Things You Did Not Know The Use Of

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cute Wolf
Lol I figured out about the spoon and the pan last week
Anybody else only wanted to know the secret use of the "pom pom" on the hat? 😂
Tofu Kingpin
There's a rod behind and on the left side of the steering wheel of a BMW. If you push that rod up or down, you can indicate to other drivers that you want to make a lane change or turn. Do you normies not know the running joke that BMW drivers don't use the indicator?
The Dormuns
Interesting. The only one the I knew about was the gas tank icon. Great video😁
Do people actually not know the knife one?
Smart people disliked as it wasted their time
*Half these things i didnt know and im in sixth grade*
How dumb do you think the people are
dean michalos
YouTube should not give any payment to content creators unless the viewer watches to the end. That would reduce the amount of click-bait rubbish being produced and improve the overall quality of the content on the site.
Some of these you did on a another video I remember
Ninad Ayare
Wtf secondary microphone is for noise reduction you illiterate buffoon
You know I had To oof it to em
The hole on the ruler is to put your 🅱️enis through it
dolls and more toys
I knew five
dolls and more toys
and 7
The Potato Empire
The hole at the end of the ruler is to make a helicopter with my pencil Thanks😁
Zeke Harris
Everyone knows this stuff and a lot of these are just hacks and extra uses not the actual intended uses
UrDaddy WingNut
As far as the hole at the end of the ruler goes for making circles- It's NOT for using the hole itself to make the circle, rather to put a thumbtack in the hole then put your pencil at whichever distance marker on the ruler to then run the ruler around in the circular motion to make whichever size circle you're looking to accomplish. then, once done, you can then use the hole to conveniently hang your ruler out of the way on your wall Love your videos, Facts Verse, hope to see many more in the years to come!
AwkwardBen 04
Who else checked the back of their phone on the second one
Terry Johnson
•ciara ocasio•
4:54 see that's where you're wrong😂
I can think of one thing a kid might haul into school...💣🤔🙂
Well, here I was feeling like I was being condescended to watching 'outrageous acts of science' today. Glad I was mistaken. You have fully restored my faith in my own intelligence, and utterly shattered what little I may have still held for the rest of humanity. Or maybe just for whoever wrote the voiceover.
Postal Brooks
Background music is from roblox lol
Maxx B
#8. No the hole in the pan handle is for hanging it up. Not all pans have holes big enough for a spoon. If you did rest use the hole as illustrated, the liquid on the spoon would just run down the spoon covering the handle of the spoon and pan.
Total Fps
3:23 now I can get easy chicken dinners on pubg
Caly - Agario
The one with the cloth and the washer just blew my mind 💥
SWAG bee
Number 3 is just logic
what how to do
Thanks bro for that video
Lorenzo Vezio
“horizontal lines that run up and down”
layde wheeler
When the video first started i thought he said fuck verse😂☠️
Nathan McDonough
i’m pretty sure the use for the hole in the ruler is for me to stick a pencil though so that i can swing the ruler around like a helicopter blade
Lol I though everyone knew that the two holes in the converse were for Ventilation already.
Official Xavier alcaraz
My life is changed for ever
Mireya Solis
I already knew some of these
ShadowLight Gaming
I learned nothing, this was such a waste of time!😡
KangSan Kim
The hole at the end of the ruler is actually to annoy teachers
4:30 is why your here
Mavi Rose
Number 3 u can snap it off with back cap of the knife u dont need a plier
BB Gun
The hole in a ruler is to put a pencil in and make a helicopter... duh
I already knew all of these, I thought it was have been a better video with things people DIDN'T know.
Roostersnake Shackleford
it's called a box cutter or utility blade or knife. xacto is the brand the the snap off feature is not proprietary.
I've never seen anything so dumb in my life....
F-16 Jet Fighter
I’ve known this since 2013
"Horizontal lines that run up and down the blade."
The only one i knew was the makeup that's it...
Sudhir Nafi
we r not dumb.. just saying...
