Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | Game 7 | April 29, 2018 | NBA

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Rapid Highlights
Enjoy & welcome👇👇👇
Wolf Pierre
Here would be the reaction of both outcomes Cavs win: "NBA is rigged, Lebron got help from refs" Cavs lose: "Haha LeChoke #Leflop aint better than Jordan. How you gonna lose against Indiana in the first round"
The Wolf
These Lebron haters are wild...He can get stabbed in he would probaly be called weak lmao..Lebron can't win in their eyes. Won't appreciate him until he's gone 🤷‍♀️
I like how Thompson finally showed up in this game
Evete Nagbe
LeBron is going to need a back massage after caring the whole team.
Sports Fan Ps4Gamer
LEBRON IS THE GOAT!! I am in my 30's and grew up a huge Jordan fan. I have to be honest and not in denial, Lebron has past MJ. He has accomplish more with less talent. MJ never succeeded without Pippen and Grant. Never got out the first round without Pippen and Grant. Lets face it, with all this ring talk, MJ's Bulls won those titles against lesser athletic stars. Todays game has so many guys at 6'7-6'10 who can put the ball on the floor and shoot and defend at a higher level. 91 finals-MJ vs Bryon Scott, 6'4 and he was injured 92 finals-MJ vs Clyde Drexler, 6'7. He was a score but a weak defender 93 finals-MJ vs Dan Majerle, 6'6. Great 3 point shooter, but a terrible defender. So bad the Suns decided to use Kevin Johnson on MJ at times and he was 6'1. 96 finals-MJ vs Hersey Hawkins, 6'2. Undersized 2 guard. Great shooter, but a terrible defender The Sonics had to also use Gary Payton at times who was also undersized at 6'4. 97-98finals-MJ vs Jeff Hornacek, 6'4. Undersized 2 guard. Great shooter, but could not defend. The Jazz had to use Byron Russell a lot who was 6'7. He was a decent but not good defender. 2007 finals-Lebron vs Bruce Bowen, 6'7. He was an all time first team defender!! 2011 finals-Lebron vs Shawn Marion 6'7 (Great Defender), DeShawn Stevenson 6'5, Caron Butler 6'7. 2012 finals-Lebron vs Durant 6'10.... 2013-2014 finals-Lebron vs Kawhi Leonard 6'7 (2x defensive e player of the year) 2015-2017 finals-Lebron vs Andre Iguodala 6'6 (Great defender, all defensive team), Draymond Green 6'6 (defensive player of the year), and 2017 finals, Kevin Durant. Now please tell me in a team game, who had the tougher road??
these highlights dropped faster than my grades
cavs scored more and that’s why they won
Samuel Lalhmangaihzuala
Congrats to Cav and a huge Respect to Oladipo !
King Dula Of Qwi
Cavs did not win against the Pacers. They esacped the Pacers.
Tony Montana
Joelando Butterfield
Proud of my Pacers although we fell short,we had to deal with the leagues Prima donna and the NBA Refs who put their imprint on this game.Myles Turner got fouled out,4 of his fouls were questionable as well as calls against Bogdanovic.Now more than ever I want to see the Cavs in the finals vs the Warriors just so I can witness a total annihilation of LeBum and the Cavs.
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Yet still people hate and trash talking about him ........ this amazing player ain't gonna be here forever , Appreciate the Greatness👑.
Refs would never let the Cavs lose - 40 freethrows to 24 freethrows
AreLL Lio
LeFlop at it again NBA refs always advance this Overrated basketball player.
LeBron James
Told y’all I’m not losing. I’m the goat tf
John McKenzie
Here comes the "refs rigged it" comments
Hella Smoke
Yu can’t lie tho this was the best series of the first round
G Money
Gotta say, this was a great series to watch regardless of who you wanted to win. The Pacers played past their ceiling and their style of play was just awesome to watch, needless to say the Cavs have the best show in the world on their team. Evenly matched and just great basketball on both sides.
