Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - All Fatalities

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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - All Fatalities /> Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Release Date: November 16, 2002 Systems: PS2, Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, Gameboy Advance Developer: Midway Games Publisher: Midway Games Description: A controversial franchise marks its return in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This time around, the fighting game features an all-new fighting system, an in-depth, supernatural storyline, and the infamous brutal fatalities. Beginning the next chapter in the battle of good versus evil, two powerful sorcerers--Shang Tsung and Quan Chi--join forces to deliver unrivaled fighting action in their quest for supreme mortality. Use new or classic Mortal Kombat fighters and engage in hand-to-hand and special-weapon combat, executing secret moves and combinations for fatalities and deadly body blows.

Austin Geiger
I like the music it plays Durning the fatalites
quan chi fatality is the worst of all XD
what where they thinking? did they smoke weed while they created this game?
Quan Chi's fatality is the funniest one
I think, that Kano's fatality would start for Armageddon's fatalitys!
Man, Deadly Alliance seemed so good for the time but holy crap has hindsight been unkind to it.
sonic tron27
3:39 -- Who knew that Sub-Zero was at 2 places at the same time, committing a Fatality on Scorpion and Nitara! LOL
Did anybody notice when Hsu Hao did his fatality, Bo Rai Cho turned into Li Mei
One fatality per fighter. No other finishing moves of any kind. I mean, really!
Kano got Sonya back for making him throw up lol
Just Skullz
How come during sub zero's fatality, scorpion change to nitara?
Equally as lame as Quan Chi's fatality is how Mavado is able to gain propulsion from his retractable whips
Fatalities weren't that bad in this game but i really like the music that plays during it.
Conner Gillott
I liked Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Cyrax's fatalities in MK: DA. the rest were crap
Where Is my Super suit Freeze
ah time passes fast i remember when i was 6 and was trying to pull the get over here move but didn't english and couldn't find the move set
Did anybody notice when Reptile did his fatality, Frost turned into Scorpion
Liu Kang
Mavados fatality is exactly like Tanyas in MkX
So that's where Giraffes come from.
Mister Cross
Mortal Kombat: Parody
Michael Borrego
Kano's fatality made me laugh when he kicked sonya😂
Piano man sam
how to ruin a combatant make someone who isn't blonde and make him blonde JONNY CAGE
Razvan Youtuberul
do you see the fatality of sub zero in a second was kitara and after scorpion
Dirty Diesel
Cyrax definitely has the best one
Joseph Stewart
every fatality took way too long to SUCK this bad including the two who always have the best fatalities sub and scorpion and wtf happened on sub fatality
Andrey Kusanagi
why does Sub-Zero's switch between Scorpion and Nitara? same thing is Hsu Hao's with Bo' Rai Cho/Li Mei and Reptile's with Frost/Scorpion.
Why did Scorpion turn into Nitara and back?
Korrekt me if I'm wrong but I think this is the only mk game that kharakters have just only one fatality.
grose zero
What's with Sub-zero's fatality
Sammy Magdaleno
Quan Chi's fatality will be burned into my head forever.
Kano has Vomiting a Shit by Sonya Blade???
you kill liu kang and give us this? i remember playing this game. i'll take from what one other dude said in the comments. Hindsight has not been good for this game. Terrible
manny da temmie tems
there was a glitch with subs fatality
Where Is my Super suit Freeze
logan sub zero ?
lmao. back in the day these were great. looking back theyre trash lmao. hilarious
Joe Ferreira
How come so many fighting styles from this game were not in Armageddon?
Soooo during Reptile's fatality....Frost turned into Scorpion, and then back into Frost?
Space Ghost
thanks for all the fatality vids, i used to play these games when i was a kid, so i never was really any good at them, never unlocked the characters for this game either x) interesting to see them all.
Francisco Guerra
This so macho-alpha Kano makes me horny.
Anonymou Da Vingança
0:58 WTF !!!
manny da temmie tems
and hsu
I gotta say these Fatalities where Really Bad
Jacko Ludvich
God this game did not hold up well. I remember it being so cool but wow...
What exactly was kitanas fatality???
American Fitty
Raidens is comical to me but still a fav. Now Cyrax's is Brutal.
guys how to make fatality
3:40 Did you thought i couldn't see this? :D
HOF Sheamus
Virgin gonna say this game sucks because they kill the boring Liu kang. Fact is, this game is in the top 3 of the best mk game
Deadly Alliance and MKvsDCU had the worst fatalities! MKA is close there too, and MKX not too far behind.
Berdo Thundercock
n den there's people who complain about the mk girls dressed up like strippers
Daal X
La fataliti de quan chi esta muy wtf
Fabiana Aires
0:57 lindo
luca tolaba
las fatalitis eran mayor mente estúpidas de esta saga pero me gustaron La de scorpion , cyrax y Kun Lao
nato larios
porque fatality de subzero el enemigo cambia scorpion a nitara
Luis Eduardo
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Fatality Scorpion: <---, <---, down <--- O
I love Cyrax in the latest MK. This fatality in this is awesome!
Shao Kahn
quan chi's fatality is terrible haha but Mavado's is... really shitty
Marlon Silva
O quê o Quan chi fes
Tiago A. Souza
Que fatalities chatos este da death Alliance, pra não dizer que o jogo mesmo por si só já era uma droga, se soubesse aproveitar a quantidade de personagens novos que continha nele mais uma jogabilidade até mais ou menos já teria criado um ótimo jogo
David 3.0 el dios
Tyler London
Christ these were boring. Terrible graphics, too.
팀 그림자 및 예술
4:47 animality XD
Zachary Jorgensen
@7:35 LOL! Editing fail. :P
Jack125 gamer
xq carajos sub zero aqui es un abuelo xD
johanna beatriz Suarez
SuperMrSayayin galleguillos
Estupida Kitana debiste besar a reptile no a shang shung o como se llame ojala que no te hubieran elegida -_-#