K 2 One Hit Can Kill You Don't Smoke It

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Ryan Dunn Grandy
Finally a video where there dont just laugh at the person smoking
Jacklyn Heaton
Good job helping him out. You probably saved his life.
Rachel Laura
Caring friends 👍🏼
Jen Pounce
Don't smoke this stuff me and my fiance took one hit of this stuff called Diablo and it sent us on the worst trip of our lives and it felt like it would never end I kept hearing the same thing over and over in my head and blacked out three times. When the worst of the high settled down and I was able to hear what people were saying I swear I thought everybody in the room was planning on killing me this stuff just really messes you up. I'm glad I didn't have long term effects like some people.
Sleazy Tyreazy
Weed only kids
Perfect example on why weed should be recreationally legal.
My friend died from 2 drags off of someone else’s . WTF Ok one moment. Dead the next. Very bad.
Jeffro Bodine
He ain't good. I respect you for trying to reassure him though.
The government doesn’t legalize weed and it helps people with cancer and depression. But this shit you can buy it anywhere! Wake up people !
Lyrics4u EDGAR
Bruh he lost his bran cells by smoking K2
Elliot Rodger
K2 fabricators should be shot in the head in the spot
BC Barnett
EMT: How much he had to drink? Somebody tryin not to get him in trouble/lyin: One beer. 2:00 The voice of reason: Hey, you might want to go ahead and tell em the truth. 🤓
Vommiting is a good thing. The body reacts to the toxin.
Triv Savage
1st time i smoked spice was bout 8yrs ago i smoked it in a blunt with 2 other ppl because at the time it was new and i actually thought it was the same as weed. 1st time it didbt really do anything. It just felt like the feelin you get from actual weed when it kicking in so i didnt think much of it. 2nd time i was alone smoked a fat bowl of it out a pipe and man i started tripping out not like this guy or ppl now days but i realized it was too strong nothing like weed and it make my vision look like everything had tracers or trails coming off it like a comet going thru the sky. No matter what i did i felt like i was suffocating even thought i was breathing deep af. I had school the next day and it kept me wide awake the whole night till the next morning. Days after my vision was still all fucked up aafter all that i was done with spice. It was pointless why i even smoked it i only did it because i couldn't get weed. Im just glad i didbt flip out like dude in the vid.
Jordan 710
My friend and me use to smoke this stuff until he started having seizures while we were smoking and i would ask him "wtf was that" and he wouldn't even remember that he just seized up.
Sleazy Tyreazy
Poor guy
liu kangs shoe laces
"he good, he good".. obviously not yo, if he on the ground nearly siezuring & vomitting for 20 min man.... crazy
Miss Ross
No respect for lying about what he took. Thats no help if they do not know what he took.
Marvin Campos
he needs some milk
complicated mfer
Bless y'all for saving him
Thank you all for helping him🙏
Aj Goris
There was someone in the background stating we should tell them the truth so they know how to handle him. If you're ever in this situation always tell paramedics the truth.
Wecallplce Money
The man is dying and the paramedics says they can't do anything until they get his information... And asking him the same questions over and over...
Super Friday
Don't lie to the paramedic. If he's on drugs, tell them.
gunna 2 times
he said he OK..no BRO he WAS not ok 75% CHANCE HE could've DIED
Stacey Culbertson
This is VERY disturbing!!! Whatever this drug is should be BANNED! Extremely toxic & deadly!
Nathan Randall
Gave me the same reaction took over a week to get over it
mkay most
How is he doing now and days great job helping him
So glad he had good support. Without anyone helping you through this, this would have to be one of the loneliest places in the world you gonna be...
Amarris Ball
Marijuana by itself cannot kill. If it’s laced then yes it could. Period. As of in this video, thank god his friends helped the man.
Joy Pain
This made me sad. Do not assume that he took anything on purpose; people will slip one to you just to record it, laugh and show it to the world.
max m
Who loves that feeling people should study the effects before doing crazy stuff if hes used to smoking weed its better than that but better to stop smoking everythibg
Its Jonesy
I accidentally smoked that stuff a few hrs ago and I was almost in that stage I was so scared I couldn't talk or anything I was so fucked up it was the scariest thing in my life I puked for the entire hr I swear I thought it was weed
Meneer Elisa
Wow I actually found a video where people help out a guy who is od’ing. God bless your souls.