I always steal the piece of fabric and buttons from the pouches of the clothing. LOL
Charles Ereneta
If you're dumb then watch this but if you're smart don't watch and unlike
Salty Cheese Tits
I thought the hole in the ruler was so you can put a pencil in there and spin it around like a helicopter
Brandon Soyke
Some people don’t know about the foil tabs, or the spoon holder?!?!
🌠 the more you know
Gayathri Kunnummal
Just realized "my life is a lie" after watching this video.
guesswho ???
Ok what the fuck i knew all of these
I thought the hole at the end of a ruler was to put a pencil through and spin like a heli copter!
Indian Football Skills
i knew each and every freking thing!!!
Indian Football Skills
3:09 im pretty sure every freking indian knows this.
Steezy FingerBoards
I knew 93% of these
UnicornGirlPlayz LOLZ
3:06 THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂X50
Hana J
_"There aren't too many kids out there who are gonna be hauling heavy items"_ Yeah, vright. Just go to a normal school, those backpacks are heavy.
UnicornGirlPlayz LOLZ
If I had a dollar for every time he said "hole"..........
80% of these are self explanitory and i know my grammar sucks
So this video is only about holes
Tianna. Slime lover
There are so many holes In this vid lol all I hear is "the hole"lol
Austin Sasaki
The hole on the pan is so the bubbles do not overflow u dum as
Rajesh Kumar
Who is scrolling down to see the comments
Steve George
Actually the hole in the panhandle was initially there to hang..most houses at the time of cast iron pans creation was to hang by the fireplace.yes even in Europe and other countries..even on ships..then wagon trains . on.. incidentally..the "cook" found the hole does hold the spoon on the open fire pits , fireplaces... prior to the cast iron cookware was basically metal bowls..bronze,brass,tin..
Moonlight Jams
oh come on everyone knows about this stuff
Eliah Hughes
"not too many kids hauling heavy items", you wanna weight my backpack?
Dylana Gonzalez
Who stared waiting for something else at the end?
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Guillermo Alaniz
Unsubscribe for less
Aubrey Kimber
Mr. Piggly
If your ruler has 3 holes u can put in in a binder
only thing i didnt know about was the hole in the pot
Brandi Munguia
None of these were a surprise to me. Do most people really not know what most of these things are for?
Mandiac Odyssey
The power button on your phone: lots of people use it as a fidget button to keep their hands busy and a lot of people think that is what it is meant for. But it is actually to turn the phone on
Commenter Guy
I am one of the 20k people that disliked the video because of the pan whole
Nicholas Levantis
Ive tried the pan and wooden spoon trick many times except the spoon was always to big for the hole so it never worked
1:15 I’m very impressed.
Yahiness Ness
Omg the gas tank
Yahiness Ness
Wow the foil is a knee slapper
I thought the exacto knife was common sense, tge aluminum too
Pure Madd
The Ruler one was obvious like c'mon, who didnt know that
peter medz
Hannah Wikberg
Omg i know Everything in this video😒
Electronic Dragon
How do people not know this like wow
It's been a while, but if I recall correctly, the hole at the end of a ruler is for putting your pencil through it and swinging it around.
The Joshua
The gas pedal on your car: you may actually think that it’s there so you have something to rest your foot on, and most people do, but it’s real intended purpose is to accelerate the vehicle.
That's a box cutting blade, not an X-acto knife. Get your facts straight.
Dustin Breckenridge
That's not hovering over the pan. Sauce drip on your handle.
Average_ _
His voice is so condensending
My jaw dropped at #8
Alexander Chuguryan
Most of these were kind of obvious...
Luca Charpagne
It s wrong for the pom pom ...
TocaFanatic 539
I thought that 1 was how much is in there
14 mil views on a video like this ? Humanity is doomed... wait , I just watched the whole thing too
John Harris
The gas tank is in the middle
Ed 8806
Actally all kids haul heavy things to school, homework
People already know these