Things You Did Not Know The Use Of

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Any one els click on this for the beanie?
Muhammed Nazeal
Who is watching watching and also reading comments🙋🙋🙋
XxKaotic_ VibzzzxX
What your here for is at 4:28 thank me later
Help me reach 10,000 subs for no reason
Who pressed this because of the tumbnail?
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BB Gun
The hole in a ruler is to put a pencil in and make a helicopter... duh
2:58 I thought the hole was to spin it around your pencil when you’re bored
forever jackie 11
Who came for the backpack😂👌
MartinixEP - Brawl Stars, Piano & More!
*Hello random person scrolling down the comments!* *I just wanna say forever have a gooda day!*
Jay Wilson
Um....Who else got bored??
The Potato Empire
The hole at the end of the ruler is to make a helicopter with my pencil
I don't think they made that hole in the pan to help with your's used to attach it to your back in PUBG!
Red Hood
0:56 autocorrect:It is a tiny microphone that the government can use to better help them spy on smartphone users
Adriana Meza
If you have a Jansport backpack that little Jansport logo on the handle is for pencils At least that’s what I use it for 😆
James Haig
"Things that are common sense but we are going to tell you the reason for because ad revenue"
Thomas Loyd
I thought the hole on the ruler was supposed to make your pencil a helicopter :/
Lego Bus
The hole in the rulers is to put pencils in the middle and fly it around and piss ur teacher till u get suspended
Scott Mack
The hole in a ruler is also for clamping it in your Folder
No new wisdom here for me! I knew the reason for everything that you showcased. DUH
JadeSpecter 2260
"The more you know" thanks FactsVerse
I thought the hole at the end of a ruler was to put a pencil through and spin like a heli copter!
PsychoBomb100 0
Chances are if you wear converse you have 2 holes
Caleb Scott
I thought I was gonna learn something from this vid...
Cesar Cuevas
I just watch a video hoping i learned something new. I learned a way to waste 5 mins of my life and the other 19 secs writing this comment.
Neymar Alqadaar
I kinda needed this video along ago... Children were stealing my bug
Ethan Parayno
I thought the hole in the pan was for drawing circles
Generic Girl
You nincompoop ! So now I need to purchase a spoon which will fit in through the hole in my pan!? SMH
S7smith Videos
No the arrow on gas monitor is to let you know which side your blinker fluid tank is on duh!!!
10000 subs with 1 video
This is Carl and died in the Walking Dead 🤠 👕👍 👖 Like to revive him
"School kids don't haul anything heavy." What are books?
Salty Cheese Tits
I thought the hole in the ruler was so you can put a pencil in there and spin it around like a helicopter
Am I really smart for knowing ALL OF THESE ?
paramjeet gupta
Thanks for that knowledge..
Of you ever used an exacto knife you already know what the "lines" are for
Azteca Yoza
'Did you know' just copied your video exactly the same
Lolja Boi
"Horizontal lines that run up and down the blade."
Michael Taylor
Holy Spoon-Rest, Batman! 😀 And I will not be foiled again, thanks to this video. 👍
Moh Amuza
Thank you so much you changed my life entirely!
DESI KHANA YouTube Cooking Channel
Amazing Superb Video Fully Enjoyed Thanks For Sharing such a Great Informative Video ❤️
Wait, the holes in your backpack ain’t for headphones? Huh.
The hole in the end of the ruler was used to put a pencil in, and create a Helicopter so i could fly to each of my classes instead of walking.
Meme Productions
But My Ruler Doesnt Have Any Hole...What Must I Do?
iamyoutuber1000 uchica
what was the purpose of hole in the bag or hat
Actually knew all of them...
#6 Converse Chuck Taylor’s would lace through them for additional ankle support..
Ivan Arkens
The pan handle is for hanging it up. If you put a spoon in it, you're stupid. That just makes things easier to knock over or catch fire.
Rhea Devera
You just copy One of wengie video search Wengie Things you Didn’t Know then Compare it to This Video👀 And the date that Wengie Post is October of 2016 but this video Post in November of 2017👅👀
fart Donut
EVERYONE THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING IS Idk ask the creater of the item
Hey my peach and pumpkin and marshmallow hand cream had the same sign it's says 45 mm
These are all totally obvious.
adele h
tyvm! The box of aluminum foil having holes 😲 on both sides was a good one for me 🤭🤣🤣
Juan Tafoya
Is this voice automated? Sounds familiar from another video. Edit: from another video in this channel lol John McCain played "Arthur" in the Dark knight 😂😂😂
bryssa robles
Many/most people think everything don’t they
Cee Vee Queen
Stopped video at 1:14. I didn't want to waste any more of my precious time.