I'm Purrito
Shit man he sounded like an animal... Good rhing there were such good ppl around him.
Azhè Hong
At least they are trying to help him and not just recording and laughing at him. This is just sad.
Seven Apples
smh i was thinking the same thing,,just tell em its k2..😩 he had some to strong
Jonathan Matias
He's not dying , he just Miserable. lol
Nate Munos
The best thing for his to do is puke that poison out of him, then he will slowly come back
Do drugs and don’t stay at school
Projectx_0 1
Look like emergency room
Safe Dog
Man that's sad bro!
we taking the youtube over join the max army
If he really cares at least he would blurred his face ... Godamn
fresh air
Thanks for helping that guy out !! More Love!
Stevenson Holt
They got day Circle K watta 🚿👀🚿
iLuv Visa
He good he good lol
Kenia lara
Good job saving him😭
brazilsky brazilsky
Guy being massaged for free lucky in a way.......
Troy’s video Channel
No one praying over the dude. Drugs. Means daemonic possession
Londy Yyy
Don't be deceived. No drug is the best drug. You are a drug. People are addicted to Love. Enjoy life.
K2 is it like bills,, im assuming is Heavy drugs??
milo myers
That happened to me no one helped me they said it was weed this was 2 days ago I'm having seizures still
Joshua Tidwell
You wanna call the ambulance but scared to tell them what he on. Y'all ugly ash
Chris Velarde
Do you feel good??? AAAAAhhhhhh!!!!
Ricky b 9oh7
I tried spice called mind eraser it fucked me up I turned pale as hell threw up and my heart beat felt like I was having a minor heart attack
thank you brothers for helping him out instead of laughing and joking to poke fun YAH bless all of you!
LaLa Wanna
Good job helping
Wow. U Boyz foolin in the south. Lol
DeJuan Hale
What the hell is k-2.... I'm never smoking that.
Justin Credible
Yo what is K 2 I don't know if they doing that shit here in philly
Healthy Heavyweights
Damn bra..
Man Dem
why the fk are ppl smoking spice when they can smoke the real thing and not od like this guy was about to... baffles my mind
Damn "G" that's real life in Dallas
Tasha Franklin
That 💩 the devil
That's wassup helping him out not sitting there laughing at that's very much appreciated
Damn dude he threw up everything
Tasha Franklin
Patricia G
Ya was awesome 👏🏾 great friends great ppl
these are so nice taking care of the guy while having a trip
mgtow 5513
why would anyone want to take crap that makes u like that?
Patricia G
Yesss tell them ppl the truth about what he took they can’t help right if they don’t know because alcohol don’t do that
Michael Rich
Yes......been there did that and never ever again.
Super high bro
That pcc not k2
Luh Flame
That tunchi😂
If he was hot they making it worst by putting cold water on him. Cold water will close the pours of his skin and trap the heat in.
Bud Daniels
If you didn’t know k 2 eats your stomach lining and the walls of your asophogas I knew a man who could barely drink let alone eat because it messed his body up that bad
Christopher Lucas
What if he's saying ahh.cause that bottle it's cold af. You rub ice cubes on your face and watch what you do. Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh
Leon Wynter
Well done gg
Cuddle plumfish
Legalize weed and this won’t happen
XBlackgroboss Killer
My ole prison days smh aka no show aka voodoo shit got so many different names
Poor dude, good on you guys for helping him out. Hope he's doing okay now.
datstud killacam
DrugganVeji 333V
Jesus is with you ☀
Beast mode
Lol he went on a bad trip...
One Day
What was happened to him??
Annk Izzo
That's a good friend that stayed by his side
Jason President
Bet he won’t do that no mo. 🤭
He is NOT good
Sleazy Tyreazy
He ain't good
South Dallas Texas MLK
Franklin Nelson
This video should be looking off
Dish Skaans
It’s like he’s a cat and that ice bottle is catnip
Anthony Moreno
I hear your supposed to pee on them.Or is that jellyfish stings?
Andrew Jeff
when i was watching this i was eating and i saw 04:15 and i was vomiting to after watching that part
Pam Nance
Toke something was bad drug.
valley girl
he good he good he good he goood