Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | Game 7 | April 29, 2018 | NBA

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Rapid Highlights
Enjoy & welcome👇👇👇
Wolf Pierre
Here would be the reaction of both outcomes Cavs win: "NBA is rigged, Lebron got help from refs" Cavs lose: "Haha LeChoke #Leflop aint better than Jordan. How you gonna lose against Indiana in the first round"
Brotato Chip
2:04 you see Chilly, Jeffy and sml bottom left :) SUPER MARIO LOGAN
The Wolf
These Lebron haters are wild...He can get stabbed in he would probaly be called weak lmao..Lebron can't win in their eyes. Won't appreciate him until he's gone 🤷‍♀️
I like how Thompson finally showed up in this game
these highlights dropped faster than my grades
Samuel Lalhmangaihzuala
Congrats to Cav and a huge Respect to Oladipo !
Evete Nagbe
LeBron is going to need a back massage after caring the whole team.
LeBron James is the ONLY player this postseason who hasnt enjoyed the luxury of having another teammate scors 20pts i a SINGLE game. This is what Thompson & Hill should do every game.
cavs scored more and that’s why they won
paras sidhu
3 things: 1.i hate how Korver took contested and off-balance 3's 2.lebron I'm a fan but come on bro that's a clear flop 3. I'm a Cavs fan but oladipo...100% respect you made me speechless
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Pacers fans and the pacers we no how to Guard lebron now LeBron drops 45. 25 in 1st half
G Money
Gotta say, this was a great series to watch regardless of who you wanted to win. The Pacers played past their ceiling and their style of play was just awesome to watch, needless to say the Cavs have the best show in the world on their team. Evenly matched and just great basketball on both sides.
Hella Smoke
Yu can’t lie tho this was the best series of the first round
Raj Singh
Oladipo is a hell of player
King Dula Of Qwi
Cavs did not win against the Pacers. They esacped the Pacers.
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Yet still people hate and trash talking about him ........ this amazing player ain't gonna be here forever , Appreciate the Greatness👑.
#1Child of God
I don't think it's win or go home,🤔 I believe it's win or stay home 😁😁😁
Pacers everywhere lift your heads and let's think about how great our team performed on every single game! They weren't blown out like other Pacer teams that had a bunch of clowns running the show... I look forward to seeing Dipo, Sabonis, Collison and maybe Tadd next year! All others must find a new home! Myles really disappointed me... I would like to see Indy make a push for Aaron Gordon, Kemba, Lillard, Drummond... We need some.big names to open up spaces for Dipo!
Joelando Butterfield
Proud of my Pacers although we fell short,we had to deal with the leagues Prima donna and the NBA Refs who put their imprint on this game.Myles Turner got fouled out,4 of his fouls were questionable as well as calls against Bogdanovic.Now more than ever I want to see the Cavs in the finals vs the Warriors just so I can witness a total annihilation of LeBum and the Cavs.
Kobe Parreño
now kevin love is getting his rhythm cause hes playing his original position at powerforward not center anymore
Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon
Check the game Cavs vs Percer indiana after haft time. No good arbitrator Number25 too much mistake. No faith for Percer Refs N*5 and N*48 just OK. The game like help Cavs to Win Check after time 7minutes in 3rd quarter score 58-61 fault too much of Cavs Refs no call and 5 minutes to end the game Refs unfaith ( Review check the game )
Rj the great
Kevin love showed up in this game ..even tho he didn't score that many it's showing up in the big moment we need him to do.
Kobe Parreño
thompson should start cause he provided rim protection and k love should be at pf cause its his orginal position
Deonte Allen Jr.
Love the cavs but as I watched this whole game all I could hear was the guy by the camera telling whoever was holding LeBron to “GET OFF OF HIM”😂😂
Bipan Maharjan
Is the game over now oladipo?
Shino Mcsalic
Obviously go home for Pacers. 😂😂😂
Ben B.
When Pacers win , the NBA post like 1 or 2 about the Pacers. But when Cavs win, they post like 5-10 times with worthless stats and records of LBJ just to make him look impressive. Yep, NBA isn't biased at all.
Jake Kevin Bama
Lebron is clearly the MVP.
Adrien Perez
Good lord I love how Cavs have no shot at a Title this year 😂 Round 1 Game 7?!?! HAHAHAHAHA no CHANCE 🙌🏽. Another year without a Title from Lebrick is brilliant 😁
Cyrus Her
Lol i see Chilly and the Sml crew on there XD
Sauce God
Anyone notice chilly Logan and tito courtside
Kwok Wai Lai
With Thompson, G Hill and Kevin Love all playing well, Cavs is in pretty good shape.
Oladipo be ballin' 😎 I wasn't sure how he'd handle the pressure of a NBA Playoff, but it clearly didn't bother him. The Eastern Conference is looking damn solid this year, I definitely didn't see that coming. Some of the prima donnas gonna get tested 😅
Sub 2 Pewds
Who else saw logan and tito from sml like if you did
Eat Shiit
9:17 is one of the clutchest rebound in NBA history. After defending a shot on the 3 point line, Lebron James did not rest but go inside to grab this clutch rebound.
Proppa Music
*Only 3 Cavs did they thing this game.. Lebron as usual Love and Thompson... Correct me if I'm wrong*
Rj the great
The only reason I can honestly say Cavs won was because they scored more points .other than that they would have lost .
Jayson Castro
Oladipo abusing cavs defense. Lebron is missing Kyrie. All the scoring load is in his shoulders.
