only wanted to know the secret use of the "pom pom" on the hat? 😂
Dennis Brennan
Why the hell is this in cooking section and my recommended.
Thomas Kinny
The hole in a ruler (and a pencil)makes a decent protractor in a pinch.
Night Shifter
The ruler is obviously used for helicopter purposes.. Duhhhh... Get your facts right...
Nana Eats
Most useless post and explanations I've ever seen and heard anytime anywhere. So obvious...
Char_lotte K-B
Did anyone who has an iPhone also turn their phone around to see the hole?😂
AlwaysAnnoyed Forever
Just so you know our textbooks are pretty darn heavy.
Ollie Heads
I thought the the Pom Pom on the hat was to annoy your pet with...
gnash the wise
How much common sense does one lack in order to not know these basic conundrums..
Chris Park
I feel stupid after this video
The Joshua
The gas pedal on your car: you may actually think that it’s there so you have something to rest your foot on, and most people do, but it’s real intended purpose is to accelerate the vehicle.
4:26 #10 Explanation for the pom pom is pretty dumb. if the sailor is too tall for an area, he/she will hit their head at the exact moment the pom pom makes contact. it's actually there as a decoration.
Hector Segoviano
So is anybody's guess what the fact vs verse is/are right? That is the schtick of your vid,- fact?
Michael Breen
This video made me feel absolutely stupid. All these are not worth looking at.