1997 - Week 3 - Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

September 14, 1997 Buffalo Bills - 16 Kansas City Chiefs - 22

Jason WAlker
Mike Breen and James Lofton on the call for this game. Mike Breen commentated games on FOX 94-96. Breen commentated only on some New York Jets games on NBC during 1997. And this is the same week Marv Albert commentated his final game (Ravens vs Giants) the same day cause he got fired for a sexual assault charge. True facts
Gotta love the atmosphere at Kansas City with the band and shit and this was also the last year of coverage for the AFC on NBC before moving to CBS the following fall.
Corwin Brown
I loved the Chiefs defense that year!
I still remember the Grbac vs Gannon debate that year. I always sided with Gannon.
Diego Juárez
Mike Breen calling NFL games is just weird. You can say the same with Doc Emrick knowing that both guys became the voices of the NBA and NHL respectively
This was the first NFL game I attended as a kid.
1:28:27 or so... Andre's like, "Outta my way, kid!"