#1Child of God
I don't think it's win or go home,🤔 I believe it's win or stay home 😁😁😁
So LeBron is now 5-0 in series' against Lance Stephenson. LeBron today - 45/9/7, Lance 8/1/0. Can we please stop calling this a rivalry? Lance is nothing but a clown. Hell, John Starks was a better rival to Jordan than Lance is to LeBron.
Angel Five
The REFS will NEVER let LeBron lose!
Pacers everywhere lift your heads and let's think about how great our team performed on every single game! They weren't blown out like other Pacer teams that had a bunch of clowns running the show... I look forward to seeing Dipo, Sabonis, Collison and maybe Tadd next year! All others must find a new home! Myles really disappointed me... I would like to see Indy make a push for Aaron Gordon, Kemba, Lillard, Drummond... We need some.big names to open up spaces for Dipo!
I_Shot YouTube
Don't worry Pacer fans we got George Hill so y'all be with us in the 2nd round in spirt 😂
Chris Jordan
The better team DID NOT win here....
LeBron James is the ONLY player this postseason who hasnt enjoyed the luxury of having another teammate scors 20pts i a SINGLE game. This is what Thompson & Hill should do every game.
Raj Singh
Oladipo is a hell of player
Brendan Greene
Congratulations Cavs refs... you made it to the second round!!!🎈🎉🎉
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Pacers fans and the pacers we no how to Guard lebron now LeBron drops 45. 25 in 1st half
paras sidhu
3 things: 1.i hate how Korver took contested and off-balance 3's 2.lebron I'm a fan but come on bro that's a clear flop 3. I'm a Cavs fan but oladipo...100% respect you made me speechless
I_Shot YouTube
Victor Oladipo be like " damn this whole carrying the team thing is hard there isn't enough wakanda power in the world for this"
amcvey 7
Where the pacer bandwagons at now? Back to hiding?
Kobe Parreño
now kevin love is getting his rhythm cause hes playing his original position at powerforward not center anymore
Anthromistic Dot Com
Half of y’all didn’t watch the series but swear this is your King! You’re King got bodied by the Pacers and he did receive help from the Refs. I wish the media would stop being so bias.
Primum Genus
King LeFlop James
Deonte Allen Jr.
Love the cavs but as I watched this whole game all I could hear was the guy by the camera telling whoever was holding LeBron to “GET OFF OF HIM”😂😂
Lol, LeChoke had to have teammates score for him to win. Couldn’t score all the points himself. This is why he’ll never be better than Jordan.
A.E. W.
I never thought the NBA would be another version of WWE. This game and the last one convinces me this is all staged BS to hype of the sport by making James' team look like some kind of team destined for greatness by coming from behind in the series.
Terrel Blackston
I knew there was no way in NBA HELL the refs and the NBA would let LeBron loose in the first round. LeBron brings the playoffs the NBA period to much money period
I_Shot YouTube
Victor Oladipo lost his Black Panther powers he only has the black part now which is useless 👮
New Watchmen Ministry
Everyone knows LeBron is going to the finals when are people going to ever figure out that the NBA set up like WWE lol. Most people figure out by now LeBron has been to the finals almost every year LOL. He’s not even that great he just has other players to complement him to make him look great don’t get your hopes up people
Bipan Maharjan
Is the game over now oladipo?
Good job refs!
I_Shot YouTube
Tristan Thompson can score on and off the court 🍆🏀
500 subs without any videos?
Ref's in 7!
The refs are the cavs real big 3.
Shino Mcsalic
Obviously go home for Pacers. 😂😂😂
Remy novver36
nba is rigged for its money players! the league doesnt want lebron out the playoffs early bad for business!
Cleveland barely got by, Raptors will eat them alive!
the Godfeather
ez game for clevlannd and first
Anyone notice chilly Logan and tito courtside
The real pewdiepie
trev ski
gutted, played cleveland and the officials
Rj the great
The only reason I can honestly say Cavs won was because they scored more points .other than that they would have lost .