Aaron Gonzalez
Imagine Greek Freak and The King on the same team imagine Greek Freak with the Cavs bye bye warriors
Johnny Test please return
Can the cavs beat the raptors: YES Can the cavs beat the 76ers: MAYBE Can the cavs beat the celtics: YES Can the cavs win the 2018 championship: NO
Props to oladipo
Rj the great
Vintage Thompson damn boii that's how u play ball T.
pacers wouldn't have won even if lebron didn't play. #NBAISRIGGED 7 moving screens in the first minute of this video.
Tristan “the truth” Thompson!
Roxan Jasareno
Great efforts from Pacers!!! Way to go Oladipo!
Toronto can beat Cleveland. If the Raptors bench scores 30 to 40 in a game, they can essentially neutralize how much LeBron puts up. Then it comes down to the rest of the starting lineup and emerging phenom Delon Wright. That's where Toronto has the edge. Toronto smashed Cleveland in a home game this season by almost 40 points. They have to play 100 percent.
Paul Ngugi
They shud sign terence jones n willie reed..they need athletic n quick power forwards coz that's where the cavs r struggling n getting killed
Ozz _
To be honest, all I see is Tito, Logan, and Chilly. But for real awesome game. Happy the cavaliers won
《Deep Dark Fears 》
Lol does anyone see SML logan chilly andd tito
Mark Lu
The lay up at 5:00 is DEFINITELY a travel.
LBJ has to play 43 mins and score 45 point to win... yikes
Rob S.
W. Good job! Knew they could do it, but this time they will be in trouble against Toronto
Lebron haters are furious right now lol.
So LeBron is now 5-0 in series' against Lance Stephenson. LeBron today - 45/9/7, Lance 8/1/0. Can we please stop calling this a rivalry? Lance is nothing but a clown. Hell, John Starks was a better rival to Jordan than Lance is to LeBron.
J McCoy
I spotted sml, chilly, and tito lile if you found them too
Space Jam
In the end Ty Lue leaned into his old 5 players and 4 of them has the ring
Vaide Sheckler
Shout-out to Cavs haters!! Let's see what you have to say: "The game is rigged!"
Ross J
So much salt in this comments section 😳🤦🏻‍♂️
Real tired of the gun references for made baskets.
the hurricane
Sml is at the game bottom left
Homeless to Greatness
Pacers been losing to LeBron since 2012.
ChaCha BeatBoy
If it wasn't for game 5. The Pacers would've faced the raptors by now
Michael L
Is it a coincidence that the minute Oladipo stops playing with Westbrook he starts becoming a beast?
Byrd Man
Respect for the Pacers for perhaps the best first round match of the playoffs
amcvey 7
Where the pacer bandwagons at now? Back to hiding?
Kiluwa Moko
Very Nice Game CAVS !!
Morgan White
Thompson against adversity lol
Matt Sheiman
Cleveland is so good at rebounding holy shit.
Calicoe 313
All Hail the King 👑
Ross JP
Victor Oladipo has arrived. The Pacers have a bright future. If they can get Aaron Gordon in the off-season they'll be amongst the elite again.
Jeah Tapuyao
" the day you said goodbye " all hail the king !
James Malloy
This means CLE can at least put up a fight against GSW/HOU right?
When you only watch this video to see SuperMarioLogan, Chilly, Tito, in the bottom left hand corner lol, front row
Frank Murhonyi
Cavs was fun to watch back then
pat cabauatan
missed this championship contender cavs
imthe shootah
Collison and Kevin Love were teammates in College.
damn noobie
I knew that the cavs had as 100 percent chance of winning this game.
Raps vs Cavs in round 2. Let's go Raps!
Ryan Amerson
Did anyone else see SML in the front left 2:34
Vice Admiral Smoker
At 0:15 Head Coach should've been LeBron James. Not Tyronn Lue.
William Frey
I saw chilly Logan and teeds from sml jeffy
Rangers Fan From Jersey
If it was rigged against Lebron nobody would say anything.
Angel Rector
I knew the pacers lost this game once Cavs was able to gain a 10 point lead in the 4th Quarter without LeBron for a couple of minutes,Like how does that happen...It's like the Pacers didn't want the game at all.If the best Player on the bench they should be able to take advantage.
Near Media
I just downloaded 16 GB or ram today...
Fishy Ninja
It’s Logan chilly and teeds on the bottom right corner XD
pumped up shaq
0:34 look at the bottom left. It's chilly, tito, and logan
Zoe TheGreat
I told them I believe this man never loss a first round this team had two different trades Lebron and his crew still believe in themselves to hold it down that is what you call heart
DingDong BingBong
I only watched this because I wanted to see sml,chilly and tito
i would have liked to see lebron get eliminated by a much weaker team.....but we'll just have to wait for the warriors to beat him.
tristan is back i love it
wildan Aqmal
man , K love playin good when lebron ddnt play
Cheering Fueling
Still remember 7 months ago stay up to watch this game at home
Marc Sam Intog
MOVIE of the playoffs. well done! well done! starring with lebron. directed by refs. and script written by . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . whom ? ? ? XD
Super Mario Logan was there.. i know you dont care
Sir Marinius de Marney
Too much Darren collison not enough Lance stephenson
no further west
Was Tristan playing center and K.Love PF?
Eric Herrera
How many times did LeBron flop throughout the game got damn
Ear Pods
The avengers blew a 5-1 Infinity stone lead