Ultron and Jarvis / Vision interview The Avengers: Age of Ultron

James Spader and Paul Bettany Avengers: Age of Ultron Interviews For The Avengers, their eyes and ears all become fixated on Ultron when he crashes their soiree at Avengers Tower. While the character at first is a heap of scrap metal and throwaway parts, the filmmakers needed a dynamic actor who could infuse the robotic villain with a freshness that hasn’t been seen before on the big screen. Casting was much easier then expected, as the filmmakers didn’t have to search long for their man. “James Spader is incredible actor and when ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ was coming around and Joss began to put together the character, he said to us, ‘It has to be James Spader,’” says Kevin Feige. “It was another casting moment where we went ‘yes!’ There was nobody else on the list. He’s so unique and has such an amazing voice that is full of humor, darkness and emotion. In the comics Ultron he is a very unique robotic character, but it’s a scary thing. There have been lots of franchises based on robots, so we did not want him to be a normal robot. We wanted Ultron to be borderline insane and full of raw emotional nerve, which you don’t expect out of a synthetic life form.” The producer continues, “That’s what makes Ultron interesting and over the course of the film James Spader brings various bodies of technological scrap metal to life in a very unique style. It’s exactly what we wanted and then some. You have this metallic face and geared robotic eyes saying these voices he has created.” For Spader, becoming part of the Marvel Universe was something that hit close to home. “I had at the time a 19-year-old son who had always loved comic book films and comic books, and throughout my career I have never made a film that any of my kids have been able to see until they were considerably older. At that time I also had a little 3-year-old-son coming along too, and he was already interested in fantasy, so I thought I could finally do something for my boys.” Another new character on The Avengers team is The Vision, played by Paul Bettany who previously had voiced Jarvis in the “Iron Man” films. “I think another great full circle moment in this film is Paul Bettany coming in as Vision,” informs Robert Downey Jr. “Paul’s been essentially with me from the beginning and it was so nice to actually get him on set instead of at the premieres. He’s an amazing actor and it’s a fantastic character.” The Vision is a key Avenger in the comic books and is a very unique character,” says Kevin Feige. “He’s an artificial life form, but he’s as pure and innocent as any of the characters. He has such a different look and Paul Bettany, who has played Jarvis for so many years, gets to step out from behind the sound booth and put on an outfit and become a true Avenger in the guise of Vision. His look is spectacular and his powers are spectacular and he really represented a new power base for the team.” Commenting on his character, Bettany says, “What’s lovely about what Joss has done is there’s a sort of omnipotent yet totally naïve creature who’s born as an adult and is super smart and yet he still has the childlike features of discovering himself and falling in love with the world around him, enjoying human beings and sort of experiencing everything fresh.”

Hearing Ultron and Jarvis talk...so mesmerizing to the ears
i want both of their voices
Bad interviewer bad questions
Cool guys! But she sounds really stupid when asking the questions. Like she's drunk at a fraternity party.
This interviewer sucks! Terrible questions! Over gesturing is annoying af! It's obvious she doesn't know anything about Marvel or vision or ultron. See, kids? This is what happens when you hire someone just because they're pretty.
james spader did amazing job!! was good voice acting and he got this deep voice
Marco Monterrosa
Robert california's voice is the best
nur sabrina
I didn't care about the interview but both of this guys plays my ROBOT CRUSH and im in love with it😍
Pujita Rao
Seriously at 1:10, literally at the beginning, both the actors are looking at her and are like 'God, where do they find these interviewers from?!' Really that's a legit expression on their faces!!
Griffiths Bacani
What an awesome movie,  awesome two actors,  mustve been crazy to sit there and interview the two!
Ultron and Vision are in an interview! LOL
J. M.
Wish my Google home had Jarvis's voice..
Dinda Tri Damaryanti
I want Jarvis to talk more.. Mooorrreeeee... His voice is sooooo legendarryyyy
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These scenes shows cap didn't lift the mjolnir but in the end game does.
Kenroy Cherrington
Talented guys and, not sure her name, but the woman is eye candy!!!
That ebony interviewer is majestic, if i was the director i would have stopped the interview and give her a part in a Marvel movie instantly. Breathless character, very powerful and tons of potential.
Koundinya Kalinadhabhotla
When she asks if Ultron is a version of Iron man...he should have said "do i look like Iron man to you" with that voice and anger
All of Shakespeare's characters had drastic character flaws.
beautiful woman! who is she ?
KrZ Rts
James Spader has the sexiest voice ever
I love both their voices so much! But god that chick’s annoying, at least in the beginning.
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can you tell me.. who is she name ?
what a stupidly starstruck interviewer
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