Kiluwa Moko
Very Nice Game CAVS !!
Brotato Chip
2:04 you see Chilly, Jeffy and sml bottom left :) SUPER MARIO LOGAN
Start Thompson more often
Halofan117 Halofan
Pacers actaully won this series just cuz NBA officials suck and they forgot to call that goaltend
Rj the great
Kevin love showed up in this game ..even tho he didn't score that many it's showing up in the big moment we need him to do.
Mahlee Vouge
Props to oladipo
First!!!! CAVS WIN
I_Shot YouTube
Victor Oladipo = Paul George ( both eliminated Round one)
Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon
Check the game Cavs vs Percer indiana after haft time. No good arbitrator Number25 too much mistake. No faith for Percer Refs N*5 and N*48 just OK. The game like help Cavs to Win Check after time 7minutes in 3rd quarter score 58-61 fault too much of Cavs Refs no call and 5 minutes to end the game Refs unfaith ( Review check the game )
Michael C Crede
33 year old LeBron had to drop 45 to barely beat this Indiana team. Toronto is going to run over Cleveland I see 2 blow out games occurring.
refs did it to lebron, poor viktor
the hurricane
Sml is at the game bottom left
Ben B.
When Pacers win , the NBA post like 1 or 2 about the Pacers. But when Cavs win, they post like 5-10 times with worthless stats and records of LBJ just to make him look impressive. Yep, NBA isn't biased at all.
pop 12
Who sees Logan
Kobe Parreño
thompson should start cause he provided rim protection and k love should be at pf cause its his orginal position
Eat Shiit
9:17 is one of the clutchest rebound in NBA history. After defending a shot on the 3 point line, Lebron James did not rest but go inside to grab this clutch rebound.
Proppa Music
*Only 3 Cavs did they thing this game.. Lebron as usual Love and Thompson... Correct me if I'm wrong*
ATL Rams
Did anyone see SuperMarioLogan at the bottom left corner
Zoe TheGreat
I told them I believe this man never loss a first round this team had two different trades Lebron and his crew still believe in themselves to hold it down that is what you call heart
JordanLIKEStoPlay- Gaming and More!
Who else saw logan and tito from sml like if you did
Eric Herrera
How many times did LeBron flop throughout the game got damn
Lebron haters are furious right now lol.
Cyrus Her
Lol i see Chilly and the Sml crew on there XD
THL Productions
7:02 Flop?
Jayson Castro
Oladipo abusing cavs defense. Lebron is missing Kyrie. All the scoring load is in his shoulders.
Ryan Amerson
Did anyone else see SML in the front left 2:34
《Deep Dark Fears 》
Lol does anyone see SML logan chilly andd tito
Tristan “the truth” Thompson!
Kai Black
That's how we do it LeGoat! Still undefeated in the first round of the playoffs. Can't say the same for MJ tho...
tristan is back i love it
The Asian Persuasion
my television is still catching up, how you uploading this?
Calicoe 313
All Hail the King 👑
Anthromistic Dot Com
I’m not sure why people want Lebron to be the GOAT so bad. At the end of the day I just wanted a fair series. And yes the Refs DID indeed help the Cavs quite a bit of you truly watched the series. The Cavs had 40 free throw attempts while the Pacers only had 24. But the media is selective on what they show.
David Rabinowits
LBJ mvp
yall pacer fans are nearly more butt hurt than the larriors fans insane LOL
Jake Kevin Bama
Lebron is clearly the MVP.
Rob S.
W. Good job! Knew they could do it, but this time they will be in trouble against Toronto
Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings
" Pacers in 7 " 😭😭😂😂😂
Marq Aljo
Oladipo should change his first name to Biktor coz he ain't got the "V" on this series.
Easy win!
Raptors will beat Cavs