Sort of amazed that people are making interlaced videos 2017.
Who has waste 5 minutes 19 seconds of their life!!!and who else get bored!!!
Joe McMullian
I just watched a video HOPING I would learn something
Francheskool's Life
I literally knew all of these ;-;
ben g
Do people actually not know the knife one?
Jasleen Kaur
I couldn't understand the last two. . Bagpack and pompom
Aweiss Hassan
Vertical line that run up and down not Hoizontal.
3:25 ...PUBG guys There's something for you
Nathan McDonough
i’m pretty sure the use for the hole in the ruler is for me to stick a pencil though so that i can swing the ruler around like a helicopter blade
Hassan Daher
JARA hard ‏شويات
Max S.
Expectations waaay up there aaaand crash and burn...
_different _girrl
Who tf dont know bout the makeup expiry mark🙂
Larrisa Ihsan
who doesn’t know this stuff already...never getting these minutes back in my life
Victor Nguyen
The hole at the end of the ruler is there for me to imitate a helicopter with my pencil.
Alex Perez
Tell me something I don't know Idiot 😅🤣😂
Pat Taccone
Who doesn’t know these things. Pretty obvious if you ask me
Shannon Kelly
never no these days books can be a hevey load
Why do I keep clinking on these? They are all always obvious or wrong.
Mr. Piggly
If your ruler has 3 holes u can put in in a binder
yeetus cleetus my feetus
I have the EXACT same book bag in the thumbnail.
1000 subs with no videos
Thats crazy! Lol I actually didnt know half of these things.
Coin Op
These are for people who dont get out much. Remember to dislike and block channel for time wasting
golulugo many things we dont know.. Hole in Pan & Fuel Arrow
The Joshua
The gas pedal on your car: you may actually think that it’s there so you have something to rest your foot on, and most people do, but it’s real intended purpose is to accelerate the vehicle.
Steve Pal
1:42.nice edited thumb ya have there
‘There’s no real need for a kid to be hauling heavy items to school’... Me: and that’s where you’re wrong...
🧢 🤩 🥋 👁👁 👃🏾 👄
Snow cap, dongle cleans snow and if its WET ,,time to head back; or JUST chk
Mireya Solis
I already knew some of these
**Checks Hair wax for letterings**
Sophia Zinn
"there aren't too many kids who will be hauling heavy items to school." Oh yeah? Then why do we bring a backpack genius.
Jessica Bond
I'm pretty sure a lot of people know about the first one ;-;
Pokémon Chu
Lots of these are just common sense 🤦‍♂️smh
Lorenzo Vezio
“horizontal lines that run up and down”
Fatima K
The razor thing blew my fkn mind dude
cow bear show!
This backpack thing I thought it was for a charger 😂
Cody George
This is 5 minutes and 18 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
Gunslingerpro Ps4
That last one about the backpack would of helped me in 8th grade when i had to carry around 4 large heavy books to all my classes
Tofu Kingpin
There's a rod behind and on the left side of the steering wheel of a BMW. If you push that rod up or down, you can indicate to other drivers that you want to make a lane change or turn. Do you normies not know the running joke that BMW drivers don't use the indicator?
10/10 totally real
Ifyoureadthisyourgay Jk for the girls
I’ll be hauling my heavy heart to school
p 3vedi
The first one with the makeup expiration dates really helped me, thank you
Jerome Patterson
No you are wrong about the holes in the handles of pots and pans. What you should have said was "I recently found out I can do shit like this"..... Because there is no way a pot was made to be stackable.
Maxx B
#8. No the hole in the pan handle is for hanging it up. Not all pans have holes big enough for a spoon. If you did rest use the hole as illustrated, the liquid on the spoon would just run down the spoon covering the handle of the spoon and pan.
Mrinmoy Saha
wasted 5:19 min from my life. all the stuffs are common and known by maximum ppl
Olajumoke Mommie
6M expiration date means how long pls???